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I don’t consider myself a religious person, and I love God.
I also believe that we as a society and nation are in for a huge change. WE, (me being one of us) in the spiritual community have heard for years it’s going to get loud. I’ve often wondered just what that meant. Now I know.
And I bet you do too. Just listen to the news or scroll social media. There are people complaining and bickering with each other, politicians arguing and fighting, warnings of climate change, opinions, market crashes, save the planet, free the animals, sex trafficking, Hollywood corruption, bullying, #metoo movements, hurricanes, earthquakes, tidal waves, school shootings, church massacres, people starving, houses burning, entire towns vanishing and the list goes on. And I tremble.
Often I see posts online where the writer states, “shine on.” I believe that’s what we’re here to do. Shine. Remember who we are and where we came from, as a child of God, The Creator of All That Is,  Omnipotent and Omnipresent. Find that light inside of us that God has placed in all of us, get up each day, do our best whatever that means to us, and shine.
For me, it means beginning each day grateful and appreciative of whatever comes to mind. It may be my breath, or the glass of clean water by my bed, the sunshine coming in the window or birds’ songs I hear.
I give thanks for my grandson and send love from my heart to his. I thank God for the challenges in my life and people who’ve come and gone. All serve a purpose. I ask to be used by God to assist others on their path to find that God spark inside of them, to assist humanity in awakening from the deep sleep we’ve all become accustomed to.
By “deep sleep” I mean we’ve allowed life to get out of hand by choosing not to care or ignoring that gentle knowing inside each and every one of us when something doesn’t feel right but we chose to do it anyway. Closing our eyes and ears to all the misdeeds around us, not wanting to get involved or be the one person to say “Enough!”
All that’s being shook up around us now is, I believe, God’s way of saying, “I’m giving you a chance to make better choices. THIS IS NOT WHAT I HAD IN MIND WHEN I CREATED YOU!” I think the last time our Creator felt that way, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. I’m just saying … I think it’s time to start caring about everything.
Beginning with Ourselves.
We know what needs to change. I’m certain you’re familiar with that uneasiness you feel when you’re about to do something that’s not in alignment with who you really are. Whether its food-related, sex, clothes we’re wearing, things we want to say or do, taking drugs, exercise or lack of, skipping school or work, you know what I’m talking about.
I call that prompting, that uneasiness or anxiety, God. Some call it intuition. Some call it Spirit. Others think it’s them. Whatever our belief, it’s there for our benefit.
Many years ago, I had an experience that changed me. At the time, I was a mother of two young children. Their father and I had been in counseling to try to save our very fragile marriage when he had the last of four epidermal pain injections which ultimately ended up paralyzing him – the same week I’d decided to end our marriage.
I was grief stricken, angry, mentally and physically exhausted, stressed, and unhappy. I never told him I wanted a divorce. I did everything I possibly could to keep our family together and support him in this life-changing challenge.
I became caregiver to a man I no longer loved. I had to be the best mom to our young children. Keeping up with their activities, visiting their father in the hospital or rehab. Paying the bills, buying the food, and talking to the doctors, insurance company, and his employer of more than 20 years, who let him go after he became paralyzed.
I did all that while trying to balance my life and maintain a full-time job. Which I hated. I worked in an environment where my manager didn’t support me (or like me for that matter). I found myself crying going to work and crying going home. I felt like I was sinking in quicksand, slowly, day after day. I’ve often felt when my husband became paralyzed I became emotionally paralyzed. I wondered what I had done to deserve this.
One morning after another sleepless night caring for my husband cleaning and laundering sheets after yet another bowel explosion in the middle of the night, I dropped our children at school and began the 25-minute drive to work.
It was there on the highway that I cried out to God. The anguish I felt was so overwhelming I didn’t know what to do or how I could go on another minute. I sobbed, God! I can’t do this anymore. Help me! Please.
And in that moment of complete and unconditional surrender, I felt all the angst in my body leave from the bottom of my feet thru the top of my head and peace washed over me and filled me.
It was a feeling I had never known. In that moment I felt unconditional love and I knew everything would be okay. I knew I had just experienced something awesome. Something sacred. (1) There was no place for Ego.
The feeling was omniscient, and absolute. What I later learned was that that feeling I felt in my car that morning when I surrendered my will for God’s was the Gift of the Holy Spirit. That experience changed me from the inside out.
In all the years since that sacred experience, I’ve personally met only two other people who’ve had similar experiences. One woman wept knowing someone else understood what she too had felt and experienced. Most people just think I’ve gone all religious on them. Lol – It’s not that … I just can’t ‘un-know’ what I now know to be true. I believe in the Trinity. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
I once heard Abraham-Hicks share in a workshop in response to someone’s similar experience to mine, “In that moment,” Abraham said, “you were in complete alignment with Source.” There was a feeling of “Yes!” “That’s it! That’s what I felt!” rise up within me.
Now, I live my life each day hoping to feel that unconditional love and peace again and in the comfort and strength of the Holy Spirit who I know abides in me.

(1) Steve: Higher-dimensional love.


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