What is Enlightenment? 

and the Great Spiritual Awakening 2019.

By Ben and Rob.

Edge of Wonder. 




Premiered Jan 4, 2019
What is the First Great Awakening also known as the #Enlightenment, and the many belief systems and spiritual Giants that contributed to it such as Aristotle, Buddha Shakyamuni and yes, even Jesus. 
On today's edition of edge of wonder, we pose question such as: Was there evidence of Jesus before he re-emerged at age 30 and why did some think that he and St. Issa were the same person? We also discuss the processes of enlightenment and historical accounts that might just rock your socks off, as we reveal the true stories behind it all. Get ready to be ‘enlightened’ now with your Zen friends Ben and Rob on edge of wonder! 
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Ben & Rob 
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