The Chakra System, Gender, Racism and Duality.

By Ethan Indigo Smith.

Posted July 5, 2019 by Edward Morgan. 




Writing is the best of times and the worst of times. Writing is tremendously difficult, attempting to write with meaning is as difficult and as dangerous as wielding a sword.
“The pen is mightier than the sword.”
The sentiment is true. And the metaphor expands when one understands what it means to wield a sword. Great care must be taken with lengthy sharpened steel and the same care must be taken with communicating sharpened observations. Writing is the best when your presentation is read and it refreshes like the sunshine of a Spring day. Writing is the worst when your presentation is read and it disturbs like a bright flashlight shined in the slumbering dark. Everything I have written of import does both -at the same time.
I have proceeded to follow several simple rules to writing – all of them to doldrums of recognition so they may not be effective. One rule I have followed despite the cost of awakening grumpy trolls is to conceptualize that which people imply should be better left unsaid and moreover unconsidered. I would advise writers -journalists and poets alike- to write about the concepts which cause you to think ‘I shouldn’t write about that.’ The exactness of love, the taboos, the unconsidered, the political correctness that is incorrect, the immorality of religions, the oligarchy of democracies, and such similar subjects are the exact controversial material people want to read and the exact topics that need to be explored.
    The world today is flipped completely upside down. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Quantity and stupidity has all but replaced quality and thoughtfulness. Idiocy and materialism rules over depth of near any sort pertaining to near any subject. Well, I’m an Indigo and I always have been so I am about to flip the script and my pen may wake you and agitate.
    I am an Indigo. For me Indigos flip it, always, in a lot of different ways. I am an independent individual seeking individuation for my myself and the collective. I am an independent minded individual seeking ascension toward higher thinking just as symbolized by the indigo colored layer in the chakra system. That is why I am an Indigo, and I am here to flip it upside right. Indigos are sometimes supported for flipping situations and often challenged. Either way an aspect of the Indigo state of mind is to abide by the Indigo Rule as presented by Mark Twain.
“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” ~Mark Twain
    The world today has adopted lower gross thinking and in doing so has been captivated by further and lower basic thinking without realizing it. The world is complicated and the consciousness of people is captivated by complication and greedy oligarchical motivation.
    Utilizing Wu Wei toward engaging observations has enabled me to make more refined observations without the fettering of irrational and timely concepts. Wu Wei is a Daoist idea which essentially means maximum grace, efficiency and beauty in minimum complication. The world today is primarily complicated because no one seeks to simplify for such operations are often not as profitable as expansive complications. Applying Wu Wei philosophy to observations simplifies and balances the subtle and the overt. When we complicate was simple when we upend sensibility of simplicity we end up confused in situations where there was once no confusion.
    As I relate in The Metaphysics of Monotheism monothematic religion in total and monotheism specifically are consciousness confinement constructs. Today because of religious institutional influence being subjugated by corporate and political influence differing consciousness confinement constructs are put forth to create discomfort and increase sales and ultimately hold back consciousness from individual individuation and unity of humanity. Instead institutional enhancement is the norm, divisiveness is celebrated, and the natural inclination for development is flipped and stagnated. Individual consciousness and humanity in general has degraded to the point we are allowing total censorship of oppositional and even contrasting views. This is monothematic, basic, crude and gross thinking.
    Let’s consider some of the most basic concepts that have been flipped and twisted today in order to instill comprehension of our consciousness and the ascension symbolism we can shift toward and embody.
    There are two genders. There are any number of combinations of the anima and animus within a given individual, but alas one is born a gender. The nonsense that anything else is otherwise is indicative of how we lost our sensibility of the simple. I could elaborate on my sexual preferences and how I identify myself sexually, how my anima and animus balance, but I don’t focus on the basic. I do not identify myself like that. Your sexuality is certainly part of your identity, but sex is for procreation. Sex is fun, but if you identify yourself based on your sexuality beyond procreation and not something else that you do or think then you are being basic.
    Why do we allow people to identify themselves in their most basic? Why do we allow men posing as women to adopt some of the most basic low grade cliched feminine archetypes instead of divine femininity? Homosexual men dressed as women act like unrefined and basic women. Can you imagine if a heterosexual man did that? Men posing as women compete with women -in wrestling and running and so on? Can you imagine if a heterosexual man did that?
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with any form of body and mind. Your sexuality is wonderful I am sure. However, let’s all be sure that sexuality is everything other than procreation. The point of sex is reproduction between the alchemy of the unity of two individuals of opposite genders. Everything else is sexuality for fun! There are two genders and your sexuality is just wonderful. What else are you about besides your gender and anima/animus equation? Identifying yourself with the primal is the definition of basic. It is more high minded to identify self with what you think and do rather than who you practice sexuality with.
    To finalize the idea The Philosophy of The Duality of Polarity is effectively utilized to cover the entirety of even the gender/sexuality discussion. One is physically born male of female and develops one’s dominant masculine (animus) or dominant feminine (anima) consciousness. This Duality of Polarity illustrates the potential for one to be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual/neither. All the other nuances one can come up with are colorful and creative but do not simplify the situation for the individual they only complicate it in the same way elective surgery to ‘transform’ also complicates and does not simplify.  
‘Under the sky, under the heavens, there is but one family.’ ~Bruce Lee
    All individuals should be treated in equality and liberty. All individuals are capable of prejudice consciousness that we can rise out of. We all should have open potential in liberty. I would say that this is not always the case based on innumerable effects. The world is not arranged fairly in liberty from China to the US.
    Obviously history reveals how people have been mistreated and elevated depending on their born identity rather than their proved worth. To suggest that there is not worldwide white power system would obfuscate history. And yet to suggest that white people are the only ones capable of racism is hyper absurd. The absurdity comes in obviousness and subtlety. History reveals that many white skinned individuals have been prejudiced against by other white skinned folks, and I will tell you I have experienced being not the right white. The Irish were infamously taken advantage of by Anglos.
    To suggest however that white people are responsible for racism obfuscates at least recent Asian history and African history. It is certainly arguable that the colonialization of the world influenced things so greatly and played the divide and conquer role so well as to cause all sorts of division between people where there was none before. However people will take advantage of each other in numerous ways, often via racial prejudices and using race as an excuse. Racism is human behavior and more specifically it is basic and gross human behavior and is not limited to white people. The Chinese are currently taking over Tibet utilizing basic racism in the process.
    There is systematic racism in the legal system of the US, because there are so many prejudiced people everywhere. And worse there is a whole divisive and basic set up to the discussion of police violence. When a white officer kills a black civilian in the United States a chorus of crap artists put forth the idea that black people are acting in violence towards other black people at higher rates than police are killing people. This has nothing to do with a state representative killing a civilian…but race is interjected and convoluted where it should not have been, because there is systematic racism against people with melanin and thus the institutionalized get away with more tainted acts. Police violence is institutional against individual even when there is basic racists involved. Interjecting irrelevant racist comparisons in the violence downplays how atrocious it is for any individual to be accosted by the institutional. We should be all outraged anytime a state representative even mishandles a civilian.
    Racism is certainly complicated. Likely because it is injected where it should not have been and left unconsidered where it ought to be and often framed in ways it ought not to be. There is institutional racism and individual racism and it goes every which way, up and down, left and right, obvious and subtle.
    Further, to suggest that only white people can be racist in the United States because of the power system is akin to the mind steering notion of minority. The notion of the ‘minority’ expression illustrates smaller numbers, and more grossly lacking power. The implication that only white people can be racist in the US because only white people have power illustrates that same notion that ‘minority’ does, that only white people can have a power majority. Both ideas subtly jab consciousness.   
The Duality of Polarity of Prejudice
The most common type of prejudice is to judge and act against others because they are different.
The equally common type of prejudice, the contrast of the first type, is to judge and act for others because they are similar.
A less common and often overlooked type of prejudice is acting for others because they are different.
And the last and equally uncommon part is acting against others because they are similar.
~Extracted from The Matrix of Four
Institutions and Individuals
People have their institutions and individuals all mixed up. Let’s clear it up by way of exploring a mostly obfuscated institutional situation, one of oligarchical abuse that is a degree or two of separation from most if not totally eliminated from even their periphery awareness to allow for comprehension of the difference between institutions and individuals. China is a nation. The nation of China took over the nation of Tibet. The individuals of Tibet have been taken advantage of by the institution of China and individuals working for that institution.
    Lending the rights of individuals to institutions has led he world down a complicated path where the individual is belittled at every crossroad. Individuals are having their rights removed and offered to institutions the world over. Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision put forth the idea that corporations should be offered First Amendment rights originally penned for individuals in institutions. To offer the rights of individuals to machines and remove them from people who do not live up to requirements adopted by propagandized collectives is one of the greatest problems of postmodernism the world over.
People over Party 
Most people are ardent about their beliefs. Most people are essentially leaves of the tree. They are identifying with their beliefs and not becoming their own individuated self, rooted via established and explored principles. Most are leaves on the tree identifying with whatever the institution they have become a leaf of rather than exploring and questioning righteously in individuation fashion.
    Most people move with the masses and rather enjoy being told what to think. This is why monotheistic and monothematic religions persist and why left wing and right wing supporters exist. Most would rather adopt the ideas of an institutional tree and believe as a leaf upon it. Anytime you fine you are thinking in line with a form of government or religion it is arguable you are not thinking at all.
    Stop recording and playing back what you have been told to think.
Spirituality is an individuation practice. Religion is institutionalization.   
Religions are based on the institutionalization of spirituality. Religions institutionalize spirituality and you can be spiritual (note higher functions beyond the grossness of the mundane) without institutional permission and direction. You can decide the meaningfulness of situations and circumstances without religion or religiosity of institutions.
     Religions present spiritual lessons and instead of allowing these lessons to be explored on their own, in their onion like layering the lessons are institutionalized and there is only one way to interpret and one way to explore. Religion is institutionalization. Spirituality is individuation. Religions actually all to frequently intermingle with the grossness of national institutions whereas spirituality focuses on ascension and the energetic. The more monothematic the religion the less spiritual it tends to be.
“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words or laws.” ~Confucius
    Humanity has lost sight of simplicity. And has replaced the sense of simplicity and the value of being simple with basic desires and grossly vast greed. Our overall sense of simplicity is flipped. It is not valued. Complexity mainly illustrated in greedy goals and selfish motivation is valued. Instead of humanity valuing ascended behavior, inventiveness and compassionate course the world celebrates basic fear motivated goals, sexual complexity, extreme primal survival goals while belittling higher critical thinking.
It is as if our very consciousness has been flipped upside down.
    Postmodernism has flipped everything humanity values upside down. Everything is upside down and our heart center suppressed as illustrated. It is not twisted because of homosexuality, it is flipped because of putting the basic atop. The world today is flipped because of the change in values demonstrative in the differences of the chakra system and the rainbow of the LGBT flag. We either can be natural with an empowered and balanced heart center, the Indigo state of mind in pursuit of individuation. Or we can put the basic up top. Be Indigo. Flip it. Flip the gross to the ideal. Practice yoga not YOLO. Be an Indigo.

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