The BIG eclipse meditation is TOMORROW.

Raise your Vibration with Cobra's Healing Rays.





Tomorrow (Sunday) is the day of the RETURN OF LIGHT ACTIVATION at the Lunar Eclipse.
Calling all Starseeds and Lightworkers ....
We need all hands on deck!
To help everyone prepare to anchor maximum light at the lunar eclipse, PFC Japan and PFC Taiwan are graciously offering a free healing session where you can connect with ascended masters and star beings through Cobra's 13 ascended master and stellar rays.
The healing will take place at 7:00 AM in California...or 10:00 AM in New York or 3:00 PM on Monday in London or 4:00 PM on Monday in Berlin.
Click here for information and instructions about how you can receive this wonderful healing provided by PFC Japan and PFC Taiwan with these beautiful
This is also a very beautiful way to connect with other lightworkers and starseeds around the world....and tune into the amazing unified field created when members of the 144,000 beings of light gather together. 
We may not speak the languages....but we are quite capable of doing this energy work and meditating with one heart and one mind!
Additional energy preparation for the
Return of Light Activation at the Lunar Eclipse
****What we are creating is so huge, it has never been done before!***
- Cobra 
Plan to spend at least 2 hours this weekend outside in nature...far away from all wifi or other matrix devices (such as cell phones). Go take a walk or sit by a river or go out and look at the stars and look for Sirius and the Pleiades....
And make sure to leave your cell phone behind!
You will be absolutely amazed to discover the higher level communication thatbecomes possible between you and the positive beings of light who are here to help liberate this planet when you disconnect from the grid.
The "grid" is anchored within the electrical grid....which the cell phone grid is an amplified part the further you can get away....the better you will be able to receive these higher level messages.
Victory of the Light !
The new innovative, action based site for Prepare For Change, as we get closer to the Event!
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