In The Information Age, You Get What You Create.

By Phillip J. Watt

Guest writer for Wake Up World

February 12th, 2019


We have never had such a grand opportunity to be healthy, happy and free in our so-called civilised history, especially in the western world. Whilst ideological and debt enslavement are very real types of modern slavery, the information that we can access from the hand-sized library that exists in our pockets or bags can help to emancipate us from our suffering, if we so choose.
And given the marvellous innovation of the internet and the information it stores, the extreme levels of sickness, sadness and stress are a very disturbing reflection of our modern age.
Tribal cultures in many cases lived more wholesomely than the majority of people today. Granted, because they didn’t have access to modern surgery and other technologies the original people’s didn’t live as long, but more often than not they were philosophically and practically wise well beyond our current collective consciousness.
They had a quality of life that is completely unmatched by the current standard, even if they didn’t have the same quantity of life.
And who wants to live longer if they’re constantly suffering anyway. That suffering isn’t just limited to the many socioeconomic issues in less financially wealthy areas on our planet, but also the physical, psychological, emotional, philosophical and spiritual sicknesses in the more rich regions, especially the western world.
So make no mistake: we are collectively sick. We are divided and fighting each other. We are toxic in mind, body and spirit. We are plagued with disease. We are philosophically incoherent. We are sad and stressed. And we are lost little children forgetting to play in this magically, mad playground.
Sure, the design of the system does generate this. Corporate media creates an uniformed populace. Curriculums indoctrinate children into the status quo instead of teaching self-discovery and health and life skills. People in government allow corporations and the ultra-rich to control macro policy. Pharmaceutical monopolies suppress natural cures and tout toxic alternatives. Mainstream food and water supplies are poisonous. The profits of money creation by central and commercial banks go to private stakeholders instead of funding public infrastructure and social programs.
The list goes on.
It’s called structural sickness. With a system constructed like this, huge numbers of people are going to be dis-eased and in despair. Yet putting the blame on the politicians, the financial elite, the corporations or just the system itself is just another form of sickness because it’s We, the People, who allow it to be this way.
If we banded together to change it, it would. Instantly.
So until we do this, we need to take immense care of ourselves. It’s way more challenging than what it should be, but it has to be done to restore and protect our health. After all, every individual always has the ultimate responsibility and authority over themselves, even if they were born into an inherently ill society.
Now of course you might contract an illness outside of your control. It could be energetic, genetic, epigenetic or born from the pollutants in the air, earth, food or water. However, there is an empowered response you can have. For example, a friend of mine was recently diagnosed with advanced cancer. I called her to express my empathy and her response was:
“It was the wake up call I needed. I had let myself get too stressed, but it’s all good because I’ve fucking got this.”
She’s doing all types of treatments in response, including mainstream and alternative ones. She’s not letting the sick medical system dictate how she will treat herself, instead she’s intelligently responding with agency.
It’s a story that so many people could learn from.
Yet, regardless of whatever ways you’re personally struggling, there are actions you can take. For example:
  • Re-educate yourself: Indoctrination and propaganda are very real, and we’ve all fallen subject to it to varying degrees. Therefore, question all your beliefs. Research beyond the mainstream narratives and dogmas. Redesign your mind and heart in ways which are healthy for both you, and those around you.
  • Detoxify your body: Take specific minerals to cleanse yourself. Eat a toxin-free, plant-dominant diet. Eat free-range, organic meat (if you’re an omnivore). Stretch and exercise. Drink clean water.
  • If you don’t like your job, change it: Many people hate the work they do, but don’t do anything about it. You might not be able to change it overnight, but you can study to lead you on a new path. And in the meantime, take a less stressed approach to it. After all, stress kills, so your health will benefit and therefore thank you with a happier mind and body.
  • Spend money on your health: Healthy forms of recreation are a good way to balance out the stressors of the rat race, however you need to invest some of your money in your own health. Buy better food and eat less. Drink less alcohol and get out in nature more. Buy cheap minerals like Iodine to cleanse the toxins from your body. Invest your time and money in a service from a mental or physical health clinician, to invest in your wellbeing.
  • Redesign your body-brain: The neurology that runs through our entire body, including in the second brain (located in the digestive system), can be rewired in healthier and happier ways. Clinical research has conclusively proven that meditation and hypnotherapy (or other mindfulness practices) can quickly and easily break poor patterns and habits, cure mental and physical illness and create a new, more improved you. Think about it like eating, drinking and sleeping: it’s a necessary self-service. Do it.
Ultimately, health is much, much more than just physical and mental health. Subcategories you should consider when assessing and expanding your own levels of self-mastery include physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual, philosophical, sexual, spiritual, behavioural, creational, relational and recreational wellbeing.
So to reiterate, in the age of information we can cleanse our mind and body from the toxins we’ve accumulated and take a preventative approach for our future. That’s our choice. We can also live a life of suffering, if we choose too. Regardless of which choice you make, just remember that it is your choice.
And we all reap what we sow.
If you found this article helpful, check out my follow up article, 8 More Emotional Patterns That Can Disturb Our Inner Peace.
About the author:
Phillip J. Watt is a hypno-psychotherapist, author and public speaker who lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. His first book, ‘The Simulation’, is a daring exposé of the human experience in the 21st Century. His written and film work has reached millions of people and deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, listen to his ‘Mad Magic’ Podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes, watch his video interviews at his YouTube Channel and visit his writing website Pushing The Tipping Point, or his health website Heal by Hypnosis to book a hypnotherapy session.
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