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Posted December 21, 2019 



After the full moon energies with the solar flares and Schuman Resonance spiking at 160 as predicted the Schiff is hitting the fan. Politically the Bar bill is going to be paid but the bar bill is karma accelerating in all walks of life. All institutions have their karma and have to transform, become frequency specific to these new incoming energies. Political, religious, business institutions even family dynamics will experience a transformative process which can be chaotic. Your souls are screaming to remove you from circumstances that are not aligned with your soul and the awakening and healing process is well underway. These energies are exponentially rising, everything is accelerating speeding up and the best advice we can give is to slow down.

Release the past, do your daily meditation, prayer or spiritual practices and find a good process-oriented therapy. Forgiveness is key, forgive others and yourself for manifesting and magnetizing these people and events into your life. Most important gain the wisdom from the experience and let the wisdom settle in the soul. Now you know what you don’t want, shift into creationary mind and start focusing on what you do want. Setting your intention is key.

Setting boundaries is also key in these times and being responsible means responding to the soul, each has their own unique soul purpose. The narcissist, liars and deceivers are going to become an endangered species. They are on the downward spiral of evolution, their destiny and future will be set by their frequency. It is imperative that we take our power back, sever all contracts and agreements made in error and align with one’s own soul purpose. You cannot remain in subservience in the days to come, the incoming energies won’t allow it.

We have said before the only reason anyone has any power over you is because you want something from them. When you become sovereign you step back into your power. Everything that does not empower and serve will collapse. The chaos we are seeing is the transformative process with Universal Law being the final transformation.

Is Universal Law followed in the political, religious and business institutions? Is it followed in the dynamics with friends and families? Is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all the guidelines in these institutions, friends and family dynamics? The severity of these transformations and chaos involved is directly related to what it will take to come back into alignment.

When you are sovereign, when you have made your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection, you become an anchor, a transmitter of the Creator what every name you want to give it. It is called Buddha or Christ consciousness, others have their names for becoming one with this consciousness and energy. This is the end goal. Everything comes from and returns to this same point. You become the point centered in that point. You can no longer be pulled from that point.

You no longer seek love, acceptance and approval from others because you love, accept and approve of yourself it is unshakable. Neither are you corruptible. Everything else falls away. You are Universal Law. More and more people are coming to realize this and are walking away from all the traps and snares, freeing themselves. They see the monkey trap, how they are trapped and are letting go of the rice. For those who do not know what a monkey trap is it is a coconut with a hole drilled in it filled with rice.

The monkey sticks his hand in grabs the rice and won’t let go. All the monkey has to do to gain his freedom is let go of the rice. The rice represents our attachments to people places and things, material objects. Do you own them or do they own you? Do they bring you joy?

Joy is an emotion independent from material objects. Do your material objects, your house car portfolio establish your self-worth? What happens to your self-worth when you lose them, they are damaged, taken away? We have been enslaved through dependency and debt. In the days to come both will be removed. Enslavement and dependency, even lack are not aligned with Universal Law. They are aligned with Draconian Law and that Law as well as all aligned with it will fall.

Again this incoming consciousness and energy is expanding exponentially and we all need to transform with it. What happens to the monkey that can’t let go? When we speak of letting go we are talking about releasing the past, stepping away from Draconian Law and all institutions that operate under it.

This includes unhealthy relationships anything that is not empowering or aligned with Universal Law. Another word for Universal Law is Unity consciousness. We are one family, our source is one Creator, we live on one planet, we are diverse yet all the diversity exists within the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The Creator is omnipresent in all life, all Creation and it is time to acknowledge this and act accordingly. This is the wisdom behind the changes.

Two more events coming up is the solstice on the 21st with a major alignment with the central sun. We also have an eclipse on the 26th. Expect change.
James Gilliland

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