Just step into your heart.


Through  Kerstin Sisilla.

March 5, 2020.

Translation from Swedish March 6, 2020



I'm Sananda. I am. I am the Way, the Truth and the Light (life). YOU ARE. You are the Way, the Truth and the Light (life).

You don't need a guru to find yourself, your Higher Self, your essence / core. You are your own guru, your heart has all the truths of the Universe within it. My friends, loved ones on earth, brothers and sisters - the time has come to walk the Heart's path. Self-empowerment, total isolation or various initiation rites are no longer needed to be inaugurated in the secrets of the Universe. Just step into your heart.

Take my hand and follow me and we go towards our origin, towards the Source and the Light. With both Mother Earth and Father Heaven in the heart of your heart, the journey goes so easy, so easy. The portal is opened, the gate is at the gavel so take my hand and we go together you and I - and you and you and you ... Hear the angels 'fanfares and friends' cheers for now is the time of reunion.

I love you, everyone on earth, so much. Welcome to a life on the Golden Planet Gaia, a transformed and liberated planet.

In love. Your faithful friend Sananda


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