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Help the Arcturians Heal Humanity

Help the Arcturians Heal Humanity

The 9D Arcturian Council

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

March 26th, 2020.


help the arcturians heal humanity - the 9th dimensional arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton channeler of archangel michael.


Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.
We have been taking care of humanity energetically at this time. We, and many others like us here in the higher realms, know when you need more nurturing, caring, loving attention, and we always provide it.
There are a few ways in which you all can help us in this time where humanity needs so much help. First of all, you can help by being kind, loving, and nurturing to yourselves and to each other. Secondly, you can open yourselves up more to the compassion that we offer by feeling for it and holding that intention to receive more of it. Finally, you can be one who grounds this compassionate energy into your physical body and into Mother Earth, making it available to all other humans, because the Earth has her ways of distributing all types of energies.
When you recognize that one of the major purposes of this co-creation is to get you to feel for each other, then it becomes easier for you to see that what your fellow humans need right now is some kindness and some compassion. You are the ones to access these high vibrational states of being, and you are the ones to share those high frequency vibrations with your fellow humans because you want to be of service.
And not only do you want to be of service, but many of you have come to us and asked us how you can be of service. Most of the time when you ask that question, you are thinking about something that you can do in terms of physical action. But right now, you are being asked to stay inside, to keep your distance from each other, and that means you get to access your superpowers to help humanity. You get to access your love and compassion. You get to access your healing abilities and the ability that you have to feel connected, to access that oneness, that unity consciousness that you always have access to. But at a time like the one you are living in now, you are more likely to access it.
We will continue to tell you what we feel humanity needs from all of you who are awake, and we know that as the awakened collective, you will be opening yourselves up to us, even more than you usually do. This is a time of working together, whether you are human, extra-terrestrial, physical, or non-physical. We are all connected, and therefore, when anyone on Earth is suffering, that suffering sends a ripple effect, and we all want to help alleviate that suffering. We all want to help humanity take the giant leap forward in your evolution that this current situation is presenting you with as a possibility. And we will continue to assist you in whatever ways that we can.
We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

Daniel Scranton

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The Science Of Mantras: How Sacred Sounds Heal Body, Mind And Spirit ~ Paul Harrison

The Science Of Mantras: How Sacred Sounds Heal Body, Mind And Spirit.

By Paul Harrison.

Posted June 17, 2019 by Edward Morgan. 




For more than 3000 years mantras (sacred sounds) have been chanted for the purpose of spiritual healing.
During the early period of Hinduism, spiritual gurus became fascinated by poetry and began to write sounds in sacred texts like the Rigveda. Those same sounds have echoed throughout the East all the way to today, and are now chanted by billions of Hindus, Buddhists and spiritualists the world over.
Today, mantras are chanted for myriad reasons. There are mantras to cure depression and anxiety, mantras said to create wealth, mantras used to attract wealth… for near every purpose there is a corresponding mantra. Yet despite the billions of people who use mantras, and the sheer range of their uses, the Western world has stubbornly turned a blind eye to this oldest of spiritual practices.
So what, precisely, do we truly know about mantras?
Yoga masters claim that mantras have the power to create chemical changes in the body. The argument is that the specific vibrational qualities of mantras create reverberations in the body that lead to changes on the molecular level.
We can understand how this works when we consider man’s relation to sound.
Our auditory faculty has evolved through millions of years to include specific constants that form the very foundations of our auditory composition. Many of the sounds we make today, like grunts and some syllables, have been used for millions of years, long before we became homo-sapiens.
Similar to the way birds use song to communicate information about the weather, we have used grunts and syllables to form our understanding of the world.
The reason why many of today’s words are onomatopoetic is because human vocals were created as an echo of nature. Early man used syllables as a way of echoing the sound of the thing they were trying to describe.  Hence why “bob” (as in “bobbing up and down”) sounds like an object bobbing up and down in the water.  “Crash”, “Bang”, “Honk”, and “Chime” are other examples.
As mankind has evolved we have moved away from onomatopoetic language. So it is that English is not nearly as onomatopoetic as Sanskrit, the latter being a much earlier language.
When we speak in Sanskrit we create sounds that are very closely related to the sounds of nature.
The sacred Sanskrit word “Om”, for instance, means “Universe” and we can hear an echo of the universe in the sound of the mantra. We get a sense of the open and infinite nature of the universe when we listen to this sound. “Om” is a very open sound. It seems to conjure thoughts of an open space, reconnecting us with the vastness of the universe.
To say that “Om” sounds like an open space, of course, means that it has auditory composition similar to the way sound vibrates in an actual open space. The quality of the sound is a recreation of the sound of the real thing.
What does it mean to sound like the real thing? It means that the sound of the mantra and the sound of an actual open space are very similar. In other words, when we recite “Om” we recreate the vibrational qualities of an actual open space, and we do so inside the body.
It is as though we are bringing that part of nature, that vast open space of “Om”, into our own being. Not only do we recreate that open space in an auditory and physical sense, we also recreate it in the mind.
When we recite mantras, we don’t simply make sounds. We meditate on them. To meditate means to focus consciousness on a certain space. When we meditate on “Om” we focus consciousness on the mantra itself. In other words, we place our consciousness inside the sound, inside “OM”, and, in turn, inside the open space that “Om” represents.
This is the science of mantras. And it is one of humankind’s oldest healing techniques. For millions of years we have recreated the vibrational qualities of nature using the voice. Mantras simply take it further. When we meditate on those primordial sounds, we place consciousness inside the sound, healing the mind by reconnecting it with those auditory representations of the natural world.
By changing the vibrational qualities of those sounds, we change the effect the sound has on the mind. The root chakra mantra “Lam”, for instance, grounds us and creates feelings of belonging, where “Ah” creates release, helping us to let go.
This is the power of Sanskrit mantras. They are a way of recreating the vibrational qualities of real-world events, objects, or spaces in the body, and then placing consciousness inside those sounds by meditating. Simply chanting a Sanskrit mantra puts us in-tune with positive vibrational energies that heal body, mind and spirit.
In virtually every system of spirituality the world has ever known, sound has been considered a direct link between humanity and the divine. The ancient mystery schools all taught their students the use of sound as a creative and healing force.
Now, Sacred Sounds by Ted Andrews reveals how to tap into the magical and healing aspects of voice, resonance, and music. On a physical level, these techniques can be used to alleviate aches and pains, lower blood pressure, and balance hyperactivity in children. On a metaphysical level, they can be used to induce altered states of consciousness, open new levels of awareness, stimulate intuition, and increase creativity.
Sounds can heal through their vibratory energy. To understand how this works you need to understand the power of vibratory energies within your body. This book will teach you about the chakras and how energy flows through them. You’ll see what happens if that energy is blocked and learn how sound can be used to free the energy, a practice that can result in healing the physical body.
To be even more specific, you’ll learn the secrets of esoteric toning, healing method that involves vibrating certain vowel sounds. You will discover that each vowel has different pronunciations and different purposes. Thus, if you pronounce the vowel “a” as in “hay,” you can help with problems of the chest and circulation. If you pronounce it as in “cat,” you can heal respiration and mouth problems. And if you pronounce it as in “saw,” it can aid digestive problems. All of this and more is fully explained in Sacred Sounds.
Perhaps the most famous users of sound were the bards. In Sacred Sounds you will learn their history, lore, training methods, healing techniques, and more.
About the Author
Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher and the author of TheDailyMeditation.com. His passion and purpose is to bring spirituality to a million people and to help make the world a more loving, more compassionate, kinder place. Read Paul’s complete guide to the mantrasand discover the healing power of sacred sounds.


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The Science Of Mantras: How Sacred Sounds Heal Body, Mind And Spirit
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