Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba.

Council of Creation

By Nancy Tate.

The Tree of the Golden Light Update

January 16, 2020.




We come again to speak with you in a way that speaks to your soul and spirit. It resonates within your heart and is accepted by your mind. Dear people of earth, for so long many have been caught up in the throes of misunderstandings and misperceptions due to no fault of their own, but because of the habits accepted and embraced by your sub-conscious mind. When anyone has been constantly experiencing distress in their lives, hardships and difficulties that seems to haunt them, it has an effect on you on the sub-conscious level; especially when you seem to be doing well and in good spirits and then something shows up and knocks you down again. It gets to the point to where on a sub-conscious level you actually expect for this to happen. It’s like this is how you identify with life. There has been this concept among humanity for a very long time that says “All good things must come to an end.” Our question is why? Who made that the law of human experience? No one but humans themselves by accepting it, embracing it and believing that it is the truth. Then there is another that says “when things are going good, expect something to show up that will cause things to go bad”. They say that life is about always living ups and downs, and you cannot have good without bad or truth without lies. Who is it that created these concepts that humans accepted as their own? Let us tell you that it’s not the truth! There has never been any law; any protocol pertaining to earth that says that this is how life must be. Why are these patterns constantly being repeated generation from generation? It’s because it is passed on and passed down from parent to child as if it is etched in stone and this is the only way of life.

You are now past all of that and it is time to lay that to rest. It is time to move past this to what has been almost screaming in your soul and spirit, heart and mind to pay attention to. You are so far past this kind of existence, but the problem is people don’t want to let it go. It’s as if they cannot survive without these concepts of life. Once it is understood that they are dead, they are outdated and outlived and have absolutely no relevance today in your life, then you will fly toward your greater advancement and evolvement that has been held in limbo for you to come to that realization. It is time; past time for you to move into the space where you should have been. This space has been held in limbo for a very, very long time and now humanity must step in and occupy that space. It’s time for this old space you now occupy to be dissolved and sent back to source. Being a victim of your training has been the lynch pin to this kind of stubbornness to leave this way of being behind and move forward. It has its tentacles in many people and every time they are moving and making progress, they are pulled back into the muck and mire of these circumstances. Then they are given real validity when validity does not exist for these actions. It’s like we said in the last message and we repeat:

“We are all ‘prisoners of our training' and tend to dismiss things we haven’t learned and/or don’t understand rather than embracing them as opportunities to expand our knowledge”.

You need to know that you have been freed from this for a very long time, but it has been such a habit that even though you may be free, you won’t leave your cell! The training has made you prisoners of your own belief, your own acceptance and in your own mind. Now the question is how do you stop allowing yourself to be a prisoner? Let us clarify something first because we can feel people thinking about what we said about being a prisoner of your training. First of all, training has its merits and it is important and necessary to have. However, all training is not necessarily good training or right training for you. Training is meant to teach you to continue to evolve and progress and make you free and keep you free. Training is not meant to stifle you, to hold you back or imprison you. Even with great training which many of you have, you can allow that training to imprison you if you are not willing to move beyond that. A lot of people get stuck and feel that there is nothing outside their training. They became comfortable with it especially because it worked for them. The problem is many times they do not see that it has stopped working for them which is a sign that says it’s time to move onward.

We know you feel that your training is all you have and that your training made you who you are. That is true but, again the problem is that once most people learn something and get good at it, they feel that they got it. They feel that this is it, what I am supposed to have accomplished so no need to be interested in anything else. You imprison yourself at that point. At the end of the day what we are saying to you is to allow yourself to be open. Allow yourself to break outside your training, outside what you know, and entertain the thought that there may be something more than what you have that will add to and evolve what you know. There is a great deal of information that has been available to humanity however, humanity as a whole has not been open to it or not aware that it exists. This information is the foundation of what is coming and the new era of evolvement. The new information coming relies on you having the necessary foundation of understanding. Please be open to the new that is presenting itself. Some of it will be what you may have heard of, but see it as something new. Then there will be something new that you never anticipated finding. Just be open!

We leave you in peace and love,

The Council Of Creation

Nancy Tate

*In medicine and science, as in life, we are all ‘prisoners of our training' and tend to dismiss things we haven’t learned and/or don’t understand rather than embracing them as opportunities to expand our knowledge.


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