Financial system must collapse so that a new one may be birthed.

Ascended Christ Collective.  

Channeled via Galaxygirl.

March 9, 2020.




Greetings beloveds! 
We are the Ascended Christ Collective offering you words of comfort this day, as your world seems to be heaving and twisting from the old giving away to the new. All is not as it seems. All things can be used for the benefit of the All. It is true that much upheaval is occurring but this is a necessary aspect and component of ascension. Chains must be broken. The financial system must collapse so that a new one may be birthed. The Quantum Financial System is well in place. You need not be afraid. All is in the hands of the Creator. You are all here in this moment for such times as these, to hold the light. You are the hands and feet of Creator in this most pregnant now of Ascension, where the rubber meets the road. This is that moment you have been training for and we trust that you will continue to have the faith that you have shown so steadfastly for so long.
We are the Ascended Christ Collective. The jail cells are open but those within are just beginning to realize this fact. Most realize nothing and are still in acceptance of their imprisonment. It need not be the case. But remember that it is not your job to tell the others what they should know. If you do so when they are not ready and open, then anger is a natural response of the programmed fallen human condition, unfortunately. This too will ascend so that all programs are destroyed and removed so that the ascended timelines can fully integrate. You are to hold the light. You are to hold the love. You are to hold the codes and ground them deeply. You are to work on your own ascension with diligence and tremendous love for yourselves. You will lead by example in this, as is the way to self- mastery. It is proven time and time again that example is the best way to lead, quietly with humility and great strength. Those who are unprepared now will likely remain so, as this is their choosing. We encourage you to expand your ability to love, to allow us to help you in this. We see that a heart expansion is in order for those who are trying to be open and diligently hold more light, for you are weary. There is nothing wrong with you dear ones, you are simply exhausted.
We are the Ascended Christ Collective. We surround you with our golden white wings. We open doorways of light codes from Alcyone, our friend, your Great central Sun. We open doorways from the other central suns as well. We are forming another star grid to amplify the existing one. We are opening key ley lines upon your surface worlds, deep in the waters, and on the surface of her form. All is well. Breathe in these golden grid codes from the ascended timelines from the higher realms and anchor them into your own pulse points, your own personal energetic chakras, with the intention of anchoring them deeper into Gaia’s chakra system. For you are deeply interconnected with your planetary mother. You are a form of her own vibration as you are embodied upon her. It is a natural synchronicity. (I am seeing golden linear streams of light language entering Gaia as streams of golden rain in the formation of a massive Merkabah around her form. I am seeing reflective Merkabah forms around the light workers begin to form and spin, golden, crystalline, all colors and yet, they remain gold at the same time. I am seeing and feeling more joy, more peace, which is a welcome change to what I have been feeling). Yes, dear one, you are feeling what many have felt. All empaths have been doing this as you clear and clean up the energetic cloud of human emotions which is thick right now. We send more golden light streams into this cloud over the human collective. (I am seeing a murky cloud hovering over collective humanity being pierced with these golden light streams dissolving the dark mist and changing the dark mist into a white cloud of hope. I am seeing numerous rainbows begin to form within this cloud). True. Children feel this rainbow lightness of spirit, within this rainbow cloud and invite it within your own Merkabah and become one with the higher dimensional energies of oneness, of hope, of the Christed consciousness.
We are the Ascended Christ Consciousness. We offer our energetic support, for we are within you. We are the all-encompassing mist of the universe; we are the water drops between the energy that is seen and unseen. We hold the vibratory codices of Creator, of love, of light, for we are this, as are you, dear ones, encased within this denser form. Invite us with you. Be the Christ that you seek and we shall always offer our support, our love, our energetic structure to literally gird you up in these final days of the great awakening. You are being reborn. Envision your lovely bodies as the crystalline matrices that they are in process of becoming and officially welcome them to the higher dimensions. You are programming your body with every thought, with every intention. Darling ones, your spirits are already within our aspect, you are ascended now. Your higher self is waiting for you on the other side and yet, you are your higher selves in this moment. As you connect with these higher vibratory elements such as ourselves, we see you as your higher selves in form. It is time that you please awaken your body to this understanding. We are planting this thought, this idea. As a tender green shoot reaching for the light, we encourage you to reach for the light within you and claim this truth as your own. For it is.
We are the Ascended Christ Collective. We see that this golden Merkabah around Gaia is assisting all upon her. Tap into it, it is yet another tool and blessing from above for your utilization and support. You are most divinely supported. You are most intimately loved. You are most intricately watched over. Peace. Lower dimensional realities cannot exist within this golden Merkabah surrounding your personal vehicle of ascension, should that be your intention. We offer this supportive space to you for healing, for growth, for support. You are almost strong enough. We are simply reminding you of what you already know. We love you. We hope you also are very much aware of this.
We are the Ascended Christ Collective. You are us in your human vessel. We are you. You have all the support that you could possibly have, made available to you. You are surrounded in love, in light, in blessing. Welcome the codes. It is a new day; it is a new reality. Peace. We are the Ascended Christ Collective.







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