The Divine Unification of Yin and Yang.

Angelic Collective Protective Military Division and Ascended Dragons

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

February 26, 2020.



Greetings friends of the light, of the way. We are the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division. 
We offer you the space of our frequency, of our light in this now moment. For the great destruction of the cities of the false matrix has begun in earnest in allowance for the grand rebirth of the new. We wish to offer words of comfort. You are the change makers, the way showers. You did not come to have a typical 3D life. You have already experienced this, most likely many thousands of times. For Earth was the grand space of learning the cosmic playground of energies and it was glorious until the fall. And it will be glorious once again. Do not be downtrodden. Do not be disheartened. Do not be dismayed for all is proceeding according to the perfect plan of Creator and you have many numerous hands behind the scenes protecting you, holding a sword for you.
We are the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division.
Victory to the light! Victory to love, to the Creator of all things made perfect in the new. New beginnings are to be embraced, emboldened by the joy of hope. Be in hope humanity, for the clouds are lifting, the sun is shining brighter than ever before and you have more help being readily made available to you than ever before. Truly you are most supported. Ground hope. Ground truth. Ground peace. Be the peaceful one in the eye of the storm that the other windswept ones can look to for an example of holding the light. You are making a tremendous difference in your work-spaces, in your home environments. Your vibrations are reverberating all across the globe and the multiverse. For that is what you do. You are light. Your vibrations travel at the speed of light. You are all that you see. We welcome the moment when you fully embrace the all that you are into the all that you are becoming. Find the peace in this sentiment and know that it is most true.
We are the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division. 
Every instrument of heaven is being made available to ensure the success of this mission. All hands on deck. All is operating at full throttle. And so when you feel shaken or throttled by these energies retreat deep within your heart space for rest. For the energies are only going to intensify, this is to be certain. And so your vibration, which is key, your vibration makes a tremendous effect. Protect it with inner peace, inner joys rediscovered, inner hopes rekindled. Smile. You are lighting up the night sky with a multitude of stars, your reverberations of hope and tenacity are felt by all.
We are the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division. 
We offer our combined force of insurmountable protection to our lighted ones, our Christed light bearers of the way. Be not afraid. Be emboldened by the you that you are becoming, by the you the you already are. We wish for you to feel the truth of this statement. You are that which you seek. You are the change that you crave. Be the change. Be the light. Be the voice to the voiceless. Spread your wings and fly. We are the Angelic Collective Protective Military Division. Peace. We love you.
Greetings, humans reading these words. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. 
I Elthor, and I Alisheryia, are speaking. We represent the whole tonight, the balance of the the divine masculine and divine feminine energies that are to be fully made equal, lovingly balanced in this realm. But know that we are simply an example of many twins. Other ascended dragons have their mates. Others are also examples of our union. 
But tonight we represent this divine union, unification of yin and yang, of polarities becoming balanced in this realm. You all have energies of the divine masculine and divine feminine within you and it is time that they become balanced. It is time for you to do this work and to ask for further assistance should you require it, so that when you are faced with meeting your twin it will be like meeting yourself. You must be the one you have been waiting or. It is not trite, human. It is deprogramming. No more victimhood (Elthor is roaring). The time for you to become your own savior of rising up. Be the hands of the Christ which is what this moment is calling for. It will be your healing.
I Alisheryia, am speaking. My divine consort, Elthor, is very passionate. He is the divine fire. I am the divine water. And so we balance. You seek balance in your lives, but when it flows from inner balance, all else will flow, like a mighty river whose course is steady, unstoppable. Water finds a way. Fire finds away. Both are either healing or destructive. You have had lifetimes of healing and of destruction. We all come together now to heal Gaia’s damaged areas. Many hands and feet make this possible. Galactic technology will make this possible. Human vision and innovation will also make this possible. But you all must work together. And you shall.
I Alisheryia, and I Elthor, are speaking. You are in the moment of your own making. In every moment you choose the experience, you choose the outcome. No more victimhood. Humanity is awakening faster now. The energies are in great support of this. The ascended dragons have been working clearing, blazing, fighting the darkness with light.
I Alisheryia and I Elthor breathe and ignite your crown with the Christed flame. We are igniting your crown into further expansion to deprogram victimhood, apathy and self loathing. We see the restructuring occurring all around of the false ideologies that have constrained and confused. They are lifted. Humanity is rubbing its eyes. Little human what do you see? Do you see the light surrounding? Or do you see shadows? The shadows are of your mind. Change your mind. Choose to see the light. We are continuing our upgrade. (I feel continued heat on my head and am seeing glowing shapes and images, triangles with lines and a language of symbols I do not recognize.) You are seeing the ancient dragon languages of days long past, galaxygirl. 
We are turning on dormant DNA and reprogramming lies into truth. (I am feeling orange golden fire all around me in a circle. I am surrounded by codes). Invite these codes into your heart space, into Gaia’s crystal heart, into the hearts of your ancestral lineages that have been so wounded, so enmeshed in the pain of the experiment. (I see streams of fire sending out from all sides around me, like spokes in a wheel. I am seeing many faces along these fire streams. I am hearing screaming, seeing burning homes, death. I am feeling pain of past ancestors, perhaps). 
Now I, Alisheryia invite you to pour the royal blue, cool waters of the divine feminine to these lines of fire that have been touching your ancestry. See it flow like a calm cooling river, quenching the fire, quenching the thirst. Feel the steam and see the happy faces of your ancestors turn toward you in gratitude. (I feel tremendous peace and joy. I see thousands of happy faces). You have done a mighty deed. Now together we send the divine fire and the divine water into the heat of Gaia to balance, to heal, to calm, to soothe. We send healing we send grace, we send light.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. 
Be healed by these words the upcodings, the destructions of the false and be ignited and restored, refreshed in the new of the new beginnings that surround and nourish. Claim them as your reality and then they so shall be.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. 
Be at peace in the coming turbulence. Be the balanced human with the glowing embers of balanced fire and water within. Be ignited. We leave now. Peace.


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