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By AarayA from Sirius

The Sirian Messenger.

Through Dinnho Beduzupo.

Translation from Portuguese: May 22, 2020.




Beloved Souls, Greetings!

Today we will talk about the energy of the Terrans who live their personal legend as active and lethargic co-creators, asleep.

Many of you, in your moments of intimate seclusion and conscientious reflection, raise your thoughts about the quality of some of your relationships. And, you know, none of this fails to be fully assisted by your friendly mentors! [smile]

If it is part of your inner maturation, you can be absolutely convinced that there is a powerful spiritual / magnetic support nearby, trying to open your eyes to understandings that until the same time were no longer possible in the same way.

In these moments, we seek to raise your private magnetic fields a little more so that you can benefit from energies more consistent with each issue, and then be able to access an extra dose of your I Am. From then on, their decisions usually become lighter, more fluid and harmonious. If until another day you resisted taking a certain route, “suddenly” the whole thing changes its shape. Work of chance? You can call it that, if you want, but we reaffirm a lot of work and love involved in each process!

It is still delicate to deal with so many fluctuating energies around you, so it is a great opportunity and satisfaction to offer you this quality of support. It is not that you are not in a position to resolve your issues alone ... it is that the concepts of this understanding change a lot between your readings of this and ours, ascended. But the decisions, all of them, have always been, are and will be yours - we, your Galactic Family, are just your private advisers, so to speak. [smile]

In any case, as soon as certain interpersonal dilemmas move towards their most expanded resolution, other new service fronts are opened, always with the greatest intention of dissolving knots, dismantling vibrational densities that, when together, make the dear Seekers so heavy, moody, sad and less productive in their routine about Gaia. In some cases, they may even throw them into beds, for health reasons, either physical or emotional (somatized).

For each of you, it is absolutely imperative that you can continue unlocking these points of conflict. That is if there is really an engagement in your moral / spiritual purification. When not, everything continues to unfold in the form of challenges, and one more complicated to manage than the other, ceaselessly, until tiredness settles, resistance screams for a break and other interests for alternative routes begin to be considered with greater interest than the old formulas used up to that critical point.

When talking about the “other”, it is important to say that, quantum speaking, this “other” does not exist, because we are all One (1) with the Whole, and that means that that “other” is also a fraction of each yours. What is done in their name is done automatically in you, because everything is one and the same, just experiencing different ways of the same reality.

We know how challenging information of that order can be for so many of you. After all, it takes an extra dose of understanding and minimal interior lighting to absorb it all in a more… comfortable way, according to their realities and behaviors within them. But, roughly speaking, you feel that what we tell you touches you in a particular and strong way, and this is the beginning, the beginning of a new relationship with yourself that will become more and more constant and dominant - dominant , but without ever being invasive, don't worry about it! [smile]

The existence within the very particular aspects of the optical perception of the Gaian Man is unique. We learned from all of you, be convinced of it, loved more, but what the Pozinhos de Estrelas (little fragments of stars) capture is transcendental. For this reason, some people already go to other planes, in their moments of physical rest, to other realities and share their experiences all over Gaia and beyond the little blue planet. Yes, legitimate teachers who speak with the assistance of countless mentors so that Knowledge can be expanded, according to what each one has and had to offer. And how your classes are played by the Multiverse!

When their mentors call them "masters", it is also for this reason. Because that's what you are, and you just haven't accessed full awareness of all these adventures yet. To be honest with you, we would spend hours here describing all the fronts that your essences take on in front of the Cosmos, and you wouldn't even imagine! But soon everything will become very clear to your conscious human understanding, be patient. [smile]

Family, everyone teaches and everyone learns, that's all. Its apparent opponents today are nothing more than beings boiling with themselves. They externalize all this, all this gall in criticism and bad mood because it is part of their intimate processes of personal recognition and maturation. They are seldom consciences that have learned about a series of understandings that to many of you feel natural and consistent. Resilience! Do you know what they are and what they will never be, from a certain point of conscience, so why give so much importance to the words of those who still fall asleep over their own nature? Do you understand what we tell you here?

Allow it to pass. Being reactive at this point in time and with so many other more relevant events taking place at the same time right in front of your physical senses is, at the very least, one of those wears out of which it is not worth the price to get involved, to feed, to propagate. Will they continue to be impolite, inopportune, provocative? For you to find in yourself the most placid of non-judgmental and Unconditional Love energies. It is not meant to be “easy”, dear ones, it is a mission, we have already told you this a few times, so it is the opportunity that presents you with new paradigms, in greater synchronicity with the values ​​of the New Earth, because it is so!

Heia Sun! (Let there be light!)


AarayA of Sirius

Dinnho Beduzupo


CHANNEL NOTE: When we remember that our role here * is self-transcendence and service, it becomes more and more important that we keep the focus on this guideline, and in this way what comes from third parties will lose strength, importance to the point of disharmony. Since it is not possible for us to control what goes on in the minds of others, let us work on our own internal shielding as to the sarcasms and dense vibrations of those who know nothing about themselves to try something against us. So it is done!


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Sábado, 08 / 02 / 20

22 Things You Must Come To Terms With If You Want To Live Your Best Life

22 Things You Must Come To Terms With If You Want To Live Your Best Life.

By Gerald Sinclair.

Posted February 6, 2020 by Edward Morgan. 




In this world, there are tons of things that we struggle to accept and those things in many ways can hold us back if we put them off for too long. Sure, it might be hard to grasp that we will all die someday but the truth behind it cannot be denied.
In this life the sooner you begin to come to terms with the hard truths that we all face the sooner you can live the life you’re meant to live. By refusing to accept these things we keep ourselves trapped in more ways than most people stop to consider. Below I am going to go over some of these things and break them down as best I can. 
Of course, it takes time to really let these things sink in but putting them in your mind and allowing your thoughts to grow from there can be a big part of moving forward in some of the best possible ways. Just because you don’t want to think about something does not change the fact that it is part of this reality we’re living in.

22 Things You Have To Come To Terms With If You Want To Live Your Best Life:

1. Life is not and will never be fair.

Nothing in this world is fair. You will see bad people with wonderful things and good people with nothing. Life doesn’t just hit those who are deserving with the things they need or want. It just doesn’t work that way as sad as it sounds.

2. We all have our own problems.

No one on this world is free from problems. While your problems and my problems are different, we are all experiencing our own things. You cannot say you are struggling more if you cannot see my struggle.

3. You cannot change the past, sorry.

You are unable to change the past so you should not be allowing it power over you. Never dwell on things you cannot change. Life is constantly moving forth and you will get lost if you allow your present moment to waste away.

4. Time is something we will never have enough of.

We are all running out of time. Life is short and time is something we can never get back. Each moment as it ticks away is another moment lost. Make the most of the time you have here on this planet.

5. Some battles are not meant to be fought.

Sometimes walking away is the best option. You don’t always have to engage with others. If things are going south consider whether or not the fight you’re facing is worth it or not.

6. Complaining is a waste of your time.

The more you complain the more time you waste. Just get things done and work through the problems before you. Once you accomplish that you can spend all the time you want enjoying things.

7. You cannot please everyone.

There are people in this world who will never be happy. You cannot please everyone and coming to terms with that will be one of the best things you ever do. Life is too short to spend time trying to do things for people who don’t appreciate your efforts to begin with.

8. You don’t owe anyone anything and no one owes you anything, point blank.

You do not owe anyone anything and no one owes you anything either. You do what you want and live the life you see fit. Don’t go through each day letting other people make your decisions for you.

9. We are extremely fragile beings.

We might think we are at the top of the food chain and completely invincible but the truth is we as human beings are very fragile. We become broken very easily and need to handle ourselves with care. Stop letting other people walk all over you.

10. Relationships take effort from both parts, not just one.

If you’re the only one putting forth effort in your relationship things will never work. You both need to be doing all you can for one another to really keep things going. This kind of connection is not easy to nurture and if you’re the only one nurturing it, it was doomed from the start.

11. Most people you meet don’t actually care about you at all.

Most of the people you meet in this world do not care about you even if they say they do. We as human beings love to use one another. This place is full of people who will only hurt you if you let them too close. Choose the people in your life wisely.

12. Your appearance is not everything.

Looks do not matter. What truly matters is who you are on the inside. You could be beautiful but have a bad personality and guess what? No one would want to be near you.

13. Actions do speak louder than words.

When someone says they will do something, make sure they follow through. Look at their actions. Don’t get too close to those who refuse to do the things they agree to. We all need those in our lives that we can rely on.

14. Sometimes you have to fail so you can succeed later on.

In this world we have to fail sometimes to get where we need to be so that we can succeed. Failure is all a part of success in the end and you need to know that. Just because you aren’t where you want to be right now does not mean you should give up.

15. Love is not an excuse to stay in a toxic situation/relationship.

Just because you love someone does not mean you should put up with them abusing you or being overly toxic as a whole. You deserve someone in your life who puts the efforts into things that you do. Someone who will be there for you in all the best ways instead of just beating you down on the inside.

16. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you can have it or should have it.

Sure, there are tons of things we all want in this life but that doesn’t mean we can have those things. We all have to come to terms with the fact that sometimes things are a little more impossible than we think. While there is nothing wrong with having dreams, be realistic.

17. No one lives forever.

Everyone dies at some point. The people you care about will not be with you forever. You eventually will pass away and no longer be of this world.

18. People will judge you, that’s just a part of life.

No matter how hard you try to impress others there will always be people who judge you. People love to judge one another and it is a habit we cannot break everyone of. Being judged does not define you and the thoughts these people place in your mind are not true unless you allow them to be.

19. Not everyone you get close to is going to stick around.

Sometimes we get attached to people who were not meant to be in our lives permanently. This world is full of temporary people. A lot of the people in your life right now will not be by your side five years from now.

20. Your pride isn’t actually worth anything, let go of it.

Sure, you might be a bit prideful overall but it’s not worth anything and is something you should let go of. Pride holds us back in more ways than you could ever imagine. If you hold onto your pride you will never be able to grow properly.

21. Mistakes are meant to be made so that we can learn from them.

Each mistake we make holds a lesson. Learning from those lessons is very important. If you’re not willing to learn, you will never be able to come to terms with the things you’ve done in your past.

22. True happiness comes from within.

Being in a relationship will not make you happy and having nice things will not make you happy. Happiness in its truest form comes from within. You have to find it inside of yourself if you truly want it.



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