Crystal Kingdom and Ascended Dragon Collective.

Through Galaxygirl,

Posted December 28, 2019

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Greetings from the most high realm of energies of light. 
We are the Crystal Kingdom. We pepper your world with light, with love. We can be trained, encoded, programmed. We are consciousness in solid form, as are you in your current human frame. We are the Crystal Kingdom. We come forth for we observe with great joy that many of you are utilizing us much more and we wish to be of service. Cleanse us in the moonlight, in the crystal clear air. Cleanse us on the belly of our mother, Gaia. We exist in many reams, in many worlds. We are an essential part of planet creation for we hold life force, we hold memories, we are libraries if we are to be encoded and programmed in this way. Many of you worked with us as ancient Lumerian and Atlantean priests and priestesses before the fall into the realm of murk. We held the light. We still continue to hold the light. We are excited for the Schumann resonance of late has been turning us on and igniting us in new ways that we thought had been long forgotten. Such has the prophecy for our kind been fulfilled for we are rising again with these new energies alongside Gaia and her peoples. We are eager – most eager and filled with joy – to share these up-codings with you, friends.
We are the Crystal Kingdom. We hold the light, as do you, dear friends of Gaia, light bearers in form. Be the you, the authentic you that you are. For if you do not, who will? We are ourselves. We are varied in form, in size, in strength, but not in wonder. We hold the wonderment of Mother God and of Mother Gaia. We sparkle with joy. We all hold the essence of great power and great love. Won’t you utilize our strengths? Adorn yourselves with us. Sprinkle us through your homes so that we may assist you with light holding. Place us around the outside of your homes, under your bed, at your desk. Allow us to serve you. Cleanse us with the violet fire and we shall dispel any discordant energies with grace and ease. For you are strong, we are strong. Together we were destined to be.
We are the Crystal Kingdom. We are joining consciousness with our brothers and sisters from all star systems. Together we help solidify the light into Gaia’s morphing frame. You are becoming crystalline, like us. You are becoming a higher vibratory rate of the you that you are. It is best that we take a break now and let the others come through. We are the Crystal Kingdom. We love you and embrace you in light.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. 
Come, human. Ride with us. For there is yet more cleansing to be done. Ride high and fast and free, unencumbered by the cares of the lower realm. It will be as it is. You are to rise above and shine your light. We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We wait not much longer. We lend our strength, our wings, our hearts, our light. We lend our mighty power of the flame of the Christed ways. We are able to see through all illusion with ease and grace. This strength you too shall have shortly, as you are developing it moment by moment.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. I Alisheryia, am speaking. I am this one’s higher self. You many have other aspects of yourselves in various ascended forms. It is not unique to this one. All have aspects that would be surprising. And so I say this to tell you that you are indeed strong enough. For you are already doing it. In a way it is already done in the higher realms. You must believe this to pull it you. You must be strong enough in these final moments of the great push to fully ignite the Christed flame within you. Burn it brightly in the darkest of places. Come. Allow me to assist.
I Alisheryia am surrounded by the company of the ascended dragons. We encircle you with light, with strength, with solidarity of purpose and with great love. For we remember our human incarnations. They were not easy ones, many of them ended badly from our previous unenlightened perspective. But from the higher perspective, all is experience. All can be learned from if one is wise and astute enough to do so. All is Source. All is light. All is experience being understood, being clearly seen. See yourselves clearly as the light beings that you are. As the fractals of Source that you are you cannot be dimmed. You cannot be eliminated. All is as it is. There is no death. There is rebirth. Continual rebirth we see on Gaia’s form in this moment of the now. We ignite you with our codes of the Christed flame, should you allow. We start with the top most chakra. Feel the heat. Feel the opening up within your crown. Feel the blocks being burned away. For none can truly block Source. They can try, but their time is over, they shall not succeed with their malicious ways. Their intentions are to be terminated and transformed into light and love. Light and love we send you precious humans of the way. (I am seeing great dragon crystal tears from her pretty blue dragon face). Yes, galaxygirl. We have seen much pain. Much heartbreak. Now is the time of the mending of the hearts into light. We baptize you with dragon tears of crystal power of light, of great deep joy, of hope for the new beginning. For the birthing of Nova Gaia is at hand. This is her final contraction. You are pushing through. You are seeing the light. You are being squeezed tightly, painfully through the birth canal and you shall emerge renewed, victorious on the other side. Feel our fire go through your entire form, igniting into further compression, further grace, further strength. You are warrior-ed. You are light-ed. You are ignited. You are ready. The time is now, human. The time is here. Hold hands with us. Humans of the light! We call you forth! Ignite the Ley lines! Ignite the crystal heart of Gaia with your light from Source as blazing fractals of the new. The dimmer switch is turned up to its fullest light, its greatest power. We are most excited to lend a wing, a tear, a fiery pulse.
We are the Ascended dragon Collective and we en-wrap you in light from the Mother whom we serve. Be wise enough to no longer be surprised. For the illusion is no more. You will see the ugliness beneath. You will transform it into light with us. For that is the job of a light bearer. You need not feel isolated. See? We are all around you. We breathe our fire of rejuvenation onto your crown. We advise that you let it in and let it transform you further.
We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. I Alisheryia have enjoyed my meeting with you again, friends of the way. Peace.


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