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Beginning to understand the bigger picture
The Central Bank’s Economic Model
Interest rates are dictated by central banks
Capitalism operates through creative destruction
Central Banksters are the troublemakers
Change for the better is imminent
Brexit is a done deal

The Great Awakening

Change is coming, whether the cabal likes it or not

Markets don’t stop just because elite-insiders want them to stop; markets react to public demand, but they follow deeper currents too. Debts don’t shrink just because these cannot be paid, and an inevitable future doesn’t wait just because people aren’t ready for it. Change happens whether you want it or not. Sometime probably soon – the weight of the debt, lies, deceit, distortions, delusions, myths and chaos is going to cause the ground to give way.
The economy we are in is a Central Bank economy. The economy we are heading for is a Peoples’ economy, and that makes all the difference, but we aren’t there yet. So, for the time being, the world as we know it revolves around a central bank economy with incapable managers, that are only capable of being incapable.
Never before in modern history has the global financial structure been so irreparably weakened, so totally corrupted, so thoroughly undermined by control mechanisms, so intensely shielded from prosperity through manipulation, sanctions and even war. The entire global financial system has been set up and is about to erupt like a debt volcano with several epicentres, mostly located in the West.
All paper currencies are by definition artificial, and eventually they all become worthless. But worst of all to have one Eurocurrency for 19 countries with different cultures, different growth rates and productivity and vastly different inflation rates ensures an even greater disaster. Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and many more EU countries are totally bankrupt. These countries have been forced to use a currency which has made them completely uncompetitive and unable to export or function. At the same time, Germany has benefitted from a weak Euro, which has made their export industries very successful.
The big Western banks are all tied to each other at the hip. The banksters cabal believed that the interconnectivity within their banking structure would make them all immune to the risk of failure. The reality is that the failure of any one major bank guarantees the systemic breakdown of all of them. When the collapse occurs, the only viable solution will finally be implemented. It is the solution they have purposely evaded for many years. The gold standard will be implemented.
Beginning to understand the bigger picture
People are awakening and are becoming aware of the many cracks in the system. They are realising that the world is changing. They are beginning to understand the bigger picture about what is happening and why. They want to be truthfully informed and prepared. They want the freedom to make their own educated choices, instead of being told what to do by the establishment and its puppets in government, with their corrupted MSM that constantly lies, deceives and pushes propaganda. People are discovering that they have intentionally been hoodwinked and herded into this terrible crisis, which will steer them into the arms of the New World Order.
People want the crisis to be over. Many are counting on it. But the markets are not showing any signs of recovery yet. People do not get what they want or what they expect from the markets; they get what they deserve and we have accumulated over a quarter century’s worth of mistakes, bad investments, business failures, and non-paying individuals globally.
The Central Bank’s Economic Model
Today’s economic model has facilitated more mistakes than ever before. It has encouraged people to spend, borrow, and speculate on an astronomic level and each time the market tried to make some corrections, central bankers came along with more printed money and even easier credit. Businesses that should have gone bust years ago kept digging themselves even deeper into debt. Homeowners kept running up more debt too. And speculators kept taking bigger and bigger gambles. The bubble in the financial sector – including subprime debt, housing prices, Wall Street bonuses, and derivatives – blew up in 2007/8. Remember:
“The force of a correction is equal and opposite to the deception that preceded it.”
The misconceptions and absurdities of the 2008 bubble era were monstrous. Accordingly, the correction has been huge. World stock markets were nearly cut in half post-2008. Property prices too, have been knocked down almost universally. The total loss of nominal wealth was estimated at $50 trillion. Could these losses have been prevented? Certainly, many of them could have, if authorities would not have distorted the mortgage market as much as they did.
Interest rates are dictated by central banks
Central Banks are literally messing with your mind. In an unhampered market, the market interest rate reflects peoples’ time preference. Nowadays, however, the market interest rate is no longer determined in an unhampered market. It is dictated by the central bank.
Central banks set short-term interest rates by providing commercial banks with credit. In doing so, they exert a strong influence on short-term interest rates. In more recent years, central banks have also been determining long-term interest rates through bond purchases.
The rather uncomfortable truth in this context is that central banks, in close cooperation with commercial banks, keep issuing new money produced through bank credit that is not backed by real savings.
The purpose of such a money-increase-scheme through credit creation, is to bring down the interest rate: deliberately suppressing it to a level that is lower than the level of the market interest rate which would otherwise be determined in a free market.
This has far-reaching consequences. The artificially lowered market interest rate tempts people to save less and consume more – compared to the situation in which the market interest rate had not been artificially lowered. As savings decline and consumption increases, the lowered market interest rate initiates new investment, resulting in an artificial economic bubble or upswing. However, such a boom is not sustainable, and at some point, it will morph into a bust, that will turn into a recession.
If in 2007 the punchbowl had been taken away before the party got out of control – the financial bubble would probably have been much more modest.
As the punchbowl of easy money and constant credit was refilled continuously, people drew all the wrong conclusions. They did realise that “capitalism had failed.” They saw the car driving off the cliff, but didn’t notice how government had twisted and bent the road signs. Instead of warning investors of the dangerous curves ahead, the Central Bank’s low lending rates suggested: ‘Step on the gas!’
Whoever was responsible for the mistakes, capitalism went about correcting them with its customary élan. It hit imprudent investors with trillions in losses. It knocked down mismanaged corporations. It whacked homeowners, and pounded housing-based derivatives to dust.
Capitalism operates through creative destruction
Capitalism operates through a process that the great economist Joseph Schumpeter called “creative destruction.” It destroys mistakes to make room for new innovations and new businesses. Unfortunately, this juxtaposes it with government, and what most people want. When people make mistakes, they generally maintain that they are blameless, not having the backbone to acknowledge their mistakes and learn from them. They generally deflect the blame, by for example stating “who could have ever seen this crisis coming?” In this way, they hope someone else will pay for the loss.
Instead of allowing the Free Market to run its course, the Central Banks, who had mismanaged their regulatory responsibilities during the Bubble Era, started bailing out mismanaged corporations in order to protect lenders who had mismanaged their money. They are determined to prevent capitalism from making major changes – and they will go to any lengths to stave off healthy market corrections which would not benefit them.
What lengths do they go to, to achieve their goals? 
They leave the Mismanagers in place. They keep the brain-dead companies alive – along with the zombie banks. They let the government take ownership of major sectors of the economy. And lumber a debt-ridden society with even more debt! The central banks are expected to borrow many more trillions. But from whom? And who is expected to repay all this money? You guessed it! We, the people, through higher taxation, more new taxes, the plundering of all our resources etc. etc.
Frequent readers already have a pretty good idea of who is expected to foot the bill of the disastrous effects of years of mismanagement of the global economy. Most are aware that they should not be taking this news sitting down. The only action which will guarantee true financial freedom, is to build your own back-up of resources with assets and commodities such as precious metals for your own personal bailout – and store them in an easily accessible, privately-controlled safety locker.
No one knows how this will play out, of course. None of us get to read the history books before they are written. People come to believe what they believe, when they believe it, all in their own due time. When an empire is new and fresh and growing, people believe in saving, hard work, and small frugality.
When an empire is old and decaying, they think the government should spend whatever it takes to take care of them. This attitude helps destroy the empire, thus making room for the next one.
But if a great country really wanted to protect its wealth, its power, and its position in the world, it should fight the depression in an entirely different way. Instead of bailing out failed businesses, it should allow them to go bust. Instead of coddling the executives who mismanaged their companies, it should fire them. Instead of shoring up reckless banks, it should help knock them down.
And instead of spending money on stimulus programs; it should give money back to the taxpayers, so that they can stimulate the economy, or not, as they choose. Taxes should be cut in line with government spending. This would boost savings, reduce debt, and more importantly, it would gradually increase investments and consumer spending too.
Of course, people want the downturn to soon be over. Many are counting on it. But Mr. Market doesn’t give a hoot. He’s got “Capitalism at Work”.
What’s he up to? He’s demolishing a quarter century’s worth of mistakes. There are always mistakes made. Investments go bad. Businesses go under. People go broke. When many mistakes are corrected at once, it’s called a ‘recession.’ And when an entire economic model goes bad, it’s called a ‘depression.’
The economic model of the last almost half a century, caused more mistakes than usual. It encouraged people to spend, borrow, and speculate. And each time Mr. Market tried to make some corrections, the authorities came along with more money and easier credit.
Businesses that should have gone under years ago kept digging themselves deeper into debt. Homeowners kept running up more debt. Speculators kept taking bigger and bigger gambles. Altogether, total debt – a measure of the bubble in the credit markets and all things associated with it – kept rising.
This is, in a nutshell what can be said about the consequences of the central banks’ status of meddling with the market interest rate. However, there is much more to be explained, but this would be too lengthy for the scope of a condensed essay. But readers may have a pretty good idea how the markets and we, the people have been and still are to this day, being manipulated by the Rothschild central banks to extract our wealth by transferring it into the coffers of their cronies.
Central Banksters are the troublemakers
There are sufficient examples around that prove how bad the Central Bank is for the people. Look for example at the minimum wage that always has to be increased to stay on par with inflation and yet, it never seems to solve anything as the wave of poverty spreads worldwide. Let’s go to the source of the problem and uncover that it is the CB which causes all our problems by continuously decreasing the value of the currency.
Since minimum wages were raised, large numbers of Small Businesses were forced to lay off workers in order to be able to service the demands of the laws, which obligate higher wages. So, businesses had to cut people’s hours, as they could not afford the higher costs. In the end, many went out of business and people lost their jobs. Every time government or the CB gets involved, businesses react in the opposite way to what they intended.
Government shouldn’t dictate rules for businesses, instead it should let them operate in a free market, doing what they do best, making profit and providing more people with jobs. Ultimately businesses are at the helm of increased prosperity for all, as more and more people earn ever-increasing wages as businesses prosper, essentially all adding to the success of the economy. This stands in stark contrast with what government says: ‘we don’t care if you prosper or not, you simply have to cough up this much money’. Our economic malaise always comes back to the CB, as they are not for the people. All the while, enterprises, the true drivers of economic growth, are going out of business. We are left with no other choice; we, the people have got to get rid of the Central Banks. Doing away with all Central Banks is the most important goal for humanity as a way out of our predicament of debt-enslavement.
Change for the better is on its way
The Central Bank economy is a debt-based slave economy. It’s a flagrant abuse of human rights. The recently drawn up Basel III, heralds the end of fractional reserve banking, and by Basel IV, this system should be all gone.
The City of London was the Cabal’s main financial hub which was being used to keep the “debt slavery system” alive. Major banking reforms are expected to begin, that will lead to a GESARA compliant financial system (Quantum Financial System).
GESARA is going to correct this treasonous, insidious misbehaviour of the Deep State’s puppet governments, as they were all initially appointed to govern their nations in an honest manner. Meanwhile, it has been revealed that they have extorted billions of our tax money for themselves and bribed politicians to the hilt to keep the deception going.
Basel III sets Gold Price Free
The introduction of gold-backing is necessary to avoid financial catastrophe for the populace at large. Alongside the existing currencies, the oldest form of money, which is gold, was set free on the 29th of March last when the Basel III accord was implemented. Basel III is intended to make sure that all countries are asset – Gold – backed, otherwise they will not be able to participate in the Global Currency Reset (GCR).
The BIS has now recognised gold as money. Digital credits of the GESARA compliant gold-backed US Dollar are set to activate later in April, when the Gold-standard was set to return officially. Italy is also moving to nationalise its Central Bank and seize its gold. Many other countries will follow. The Italians have made it crystal clear that the people own the Central Bank, disputing the fact that the Central Banks own the people.
President Xi Jinxing’s European visit resulted in an agreement between the BIS and China to recognise Asian gold as money. Asians control approximately 85% of the world’s known gold, but most of this gold has been blacklisted from the Western financial system, ever since the Nixon shock of 1971. Re-integrating that gold into the world’s financial system will result in a huge shift of financial power away from the Rothschilds, etc.
With the drawing up of Basel III, physical gold -not paper gold- will be on par with fiat money and other debt instruments. This signifies the end of the gold price manipulation which will result in a much higher gold price for the physical stuff. Gold will bring down the Central Bank economy, to facilitate the transfer into the people’s economy.
The only way to survive the looming debt crisis, is for nations to reflate their currency established on gold as a reserve, which will implicate a much higher gold price. This higher price is necessary to accumulate equity in line with their massive debt.
Think about the complications that are involved; because gold is going to bring down the private Central Banks, together with their fiat currencies. This confirms what Q has been stating all along, namely that gold will bring down the central banks.
As real, physical gold is going to rise in price, a window of a short period of time has been opened in which many of us can take advantage of this knowledge and buy gold and silver while it is still affordable. Since the gold price will continue to rise, it will eventually surpass and outshine the debt notes that are all paper currencies.
Moreover, as people start realising that the paper notes they are holding are absolutely worthless, they will want to change them for real money, i.e.; gold and silver. As the prices of gold and silver rise, the value of paper currencies will decline. This will ultimately result in the destruction of the private central banks.
Add to this the fact that the housing market is still on a deflation course, and it is spreading worldwide, while the central bank economy is breaking down at lightning speed. Factory orders are in decline, as the economy deteriorates at a record pace.
Brexit is a done deal
Brexit was legally passed as stipulated on March 29th. Any further Cabal efforts through the EU to extend Brexit are null and void. The City of London is now in the hands of the Earth Alliance. The people want the BREXIT, and are seeing through the EU and their government’s fear-mongering. The UK government is expected to proceed with GESARA compliance reforms very soon, although the Brexit charade continues.
Brexit has been offered a longer extension from the EU, hoping to delay the exit until 2020. The EU clowns don’t want the UK to leave, they will do everything in their power to keep the UK in limbo. Meanwhile, President Trump and the patriots are preparing for the no Brexit deal.
A visible sign of this is the fact that British passports issued after the 29th of March do not include any mention of the European Union. – Prime Minister Theresa May is still trying in vain to push a deal that would hand control of the British military intelligence apparatus to the Germans, it is rumoured.
Further, this implies the Vatican Bank, United State Inc., Queen Elizabeth and the Central Banks lost their money supply, as the world transitioned to a gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System. The necessary funds stay under control of a selected group of supervisors.
The Brexit deal meanwhile has been extended until October even though the country has legally exited the EU as of March 29. The purpose of Brexit was to cut off the EU’s funding via the City of London as well as to remove the corruption within the UK’s parliament.
The people of the UK will soon say loudly “we are done with this charade. Full speed ahead!” Nigel Farage is pushing this movement. The people are heading in that the direction anyway! The Central Bankers are in a panic. Once they lose one country, they will lose the rest too. And when they lose control, they will be exposed for all to see and that is what they fear most, as it will unleash the wrath of the people. They don’t want the world to know that every nation will be a lot better off without them.
The Yellow Vest Movement
Leaders of the French yellow vest movement have pointed out that French President Emmanuel Macron was an employee of the German Rothschild family and he is being protected by foreign bodyguards. They also noted that German armoured vehicles with EU stars are being used to repress the yellow vest protesters.
France’s government has become a copy of the Israeli regime, changing France in a kind of Gaza by fighting peaceful Yellow Vest (YV) protesters. A French female lawyer – Georgia Pouliquen exposes in a video the massive YV repression, and the imprisoning of innocent people without any legal reason, just as is ordered by their criminal president Macron. The video shows French snipers combating peaceful citizens at the order of Macron, who would like soon, to proceed with martial law on the French people without condition!
The Great Awakening
Every reader is invited to contribute with the awakening of the populace. The more people are brought up-to-date, about the malversation in their government and banking sector, the more rapidly we all will be liberated out of our debt slavery.
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A significant contribution every reader should make is sharing the information with their own contacts. Remember: Where we go one, we go all!

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