Anshar from Inner Earth.

 Through Tarashtan.

December 24th, 2019.




Heartfelt greetings from the Anshar of Inner Earth. You may count us among your human cousins. We are of you and for you.
Our group has evolved from you. We came back here to accompany you through the passage from enslavement to freedom. Our very existence depends upon your success; and you can scarcely imagine the depth of our solidarity.
We have long remained beyond your sight, but that time is ending. We wish now to expand our contacts and communications with you in preparation for the meetings to come.
Today we’ve asked this writer to speak on our behalf. And the first message we’ve asked him to deliver is that we are seeking more telepathic communicants. At this auspicious moment in your collective development, many of you are capable of clearly hearing and conversing with us. If you feel so inspired, please join in the process of listening to us, conversing with us, and perhaps even sharing our messages with others. Each of you hears differently, with different terms of reference. And each of you has unique experience and insight to bring to our exchanges: even if we may only discern them through your questions. We have much to share with you and much to learn about you. And there is much scope for us to work together for the benefit of all.
May our teams begin to assemble!
Our second message won’t be news to most of you. It is about the remarkable progress that you are making. In three-dimensional reality, your world looks to be a mess, and all your prospects badly compromised. But in four-dimensional reality, the old powers are collapsing and victory has become inevitable. In fifth-dimensional reality, your liberation has already been achieved, and you and all your diverse supporters now celebrate exultantly. Yes: you are losing; you are winning; you have won. Each statement is true, depending upon one’s point of view.
We wish to remind you that you can easily choose the level at which you view your world and how you conduct yourself. When you key into the fifth-dimensional wavelength of victory and exultant celebration, you may enjoy yourself more while easing the collective transformation. We do respect your choice in this. We wish mainly to remind you that you do have that choice. Sometimes, in the midst of turbulent change, it can be forgotten!
Now for our third and final message of today. We hope you will read it closely and reflect on it in the coming days. Our third message is about messiahs and saviours.
You don’t need a messiah and you don’t need a saviour. You are the ones you’ve been waiting for.
The great need and opportunity of your time is for each of you to awaken to the infinite power and presence within yourself. This is the way to God, because God lives within. Anyone standing before you proclaimed to be your way to God will seek (or be used) to corral you and lead you away from freedom and fulfillment.
Please don’t fall for this again!
Remember that every true teacher or prophet who ever came to you endeavoured to reveal the unlimited power within you. It was only after each great helper passed on that a control-minded group would invert and modify the original teaching in order to prevent liberation.
All good things begin within. We succeed when we balance outward attention with inward attention. As you proceed to clean out corruption and restore goodness all around you, you must also clean out corruption and restore goodness deep within you. These outward and inward aspects of transformation are interdependent and must progress together.
Be your own saviours, therefore. Freedom, health and happiness will reward your courage and responsibility.
We stand by, ready to help. We are ready to talk to you now. And we look forward to meeting you in the next leg of your journey!
We are the Anshar of Inner Earth. You may count us among your human cousins. We thank you from the depths of our being for your existence and your emergence.


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