Ascended Christ Collective.

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December 12, 2019

Posted December 14, 2019


We are the Ascended Christ Collective. 
We see humanity in this impetus of change and we lend our light this day to the hearts of mankind. 
We see the collective of humanity breathing a sigh of relief as the light streams in from the heart of the Mother / Father into the hearts of many upon Gaia. 
We see Gaia rising farther and faster than originally intended but still this is proceeding with the most divine perfect plan. 
We see all things held within the divine hands of the Christ with grace and ease. Be at peace, little one. You are strong enough for this. Great things are within you. The world is on the precipice of change. Ride the wave with love, with peace, with neutrality, with joy knowing that all things work out perfectly and be at peace. 
The 12:12 gateway is a gateway into the higher dimensions, an opening of the sacred feminine into the waterways of Gaia. 
The sacred feminine is blooming at long last, blooming this night with the divine radiance of the goddess and of all of the goddesses before her. 
It matters not that the moon is an artificial sphere. All things can be used for grace, for divinity, for the divine plan. Andyour moon is being used tonight to further anchor the light. This brings us great delight.
We are the Ascended Christ Collective. 
We see humanity moving with grace and ease into the higher dimensional attunements. Tonight is an excellent night for centering, for calming, for breathing, for being. Find the Christ child within and be comforted and be in joy. 
There is some truth to the Christmas story in that it is the pilgrimage, the seeking of the glory of the divine within. 
There is truth in the metaphor of the stable, the hidden cave. The light within shines brightly in the darkest of places. 
Now is an excellent time to shine your light, friends of the light, of the way, of the Christed light. 
We see it in your shining faces, in your strong hands, in your sturdy feet. 
We see you holding the light. We honor you on your journey, on your path towards enlightenment. 
We see the Christ within you. Now is the time time for you to truly see the Christ within the others and this path will be easier for you when you do this for it will feel more natural to serve with supreme joy. 
Supreme joy and peace are yours, friends, should you be brave enough to dig for it. It is likely within your own inner cave where your Christ child lives. Shine your light. 
Weave your codes. Dance your dance. Spread your joy. And Gaia will sense your light and bless you as she pulses into the new. Be at peace and be one with your higher self. 
It is time. We are the Ascended Christ Collective. 


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