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Magnetics shifting, Resurrection experiences.

Sandra Walter.


Blessings Beloveds 
I have been in a Divinely altered state since the gate opening on April 3 at Mono Lake. I arrived at my Sedona spot on Saturday, however there is no internet here this week. Divine timing indeed! I have friends in Sedona, so I AM able to upload posts, send the Newsletter and SUNday Unity Meditation reminders this day. Then I will spend this Sacred passage in glow-ray-us Resurrection mode. There is some deep healing and reconstruction of our fields happening in this Now. I intend to pay attention.

May I suggest a pause from the collective discomfort with the unknown for your own journey. Enjoy some creative, sacred endeavors for the transformation these energies are offering us at the moment. Kindwhile, thank you for your patience with email or social media responses.

Mono Lake and the Magnetic shifts

You may remember the Stargate opening at Mono Lake last July 3, the day before I was sent to Ridgecrest for the Freedom code activation and associated clearing activity at China Lake. Mono Lake is a documented initiation point for magnetic shifts (pole shifts), as well as the location of several active benevolent cosmic stargates. These are linked to star systems actively involved in the transformation of Gaia, since she affects many worlds with her Ascension.

I left Mount Shasta early, and arrived the morning of Friday April 3 to a very intense multidimensional field at Mono Lake. The magnetics are indeed shifting; I pushed through the palpable fields to get down to the Lake (which is technically closed now.) Part of this visit was to initiate the trinitized magnetics, which are a softer version of a pole shift; a polarity shift. It opens the Crystalline Grid to override and overwrite the dualistic polarities, which have been somewhat stimulated by the current global circumstances.

Our Ascension, Embodiment, New Earth realms and Crystalline bridges to New Earth are created through shifting torus field magnetics. The fields which hold old polarized realities in place break down. Fields created through the Crystalline grid and New Earth realms amplify. The torus fields around your heart and DNA begin to resonate with the expanded fields of the higher realms. They spin faster, vibrate faster, and produce a vibrational match for a new experience.

Traveling during this shutdown was interesting. Thank goodness Gatekeepers and Gridworkers have so much experience in traveling without the use of hotels, services or public access. Everywhere I went, from Mount Shasta, to Mono Lake, Death Valley, Vegas, the Mohave, and into Arizona had the same key message: the benevolent alliances have infiltrated most of these key areas. And that compliments freedom code activation - for everyone.

Weeping over the last week with a sense of deep release?

NOTE: If you have disengaged from behind-the-scenes Intel: Skip to the Transformation section now.

The day before I left Mount Shasta, I received confirmation of what I had received a few days earlier.  The children and slaves from the underground dark operations are being set free in the USA. I wept deeply with gratitude - and continue to shed tears of relief and gratitude that this unfoldment is happening right now.

I spoke of this publicly 5 years ago, when the negotiations were unfolding. A compromise was on the the table. Rather than the handlers destroying the evidence of these crimes (ie: killing everyone involved), these children - many of whom look very disfigured or unusual - would be quietly released and spend many months in private facilities recovering from this deep trauma. Then they would be fostered by Lightworkers with strong skills and open hearts, and reintroduced to the collective after these operations were exposed. In exchange, many of the managers and handlers of these slaves are being quietly ushered to holding facilities, rather than be publicly exposed. I cannot say the same for their bosses, that was not part of the conversation I was involved in. Personally I have always felt the survival of these children was more important than exposing lesser agendas. Forgiveness rules the day with so many of these revelations, so we may all experience the healing and acceleration of heart-based unity consciousness.

To my dear Brothers and siSTARs who have been visiting these children and adults in Lightbody form, sending light, or involved in the clemency negotiations all of these years; take a moment to witness and feel the deep heart release through the collective.

All is collapsing in the photonic amplification, with as much ease and grace as possible. That is all I can say on this topic, this update is just going to my Newsletter list. I won’t be answering any questions about this. I have no intel on other countries.

Many have been focusing on arrests, rather than who is freed by the dismantling this year. You may etherically connect with these children and adults, and send some celebratory support. Let them know we are cheering their release and recovery. Let the freedom be felt and fostered by our Christed Hearts in this Now.

Transformation: The last phase of this month-long Gateway

This Sacred week holds many gifts for first Embodiers. Resurrection codes, Freedom codes, and deep death-to-new-life metaphors are in full amplification right now. With the magnetics shifting, you may feel vertigo, light-headed, sudden wave-like sensations in your fields, the Gaia-rocking sensations, or levitation sensations. As the physicalization of the dismantling increases, we receive the physicalization of our Embodiment. Our Lightbodies are in transformation, which dismantles the old consciousness and deep cellular rewrites.

The loosening of denser magnetics stepped up with the April 3 Gateway opening and the global starseed focus on the 444. Thank you to everyone who participated in the multiple mass meditations on Saturday and SUNday. With four years of weekly global meditation practice under our belts, we certainly felt like the elders. We held massive protection fields for the new meditators, and amplification of clear, zero-point focus on highest outcomes and New Earth Now.  

Transformation on every level

Although the external may seem tenuous or chaotic, I urge you to feel into what is happening in your personal journey. Note what is yours and what is collective anxieties. If you are able, take a few days away for sacred ceremony, personal insight and holding the peaceful balance for all concerned. Ignite those freedom codes with the biggest, most expansive dreams of self-expression and freedom you can imagine. Light-ground them into these realities with art, music, poetry, and creations that raise the heart and mind to New Earth level. Meditate in zero point stillness often; let the elixirs of your Higher Self flow uninhibited.

The Frequency of Resurrection and Easter SUNday

We utilize the Freedom code of Resurrection all week, culminating in the final days of this amplified Gateway on April 13. Easter holds codes for immortality and Resurrection of the Golden Race. Use it wisely.

The sensations of lower timeline drop-off have been consistent. How can you reflect this in your own lifestream? Much of this Now is allowing rest, balance and integration of these new frequencies. Many more have been experiencing the Solar Flash/Christed activations I described last December. This is a full-body rewrite experience, as if you are completely phasing out of the lower realities. It happens many times in our Ascension process; this latest round is greatly amplified though Embodiment. Although it feels like the big moment for you, it is the Collective DNA codes of Unity Consciousness and the Golden Race activating through prepared hearts and DNA.

As we anchor these experiences through the Embodiers, we awaken more of the collective. The more awakened choosing to level up and Ascend, the more Freedom codes are activated in the collective HUman genome.

The point of the higher timeline migration is to get all willing hearts on the Christed timelines, as the old ones collapse from collective realities. Global circumstances are a palpable indicator of dismantling, as well as a deep subconscious co-creation of the awakened’s need to pause everything, go within, and revaluate our spiritual heart-based desires for this journey.

SUNday Unity Meditations hold the intention of Resurrection support. We are working with some very high-level beings and levels of Self at the moment. There is true and pure support for all willing hearts in Service.

Remember: If internet goes down, or anything disrupts the linear tools, the SUNday Unity Meditations will always be there. We connect at 5:11AM, 8:11AM and 11:11AM Pacific Daylight Time (UTC -7) for 33 minutes. Offline, wherever you are. In Zero Point stillness or your own meditation method.

Your participation is most welcome. Details, time converters, graphics and text for sharing on social media with the hashtag #sundayunitymeditations, and a free downloadable guided meditation are available at 

Have a sacred and transformational Gateway, dearest diamond hearts!

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension! Create well, dear hearts. See you in the field on SUNday.


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