We breathe fire codes of peace, melting away the dross...

Message from Ascended Dragon Collective and Fairies.

Through Galaxygirl.

December 4th, 2018.



We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. 
We breathe fire codes of peace, melting away the dross that has been so entwined within your reality. We melt it away. Join us now in this massive transmutative effort of love, of renewal, for the Mother of All Things and for your current planetary Mother Gaia.
We dragons see with the all seeing golden eyes of eternal Source light, who is love, always love. The twisting and entwining of lies must end. It ends here. It ends now. We dragons have no time for chit chat about such things. We do! We ride on the wings of time space effortlessly with great abandonment to the freedom that accompanies a sacred position of trust and of protection. 
For we ascended ones of the realm of fiery change protect, we guard. We protect and we guard our fellow light workers, light warriors, of truth and of massive perseverance. For you are mighty. We have seen this time and time again through fighting alongside with the dragons of old for many of us were they. We were partners then and we are partners now. But for now we reside in the unseen and have remained a secret long kept within the hearts burning bright by those who remember.
We remember you. The dragon wars were real. Many of you remember the time of the mighty ones in battle. For you were with us, fighting for the light, for your mettle, to prove your own worth and bravery to yourselves, only to yourselves. For your worth and mettle and value is priceless and to think otherwise is yet another vine of lies that intrudes and entrails. The dark dragons are leaving. Many of you have assisted in escorting them to the light for you are fierce, formidable and we make a great team. 
We dragons see you through our all seeing eyes of Source light. And this makes you shudder, wondering “What do they see when they look at me? Am I worthy?” The question of the ages. We see Source experiencing itself within a frail human form, contained within the wisdom of the All, the sheer immensity of the All, as a fractal, all self contained – a pinprick of the whole, self sustaining. And we look at you in wonder. 
We wonder when you will realize your majesty? Your true value? Your dreamtime is over human. It is time to awaken to your fullest potential of the All and slay the dragon demon of your fears, for they are but smoke and glass. They are nothing compared to the power of Christ within. Own it. Be it. Light it. Live it. Live your power and that power human, is your love. Your eternal ever burning, ever brilliant love. And when you all do this, time will stand still, for you will have turned it.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We ever stand by, ever support and offer our eternal services to the Light that burns ever brightly for you. We are your friends of the ancient days, returned. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. 
Call on us. We are quite nearby (laughing).
We are the fairies, and oh yes, we see this, we agree with the sweet dragons, our friends of old and we are eager to reconnect with our human friends again for we too, the fairies, used to romp and play with our human friends and we still do try with the children before they forget, while they still remember, for they can see us; many of us make ourselves available to your children for laughter and comfort, kitties too can see us, which is why they tend to stare off in the distance, fascinated – do you ever wonder what they are staring at? 
We fairies are so excited to be in this place of planetary redemption and we are eager to offer our joy, our glee, our healing fairy powers to you sweet, tired, big human reading these words – you are so big to us yet you act so small – when will you rise up as the dragons foretell? 
Are you really ready to claim your power? 
We hope so for we are very tired at all of the waiting and the eye rolling at 
“When will they wake up?” 
“Why are they so sleepy? “ 
and all of the questions that our fairy children ask us over and over for they have lots to say too and we fairies are tired but excited and very pleased to be a part! We are the fairies we have spoken a bit too long as usual – we are sorry – please know we love you! 
We are the fairies and always here for you should you want to visit – we are the fairies 

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