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The Pleiadians worked with Diana, Princess of Wales

The Pleiadians worked with Diana, Princess of Wales

Pleiadian Participation

Mira of the Pleiades

Via Sharon Stewart

Posted May 18th, 2020

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcom.


I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council. I come to you today, lovely beings, to respond to a question asked of me, “How are the Pleiadians involved in the Storm, and liberation of Planet Earth in general?”
I will gladly expand upon what knowledge you surely have on this topic by now.
The Pleiadians have been your overseers for this era as you are most like us in this fifth density and lower. Our expression is very similar to yours. Our DNA is most like each others. We are the closest of cousins, as you would say.
For this reason, we see you as our brethren, befallen upon by a dark scourge. Through the era, your people have continuously incarnated repeatedly into lesser circumstances, but have managed to hold your timeline against a collective implosion for 26,000 years. Yes, the Pleaidians were here to help you personally, privately and collectively in this endeavour, helping and guiding your world leaders, helping and guiding key people in your world, and helping and guiding the normal person.
One such leader that we worked with was Diana, Princess of Wales. Although her task didn’t see completion, as she was indeed the one who was to tell your world of the dark ones leading it, she was murdered before she could reveal all she needed to, she did however, show you what true royalty was, what a true leader was – a woman who cared for so many and whose Light shone brightly to the masses. She left her sire, William, to again pass on her DNA to his children, who will make amends for the way the dynasty has treated the people. All will be shown to you, and amends will be made. Diana’s legacy has not ended yet, by far not.
We brought you David Icke as well, who has opened the eyes of so many who didn’t want to see. And of those who were more than ready to hear what he has to say. He continues to grow in popularity.
There are the everyday heros on earth that we support, protect and nurture in their work. Julian Assange is also one of the Pleaidian heros. Phil Schneider and John Lennon as well. They all had their message and we worked with them to ensure that their celebrity was not lost on inconsequential matters.
Now we are in the Underground Bases, dismantling technology, working with your armed forces. We have some of the children who were in these bases and this has been going on for a while, many years, healing them and helping them to recover from their trauma. They live with us in the Pleaides; they’re not to be found on earth but may one day be returned if they wish.
Our ships surround your planet. Yes, the Galactic Ships but we have our own fleet of scientists, technicians, healers and our own light workers who help guide and arrange the energies. We direct these to the correct spots on your planet in order to help awaken people in these sectors, and to change around the negative polarities to positive.
We heal and cleanse your skies and your oceans.
We work to educate those who will step up with new technologies to present to your world, so that you too may enjoy non-invasive healing as the rest of the galaxy does.
The Pleaidians are key in the arrestation and processing of dark entities who will seek time before a universal judge for dispensation as is decreed by the councils.
Arrests are still ongoing. Your planet is heavily infested.

As your viral warfare continues, we seek cures for these and we seek to heal those who have been affected.

We energetically support your environment.
And we work through the lightworker system in order to express our Light at your third and fourth dimensional levels.
New food sources are being created for your planet by us. New foods will be discovered that are delicious, nourishing and of high frequency, and these will have been planted by us, the Pleaidian collective. We are botanists who will transplant or create new species of life for your future nourishment.
We bring you love. We are there to encourage and to soothe you when your outlook is dim. We are there to call on you to help your brothers in need. We prompt you to donate, to help out and to care whenever we see opportunity and now there is much upon your planet.
The Pleiadians are highly active, nurturing, guarding, aggressing against the dark, viewing all from our ships hovering over your world, and working according to the divine plan to set your world back on a path of Light.
Be well,
With much Love,


Sharon Stewart

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Domingo, 23 / 06 / 19

Telecom Companies Are Ignoring The Science ~ Joe Martino

 Telecom Companies Are Ignoring The Science.

By Joe Martino 


June 21st 2019. 




One of the challenges with our world is that profit margins in business supersedes safety and good decision making.

And the impact of decisions made from this perspective has been incredibly destructive to humanity and the planet, as we are only just beginning to see the evidence of that.

We have already begun our investigations into the telecom industries push for 5G and it's quite obvious right off the top that for the most part, this is a battle to see who can win first...

Who can deploy the tech first and make the most money.

It's like these CEOs are children with no vision of anything past one foot in front of them, and money and power is the key!

Don't mind the lack of safety testing, the public outcry, the warnings from doctors and scientists...

They just keep pushing and demanding the government to give them what they want... and unfortunately, the government is.

This is a health and environmental disaster.

And that is why we are doing a deep dive investigation into the telecom industry, its ties to politics, and expose its efforts to push 5G while ignoring the dangers and lack of safety testing...

The mainstream media won't, so people-powered journalism has to!

Yesterday we launched a campaign to fund the people-powered investigation into 5G and on the first day we've already reached 10% of our goal! 🎉🎉

This is HUGE, as the support has allowed us to begin the process of creating a comprehensive guide that will be free to the public, to empower you to stop 5G in your local area...

As many cities around the world have already done just that.

It's very inspiring to see how many want to see this issue brought to light...

Let's keep this momentum going!

You can contribute to the campaign to STOP 5G right here:

>>> Join the campaign to help stop the 5G infrastructure


Ep. 17 - The Real Reason For The Russian Collusion Narrative?

At first it was easy to look at the Meuller report from a number of different angles. Find dirt of Trump, divide the masses, distract the masses or simply play the political game of doubt..

But now, after we dove into some really interesting research and investigation, there emerges a truth that many don't know a whole lot about and yet really brings a whole new layer to this discussion...

This looks like an aggressive agenda to distract from the Obama era domestic surveillance program.

We explore this is deep detail in this week's show!

Listen To Podcast Episode or Watch Full 3-Hour Broadcast on CETV


Assange Lawyer Reveals The Pentagon Was Behind Bringing Down WikiLeaks’ Assange

The way stories are framed is often everything... and framing is really another way to say.. how is a journalist going to weaponize their work to shape public perception?

This has been one of the campaigns going on to smear Assange over the past few years. And what we're now finding out, is that it wasn't so much Obama who was going after him intensely, it was coming straight from the Pentagon.

I wonder what secrets they think Assange has on them...

Read Story

Peace and Enjoy The Day!

Joe Martino
Founder, Collective Evolution
Host, The Collective Evolution Show

Connect with me on Instagram

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If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 




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Domingo, 02 / 06 / 19

18 Ways Julian Assange Changed the World ~ Lee Camp

18 Ways Julian Assange Changed the World.

By Lee Camp.

Posted May 31, 2019 by Edward Morgan. 


A supporter of Julian Assange, with a poster of the WikiLeaks founder, joins other protesters to block a major road in front of Westminster Magistrates Court in London, Thursday, May 2, 2019. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is facing court over a U.S. request to extradite him for alleged computer hacking. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein).



Julian Assange is a dick. It’s important you understand that.
Assange and WikiLeaks revealed the American military’s war crimes, the American government’s corruption and the American corporate media’s pathetic servile flattery to the power elite. So, if you’re a member of our ruling class, you would view those as textbook examples of dickery.
In a moment I’m going to list all the ways Julian Assange changed the world by being a dick.
In an evolved and fully realized society, the oligarchy would see Assange as a dangerous criminal (which they do), and the average working men and women would view him as justice personified (which they don’t). We would celebrate him even as the mass media told us to hope for his downfall—like a Batman or a Robin Hood or an Ozzy Osbourne (the early years, not the cleaning-dog-turds-off-his-carpet years).
But we are not evolved and this is not Gotham City and average Americans don’t root for the truth. Many Americans cheer for Assange’s imprisonment. They believe the corporate plutocratic talking points and yearn for the days when we no longer have to hear about our country’s crimes against humanity or our bankers’ crimes against the economy. Subconsciously they must believe that a life in which we’re tirelessly exploited by rich villains and know all about it thanks to the exhaustive efforts of an eccentric Australian is worse than one in which we’re tirelessly exploited by rich villains yet know nothing about it.
“Ignorance is bliss” is the meditative mantra of the United States of America.
Julian Assange has been arrested and is now locked away in British custody. The U.S. government wants to extradite him, regardless of the official version, for the crime of revealing our government’s crimes. Nearly every government on our third rock from the sun despises the man for bringing transparency to the process of ruling the unwashed masses. (The level of wash has, however, increased thanks to aggressive marketing campaigns from a variety of shampoo brands.)
It is politically inconvenient at this time for the screaming corporate news to remind our entire citizenry what exactly WikiLeaks has done for us. So you won’t see the following list of WikiLeaks’ accomplishments anywhere on your corporate airwaves—in the same way the mainstream media did not begin every report about Chelsea Manning’s trial with a rundown of the war crimes she helped reveal.
And Chelsea Manning’s most famous leak is arguably also WikiLeaks’ most famous leak, so it’ll top this list:
1) That would be the notorious Collateral Murder video, showing U.S. air crew gunning down unarmed Iraqi civilians with an enthusiasm that couldn’t be matched by an eight year-old winning a five-foot-tall stuffed animal at the county fair. They murdered between 12 and 18 innocent people, two of them Reuters journalists.
Zero people have been arrested for the collateral murders. Yet Julian Assange has been arrested for revealing them.
2) WikiLeaks brought us the Guantanamo Bay “Camp Delta Standard Operating Procedures—showing that many of the prisoners held on the U.S. military detention facility were completely innocent, and that some were hidden from Red Cross officials. (Because when you’re torturing innocent people, you kinda want to do that in peace and quiet, away from prying eyes. It’s very easy to get distracted, and then you lose your place and have to start all over again.)
None of the soldiers torturing innocent people at Gitmo have been arrested for it. Yet Julian Assange has been arrested for revealing it.
3) Not content with revealing only war crimes, WikiLeaks in 2008 came out with the secret bibles of Scientology, which showed that aliens, um, run the world or … aliens are inside all of us or … aliens give us indigestion. I can’t really remember.
But no one has ever been arrested for perpetrating that nutbag cult. Yet Julian Assange has for revealing it.
Many people believe WikiLeaks has unveiled only crimes of the American government, but that’s completely false. The U.S. corporate media doesn’t want average Americans to understand that WikiLeaks has upped the level of transparency around the world.
4–9) WikiLeaks posted videos of Tibetan dissidents in China fighting back, videos which were not allowed to be viewed in China. They revealed the Peru oil scandal, and that Russia was spying on its citizens’ cell phones, and the Minton Report on toxic dumping in Africa, and the Syria Files—showing the inner workings of the Syrian government. And WikiLeaks displayed to the global audience a secret Australian supreme court gag order that stopped the Australian press from reporting on a huge bribery scandal that involved the central bank and international leaders.
Assange is hated by governments around the world. As much as they may like transparency, when it comes to other countries (specifically the United States), they don’t want their own particular pile of shit on full display. It’s kinda like when most people laugh heartily after an up-skirt photo of a celebrity is published in the tabloids, but at the same time, none of us want up-skirt photos of us all over the web. (I know I don’t because I haven’t shaved up there since Carter was in office.)
As far as I know, none of the political figures involved in these scandals have gone to prison for participating in them. Yet Julian Assange has for revealing them.
10)  Let’s not forget the Iraq War logs—hundreds of thousands of documents relating to America’s illegal invasion of Iraq, which we called a “war,” but I think a war needs to have two sides. Iraq’s elite Republican guard turned out to be three guys and a donkey … and the donkey didn’t even have good aim.
So far as I can tell, no one committing the war crimes evidenced in the Iraq War logs has been locked up for them. Yet Julian Assange has for revealing them.
11) WikiLeaks showed us the highly secretive Bilderberg Group meeting reports. The Bilderberg Group is made up of incredibly powerful men and women who get together and decide how to rule over all of us street people, all the while sitting on thrones made from the bones of the babies of nonbelievers. They’re often accused of being lizard people, but really they’re just regular ol’ sociopaths with lizard skin they purchased from a plastic surgeon in Malibu for half a million dollars.
I don’t think anyone from the Bilderberg Group is being tortured in solitary confinement right now. Yet Julian Assange is for revealing who they are.
12) The Barclays Bank tax avoidance scheme netted Barclays one billion pounds a year.
While it was ordered to pay 500 million pounds in lost taxes, no one was arrested for that theft from citizens. Yet Julian Assange was for revealing it.
13) The Afghan War Diaries consisted of 92,000 documents related to our destruction of Afghanistan. They detailed friendly fire incidents and civilian casualties. According to WikiLeaks, the diaries showed that “When reporting their own activities U.S. Units are inclined to classify civilian kills as insurgent kills, downplay the number of people killed or otherwise make excuses for themselves.”
It’s tough to read this without being floored at the comedy routine that our military actions have become. I picture this scenario happening every day in Afghanistan:
U.S. Soldier #1: This guy we just killed was an insurgent.

U.S. Soldier #2: How do you know?
U.S. Soldier #1: Because we killed him.
U.S. Soldier #2: Why’d we kill him?
U.S. Soldier #1: Because he’s an insurgent.
U.S. Soldier #2: How do you know?
U.S. Soldier #1: Because we killed him.

(Repeat until lightheaded.)
I am unaware of anyone locked away for these war crimes. Yet Julian Assange is locked away—for revealing them.
14) WikiLeaks also unveiled hundreds of thousands of U.S. State Department cables that showed more clearly than ever how our secretive government rules its empire with little to no input from the American people. Among many other things, the cables revealed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered diplomats to spy on French, British, Russian and Chinese delegations at the U.N. Security Council. It also showed that Arab nations urged the U.S. to strike Iran, and much more.
Our ruling elite of course view this as a massive breach of national security. That’s understandable. But that world view comes into play only if you think the elites are the only ones who should know how our nation is run. To answer this question for yourself, do the following experiment. Pull up a photo of Donald Trump—a really close-up image of his blister-colored, bulbous face. Now, look at it intensely for five minutes. … After you’ve done that, tell me you want the ruling elite to be the only ones who know what the fuck is going on. Go ahead and try it—I’ll wait.
Ostensibly, the concept of our government was that the ruling class would be accountable to us, the average Americans. To you and me. To the workers and the number crunchers. To the single moms and the cashiers and the street sweepers and the fluffers on the porn sets. We’re supposed to vote based on our knowledge of how our government is functioning. But if the entirety of our representatives’ criminal behavior is labeled top secret for national security purposes, then we aren’t really an informed populace, are we?
So for all that was unveiled in the State Department cables, no one has been locked up. But Julian Assange has been for revealing them.
15) The Stratfor emails—this was millions of emails that showed how a private intelligence agency was used by its U.S. corporate and government clients to target activists and protesters.
No one at Stratfor is currently locked away. But Julian Assange is for revealing the truth.
16) Then there’s the trade deals. TPP, TISA and TTIP—all three amount to one of the largest attempts at corporate takeover ever conceived. All three were more secretive than Donald Trump’s taxes. Government officials and corporate lawyers and lobbyists wrote every word in private. Not even Congress saw the Trans-Pacific Partnership until very late in the process. The only organization to show the American citizens (and European citizens) some of those documents before they were made into law? WikiLeaks.
WikiLeaks made us aware of the corporate restraints that were about to be placed on us, and that’s what allowed activists to pressure Trump to pull out of the TPP.
None of those secretive corporate titans are imprisoned for their attempted power grab, but Julian Assange is for revealing it.
17)  The DNC emails. I’ll explain for those of you who have been living in a cave that is itself inside a yellow-and-blue-makes-green sealed Tupperware container. The Democratic National Committee’s emails gave us proof concerning just how rigged the Democratic primaries really are. They proved the media was in bed with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They even showed that Obama’s entire first-term cabinet was selected by Citibank. Yes, Citibank. (I would find it less offensive if his cabinet had been decided by a rabid raccoon, or the pus oozing out of Darth Vader’s face or Vince McMahon’s concussed frontal lobe.)
Whatever election integrity movement exists right now, it owes a lot to these revelations by WikiLeaks. After being sued over this matter, the DNC’s lawyers admitted in court that the DNC has no obligation to have a fair primary election. It’s their right to rig it.
But don’t try to get angry about this, because if you do, the CIA has a myriad ways to fuck up your life.
18) In 2017 WikiLeaks posted a trove of CIA documents called “Vault 7.” It detailed their capabilities, including remotely taking over cars, smart TVs, web browsers and smartphones.
After I found out about that, for a solid two weeks I thought, “Screw it. I’m going full Amish. One hundred percent. Let’s see the CIA hack my butter churn. Are they going to use backdoor software to get inside my rustic wooden bow-saw? Even if they could, what are they going to listen to—my conversation about how mee bobblin fraa redd up for rutschin’ ’round. Say no more! Schmunzla wunderbar!”
So is anybody at the CIA chained up for violating our privacy in every way possible? No, but Julian Assange is for revealing it.
By thrusting the truth upon the people of earth, WikiLeaks helped create movements worldwide like the Arab Spring and Occupy. And don’t forget, at first WikiLeaks and Assange were celebrated for their amazing work. In 2011 even Amnesty International hailed WikiLeaks as one of the Arab Spring catalysts. The Guardian said: “The year 2010 may well be remembered as a watershed year when activists and journalists used new technology to speak truth to power and, in so doing, pushed for greater respect for human rights. … It is also the year when repressive governments faced the real possibility that their days were numbered.”
So why have so many outlets and people turned against Assange and WikiLeaks? Because it turned out he wasn’t revealing only repressive Arab regimes. He also revealed U.S.-backed coups and war crimes around the world. He exposed the criminality and villainy of the American ruling elite.
Nothing published on WikiLeaks has ever been proven untrue. Compare that record to CNN, MSNBC, Fox News or any mainstream outlet. Assange has been nominated for multiple Nobel Peace Prizes, and nearly every respected media outlet has used source material from WikiLeaks in their reporting. Yet after all this and after seven years in captivity, the man who laid bare our criminal leaders and showed each one of us our chains is not receiving parades and accolades. He and those who helped him reveal the truth are the only ones endlessly punished.
We are all Julian Assange. As long as he’s imprisoned, we can never be free.
Feature photo | A supporter of Julian Assange, with a poster of the WikiLeaks founder, joins other protesters to block a major road in front of Westminster Magistrates Court in London, May 2, 2019. Frank Augstein | AP
Lee Camp is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor and activist. Camp is the host of the weekly comedy news TV show “Redacted Tonight With Lee Camp” on RT America. He is a former comedy writer for the Onion and the Huffington Post and has been a touring stand-up comic for 20 years.


Compiled by http://violetflame.biz.ly from: 
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Domingo, 12 / 05 / 19

Benjamin Fulford Interview: Can China Govern as a New Global Superpower? – Prepare For Change May 10, 2019 by Richard Small

Can China Govern as a New Global Superpower?

Benjamin Fulford Interview 

 by Richard Small, Prepare For Change. 

Posted May 10, 2019.

Benjamin Fulford Interview Graphic.


In this episode recorded on the 2nd May 2019, we discuss the following; Muller, FISA, 911, Fukushima the truth must come out. Will war happen on the Korean peninsula? China creating new networks including new UN building in LAOS, yet they’re lacking social and global skills to govern as a new superpower. Will there be a big event or a slow continual gradual change into the new system? North Korea giving Putin F-35 present. Julian Assange case has much weirdness to it and may not be what we are being told. Also, there is something up in Low Earth Orbit that we’re not being told about and more…
The old system IS collapsing and we’re seeing the death throes of the old guard. Until we’re finally fully liberated, we must keep applying pressure to the old system.
For previous releases in this long-running series of interviews:
Let’s take our cue from Benjamin Fulford and turn our world into a wonderful place!
As Benjamin says, don’t just sit on the sidelines, pick up the phone and call your elected officials and respectfully demand answers to these gross atrocities that have plagued our way of life for far too long. The stronger our collective voice, the quicker we affect change.
Please consider a donation
We are an all-volunteer organization. We do set aside a little money to support our website, but nearly all of your donations to PrepareForChange.net support about 460 children in an orphanage we funded in Malawi, Africa.
Think about donating to these children, who have lost their parents. You can donate here.
Prepare For Change would also like to thank Miss Merrilee for providing our interview announcements, such a gracious and wonderful lady! To see her own shows please check out themerrileeshow.com
Also, a big thank you to www.rays-portal.com for helping PFC with the Audio engineering.
As always try to raise your vibration and remain loving to one another, we’re all one, and we’re all going to bring about a new world!

Compiled by http://violetflame.biz.ly from: 
  1. Our Malevolent Benefactors and Their Master Plan for Humanity
  2. The Orsini Bloodline of Rome – The MAXIMUS Clan
  3. Benjamin Fulford Interview: Can China Govern as a New Global Superpower? – Prepare For Change
  4. Medical Marijuana Works for High Blood Pressure
  5. Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia
  6. Why should you join mass meditations?
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  15. 11 Reasons Why Berries Are Among the Healthiest Foods on Earth
  16. $220,000 For Every Man, Woman And Child – America Is Now 72 Trillion Dollars In Debt
  17. After abandoning Christians, powerful media corporations are now embracing Satanism
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  19. Japan Leads the Way: No Vaccine Mandates and No MMR Vaccine = Healthier Children
  20. Gluten Allergy: Causes, Symptoms, How To Eliminate From Your Body and Everything You Need to Know


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More @ http://violetflame.biz.ly and 


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A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e esta libertar-nos-á! -Só é real o AMOR Incondicional. -Quando o Amor superar o amor pelo poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. -Somos almas a ter uma experiência humana!

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