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Reemergence and the Return of Divine Law

Reemergence and the Return of Divine Law

Lauren C. Gorgo.

April 28, 2020. 




With just a few days left of an epic month of core restructuring, those embodying are nearly complete in the release of the lower template dynamics and the subsequent unhooking from the (false) grid of external dependence.
The dissolution of these lower ill-usory levels of self shatters the delusion of the artificial architecture that has infiltrated our planet since the earliest age of the prehistoric era.  This is why deprogramming duality is/has been such an extensive, comprehensive multilayered process of unraveling…of diffusing the multidimensional minefields that have been intentionally seeded/programmed/set up for (unconscious) human entrapment.
But disabling this false framework all these years has now enabled us to finally lay the new, proper foundations and governing structures as/of LOVE that will now (in time) propel the global emergence of Higher Law & Order, releasing humanity from the grips of the negative agenda.
To arrive here, we collectively moved thru a very unusual, internally focused Holy Week that, according to my Souces, encompassed the resurrection of both divine gender principles⇾ the resurrection/return of Jesus…i.e., the Masculine Christ principle…on Easter Sunday, April 12th (1+2=3⇾Trinity), and the resurrection/return of Magdalene…i.e., the Feminine Christ principle…on Holy Monday, April 13th, (1+3=4⇾Form).
This monumental happening officially heralded the Second Coming, foretelling of the completion of the Heiros Gamos journey that culminates during the final Cancer-Capricorn eclipse on July 4-5, 2020…a total lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn…concluding the two-year cycle (eclipse activation series) of the Mystical Marriage→ our Divine/Sacred Union.
Beneath the turbulent surface waves of the global pandemic, this Holy Season was presented as the proverbial “thief in the night”…a silent harbinger of the rebirth and resurrection of our True Trinity Form…right when everybody was looking the other way. This prophesized moment represents the completion point of our trinitized union…the Trinity in Unity…the three aspects of the GODhead now becoming ONE.
Resurrection season, in general, is a notoriously difficult time for those on the ascension path.  This has been especially true in the recent embodiment years while activating/assimilating the higher DNA codes in order to open new pathways for the Higher Body Template transposition, which simultaneously stimulates the slow release of the crucifixion template over time.  But this year, with ALL the 4 energies of April…in a universal 4 year to boot…and, well, I don’t have to tell you about the tremendous power of that numeric, it clearly speaks for itself.
Of which, we also just moved thru the third of three Triple Heart (4:4:4) gateways which completes the activation of the Christed Heart field and ushers us into an important recalibration period that begins on May 13th, via Venus retrograde (in Gemini). This Heart-mind calibration is integral to our reemergence…a time to draw new reSources and to make necessary Heart-informed choices about what we value both individually, and ultimately as a humanity.
For many, May (universal 9 month) will precipitate an important change of Heart that will need to be woven into the foundation of our New Earth lives.  It is time to clear the decks and align fully with our True Trajectory so we can make the necessary revisions for any course corrections in preparation for the eclipses beginning in June (universal 1 month).
As we bring closure to the remaining parts of our life in duality and open to our True Life in Unity, we will begin to receive blessings (realizations & solutions) needed to manifest it.
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Sexta-feira, 01 / 02 / 19

Resurrected Son: The Fountain of Youth. ~ Lauren C. Gorgo.

Resurrected Son: 

The Fountain of Youth.

Lauren C. Gorgo.

January 31, 2019. 




Boy did this year start with a BANG or what? 🧨💥 Because we have been submerged so deeply in the eclipse portal this (big) bang was likely way more of in implosion than explosion, but make no mistake…we have all died a very important death this month which means a brand new level of Self and Life is readying to be born.
It’s actually become pretty obvious that something VERY new is emerging from within, and that it is replacing something VERY old…that something really ancient has been freed up inside of us to make space for this new revelation of Self.  The anticipation of this is palpable…intoxicating in moments…even if wildly uncomfortable at the same time.
The eclipse season…which is actually anchoring the potentials that opened to us during the last death episode set of eclipses in the summer months (winter in the south) of 2018 (more on that ⇊)…has been assisting us to release whatever and however → whatever is still blocking the manifestation of our divinity in form, by whatever means necessary.
These releases are restructuring our cell matrix and therefore have been extremely physical.  They are liberating us from something SO encompassing, SO rooted in the foundation of our karmic self & past that when we rip out these roots, we can (inadvertently) bring large chunks of the false self with them, all at once…those aspects that are still clinging tightly to our old ways.
On a higher level, anything that significantly held us back (likely for lifetimes), entangled us with the old (patriarchal) paradigm, or limited our full Self expression has been removed from our personal matrix.  This is true on both a personal and collective level…but the fallout in our lives is what shows us our level of preparedness for this particular phase…the (often) sobering reality of how ready we really are for this moment/these Source energies.
On the surface that may seem unfriendly…nightmarish even…but the real reality is that this IS the arrival of our spiritual Self in form and it demands divine order…needs clear/pure space to inhabit. Our Source Self will tolerate nothing less than total Truth and in this process (of embodiment), it canlook and feel excessive…even harsh and unyielding.  But the truth is that we are always gently and subtly supported to shift…until we are shoved.  If we are not getting the memo…if we are resisting or escaping ANYthing…if we are caught in a delusion…falsifying any aspect of life or self…ignoring the undercurrent (or tidal waves) of emocean…the messages only get louder and the vehicle to deliver those messages → denser.
This year will not be the kind that coddles us, but it will assure us our destiny because the energies are both expansive AND grounding. In terms of propulsion, they are positively stratospheric and so 2019 is asking us to rise to the occasion, to take NEW action from this newly expanded place that we carved within…to embody who we Truly ARE and what we have come here to DO.  And NOW…not some moment in the future, when we feel complete, but engaging with the NOW energies to embody that completion.
After the long journey Home, it is now time to make Earth our True Home.  It is time to 1) re-imagine the future we desire into BEing…to begin 3) acting-as-if that future ALREADY exists…and → 3) to MOVE in order to move (those puzzle pieces into place).
If you’ve been gutted from the eclipses, then this is the perfect place to begin again. The new moon in Aquarius (on 2/4)…followed by the lunar (Chinese) new year…not only delivers us from the eclipse portal but it is providing us with some stellar coordinates to remember our future forward, aka→ to open to receive from our divine blueprint. Like the last click on a combination lock this upcoming moon is aligning us with the new awareness and actions needed to make the BIG move we’ve been trying to…but haven’t yet had the wind behind our sails to do so.
This is an ‘outside the box’ scenario that is definitely pushing us beyond our comfort zone, but one that is necessary to stretch us to our new potential…it will also serve to bring forth some of those never before conceived of solutions to some long standing issues.  Whatever your eclipse “theme” was…get ready to rise from those very ashes of the past.
In the meantime…and as the energies continue to build and prepare us for liftoff…try to relax into the remaining shifts needed to accomodate this retraction before expansion. The pressure is definitely palpable but that is because we are being pushed to take our first step completely out of our first life, and into the manifestation of our inner visioning…that which will officially become our second life, aka → our “ultimate Life purpose”.
Stand by for ignition.

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