Ascended Grandmothers.

Through Galaxygirl,

December 2nd, 2019

Posted December 3rd, 2019


We are the grandmothers. Beyond time and space, we are. We see the weariness of the Lightworker collective and to this we say a bit of tough love is in order. You can do this. You are doing it. You have been on similar missions before. To those of you who have access to such messages as these that encode our vibration, accept this as a warm hug from us, as a welcome home embrace. You need not feel so isolated and alone. It need not crush you, unless of course more aloneness and suffering is what you seek. Of course you would say it is not but when you cling to old patterns we have to wonder.
It is time to seek the new. To seek the freedom of joy within. See your woundings and allow us to form a circle around you and hold space for you while you transmute them. Be comforted. We see the freedom of humanity is at hand. When they are ready for it, it will manifest. Manifest your destiny and your destiny is light, is love. You are aged and wise as are we. We need not manifest outward youth and beauty unless needed for we are comfortable in our skin and it is high time that you are. No more comparison with photoshopped illusions. You are Source in human form ascending with grace and ease. So what if you are a bit worse for wear. Wrinkles can be ironed out. All things can be renewed in time. With faith and intention you will see. No more moping about. Arise and get on with creating the life you desire. And find the joy in doing so! Of course it is hard. That is why the universe sent you all to do it. Now. We see you as doing this most splendidly by the way. And we love you.
We are the ascended grandmothers. We see your lovely hearts are a bit tender and worn. Tender and worn doesn’t lead the way. Become emboldened and strong. Become your higher self. Ask. Seek. Knock. Be. Listen to the fairies on the wind. Feel the firm rocks of the Mother Gaia beneath your feet. Ground. Laugh. Joy is all around you should you be wise and brave enough to see. Ah, there… A shift. Peace. We breathe on your crowns. We ignite your inner fire with our hands. We are sending you light and love into your weary bones. We are the grandmothers of no time sending you healing and love this is day. Be at peace.


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