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The Peace Maker

Archangel Uriel.

Through Natalie Glasson.

January 24th, 2019


Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

Angelic vibrations and sounds, I, Archangel Uriel, bring forth to embrace you. Please know the Angelic Kingdom is present to support, love and inspire you. Whenever you wish the Angelic Kingdom will act as a foundation encouraging you to discover and journey into the powerful selfless love of your being. When you feel you cannot love yourself, call upon the Angelic Kingdom to be your foundation of love, until you can connect with your inner well of love again. When you feel it is impossible to love another person or even the world around you, call upon the Angelic Kingdom to be your foundation of love until you can find the expression of love within you once more. You don’t always have to act and react in loving ways. Knowing when you are not connecting with the love of your being, your core, is the key. This may be due to feeling hurt, judging yourself or another, being fearful or another reason. Demonstrating your spiritual mastery is to recognise when you are not coming from love and to make a change, such as calling upon the Angelic Kingdom to be your foundation of love, thus leading you back to the loving truth of your being. Please know you have my/our support eternally.
As I, Archangel Uriel, greet you, I bring forth the Angelic vibrations of peace. We are existing in an era of light magnification because of the 2020 Blaze of Light which continues to powerfully journey throughout the Earth and the Universe of the Creator. As light magnifies light so numerous creations reveal themselves. The presence of peace is building within the light which offers every person a powerful opportunity to fully awaken and activate their embodiment of peace. A journey and exploration into the presence of and creation of peace is available within your being now. Thus, powerfully impacting the ascension process of all, weaving peace into each person’s spiritual awakening. Peace is needed in each person’s creations, whether these creations are for themselves or the world. when peace is present you allow your entire being to vibrate at a different frequency. This frequency is akin to an alarm or magnet that not only draws into your being the greater presence of the Creator, it also further awakens your awareness of the Creator within you.

The awakening of peace creates a new vibration, a new awakening, and a new reality. Are you ready to explore and embrace the presence of peace within you?

In order to connect with the presence of peace within you, there is a need for contemplation and inner focus/reflection. Your connection and embodiment of peace is a journey of discovery. You can talk about peace, you can focus on generating peace within you or even ask us, the Angelic Kingdom, to support you in experiencing peace. However, you will not truly connect with your own inner peace until you realise your inner peace is a constant journey and voyage of discovery. This is a process of seeking and realising yourself as new levels of peace; recognising peace in everything you are and do. While also realising that peace is not the same in each situation or person. Therefore, peace requires your inspection with a focus on synthesis. I, Archangel Uriel, wish to share with you some questions, which I invite you to ask within, in order to encourage and further inspire your journey with your inner presence of peace.
  • What is the presence of peace and how do I experience it?
  • When do I currently experience the blossoming of peace from within my being? What am I doing when I experience peace?
  • Where do I currently create and experience peace in my life/outer reality?
With each question and inner reflection, I, Archangel Uriel, invite you to recognise the vibration of peace, its impact and how it serves you.

Peace is a powerful tool of creation.

When you hold the focus and intention to create and manifest peace, you are dancing in harmony with the vibration and sounds of creation. You become the Creator’s energy of creation; an anchor and designer inspired by the Creator. Creation flows through you, meaning anything is possible and can be manifested. The vibration of peace empowers your abilities to create the reality you wish to experience; this is due to a deepening clarity in your mind and a connection with the truth of your being. If peace is a powerful tool of empowering your creation abilities, there is a need to recognise that creating more peace in your life will empower your ability to create and manifest your dreams. Therefore, I, Archangel Uriel, invite you to ask within in order to encourage and further inspire your journey of creation with the presence of peace.
  • Where is the creation or blossoming of peace required within my inner being/inner world?
  • Where is the creation or blossoming of peace required in my outer world/reality?
These questions invite you to recognise where you can plant seeds of peace within your being and life. Remember you are the creator of peace; you cultivate and inspire it for yourself and others. You are being encouraged to recognise peace as a creative force within your being and reality.

Peace is to be at one with all.

When you are the embodiment and creation of peace you experience a beautiful harmony as if you are in sync with everything within and around you. This harmonious synthesis empowers your creative abilities. Peace and life become a dance of unity with the Creator, recognising the presence of the Creator in everything within and around you. Thus, you wield the power of the Creator, bringing thought and energy into fruition. In order for this to become your reality, there is a need to make peace with yourself and the world around you, including your own creations, which means your past. To make peace is to create peace. In order for peace to be created forgiveness, acceptance or trust/gratitude is needed. You may discover that other qualities or energies are needed, although, it is often the three mentioned which aid the manifestation and blossoming of peace. I, Archangel Uriel, invite you to ask of yourself the following questions to further your journey with peace.
  • What would be beneficial to make peace with within my being?
  • What would be beneficial to make peace with within my reality, outer world, past, and creations?

Peace is the recognition of fusion with and as the Creator.

One of the most powerful and transformational questions you can ask yourself is:
  • Am I ready to make peace with the Creator?
This implies that there is a need within you to forgive, accept or trust the Creator. Many people may feel that this is simply not necessary for them as their deepest desire is to be as one with the Creator. In many ways it is not your connection with the Creator which requires healing, it is your connection with yourself as a reflection of the Creator. Such healing can create shifts at the very core of your being which impacts your entire existence and reality. Often there is no need to know or understand the details of what requires forgiveness, acceptance or trust in regard to the Creator. Simply stating you are ready to make peace with the Creator and holding this focus can create a powerful awakening within you. Allow yourself to follow that awakening if it occurs as it will lead you into a space of peace deeper than you may have previously experienced.
You are the Peace Maker; the creator of peace for yourself, all and ascension. It is the time!
With Angelic love and peace,

Archangel Uriel


Natalie Glasson
Natalie Glasson from Sacred School of OmNa
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Terça-feira, 05 / 02 / 19

THE CORNUCOPIA ~ Ariel and Uriell, Adele Arini.


Archangels Ariel and Uriel.

via Adele Arini.

February 3, 2019




Greetings dearly beloved,
Today we, Ariel and Uriel, your sisters of Light, are both here to bring you wonderful news about what is in the works, waiting in the wings, for all of you reading this today.
As you may have already known, the theme of this new year 2019, is all about Expansion, Growth, Creativity and massive awakening of Soul Powers – it will be a powerful year of Manifestation and Transformation.
The often-physically painful and emotional phase of clearing, purging and ‘healing’ all things 3D have now been successfully completed for the majority of light-workers across the planet. We now feel the need to clarify the term ‘light-workers’ to avoid any misunderstanding.
Every living being (including those whom you had perhaps in the past considered to be completely devoid of Divine Love) belongs to the same faction. You, they, and all of us are, in our own way, serving the Kingdom of God. We are ONE, in every sense of the word. And by expansion, since we are all One, even those people who ‘seemingly’ belong within the Dark faction, are in fact also working for the Light – working for their own soul expansion and evolution. They too, can be called a light-worker.
Dark vs. light, lower-vibrational vs. higher-vibrational, positive vs. negative, the past vs. the future, Democrats vs. Republicans, Catholics vs. Muslims, the rich vs. the poor, the educated vs. the uneducated – the  endless labels that humans use to perpetuate Separation; this long list continues. Humanity have been ‘playing’ these physical life-games on Earth for thousands of years, and by now, you have all truly mastered the art of extreme Separation, Duality and Polarization.
However, for all intents and purposes, today we will be using the term, light-workers, to refer only to those: whose hearts are pure. They may not even know that such a term exists, however, the way they live their lives are already so caring, loving, and compassionate in every way.
And that is, in essence, what a light-worker is.
Someone who possesses a pure, loving desire to be of service to the world and God – in a way that suits his/her own innate abilities. He/she is likely to be a sensitive soul, whom people usually go to, for advice and assistance.
If you are a light-worker who have chosen to be awakened earlier than the Human Collective, you, our beloved, are someone with an important mission/role to play especially within the next 20 years. You are here to show others what it means to be 5th dimensional.
And that was probably your cue to then ask us this question, “Ariel & Uriel, we do not know how to be 5th dimensional. I have not yet recovered the memories my higher dimensional lifetimes, so where/how do I even begin?” Our answer is simple, loved ones.
Begin with yourself; begin with your life.
The best way to change the world, is NOT by changing others. 
This principle has often been demonstrated throughout your many life experiences with the people around you, every day. Telling people what to do, criticizing them, nagging them, using sarcasm or any other negative behavior will only serve to ‘add extra fuel to the raging fire’.
For example, let’s say that Mrs. C is on a mission to get her husband to quit smoking. She has been nagging him for years; ‘lecturing’ him on the dangers; reminding him of the hefty financial burden his buying a month’s supply of cigarettes had created on their limited budget. Her lectures occurred quite regularly, until one day he finally ‘exploded’ and yelled to her ‘to leave him alone’.
Do you see what has happened here? Mr. C has no WILL to change. Zero desire to change. Without the will to change, then well…, nothing will change. The cigarettes, no matter how bad they are, are currently satisfying Mr. C’s needs on some level.
All addictions are a form of emotional escape, from the root cause of the issue.
When people are Not ready to deal with the real reason as to why they keep doing/buying things that they ‘know’ (deep inside) are bad for them, then the problem will continue to persist.
All true change must begin with oneself. 
And, here comes the main point of our little story:
Emotional Integration is the ‘KEY’ to CHANGE. 
We realize that light-workers around the world are at different stages of their spiritual awakening journey. However, the group of powerful light-workers who happened to be reading this particular energetic transmission (and yes, we know exactly who you are), most of you have completed your emotional integration process.
In other words, you have stopped running away from your emotions and have released the previously embedded toxicity within your emotional body. And because of that, you are now primed and ready to move on to the next phase of your evolution: to master your Mastery over life.
How do you become a master of Life when you have, seemingly, failed to master one or more aspects of your life, over and over again in this lifetime?
Let us tell you now dear friends, whatever is the greatest life challenge that you have right now, that challenge is THE biggest test; the final exam – lovingly prepared by your Higher Self, before you can successfully graduate.
For some people it can be about the state of their health. For most light-workers, it is about their lack/scarcity consciousness. For others, it can be about love, forgiveness, loneliness or relationships.
Knowing this, how you react from now on, in the face of your biggest life challenges, is THE game-changer here. 
You can choose to continue to focus on your problems, and react with fear, distress, anxiety, anger, depression, guilt, OR, you can choose to raise your awareness/perspective – i.e. SHIFT your inner programming, to match the programming ‘language’ that your Higher Self speaks in.
Your Higher Self speaks the language of Love – to Self, and to All.
Your Higher Self speaks the language of Peace – for Self and for All.
Your Higher Self speaks the language of Joy/Happiness – to Self and to All.
Your Higher Self speaks the language of Wisdom & Power – to Self and to  All.
Your Higher Self speaks the language of Abundance – to Self and to All.
The term ‘abundance’ that we use here, represents all the good things in life, e.g. perfect health, an immortal (non-decaying) physical body, plenty of money, great friendships, fulfilling career and relationships, fun life experiences, etc.
It is time, our brothers and sisters, to ‘speak’ the Language of your Higher Self – the Language of God.
God is supremely powerful. And by extension, that means, you too, are supremely powerful.
So why do you keep forgetting this, whenever you were faced with the final tests your Higher Selves have been sending you lately?
God is Love. This also means, that you too, are a Being of Divine Love.
So why do you (occasionally) behave so unlike your True, Most Loving Self?
God is Unlimited – and so are you.
So why do you keep limiting yourself to the 3D ‘language programming’ that can no longer function in this brand new, higher-dimensional arena/playground you have recently found yourself to be in?
A few days ago, on January 30th, Adele had posted a message in her Raphael’s Healing Space Facebook page, to share the good news with everyone that she had sensed all heavier densities associated with life on a 3D planet, were well and truly gone.
Duality, Polarity, Separation are the scaffolding, the framework and the foundation of a lower-dimensional existence in a 3D Universe. And with these three now permanently gone from Planet Earth, this can only mean one thing.
Humanity has recently crossed over another important milestone.
You, our beloved, are now truly living on 5D Earth as we speak. At the end of January 2019, humanity & Gaia had in fact, ‘jumped several timelines’ together. And what had prompted this to occur?
In the most recent conclave above Planet Earth, which many of you had attended in your sleep, the majority of you had expressed a strong desire for undeniable, visible changes to begin Now.
The ‘Old Souls’ physically embodied on-planet right now (i.e. the movers and shakers who are the true powers behind the story of New Earth’s Creation) had truly had enough of the old paradigm of Fear, Lack & Separation.
You wanted all necessary reforms to be fully expedited and although temporary chaos may ensue, you had all expressed unshakable confidence that you will all be able to go through those challenges with grace and ease. We truly have tremendous respect and admiration for all of you, our beloved.
However, because of this, things may temporarily look as though they are getting worse instead of getting better – both on the micro and macro levels. It is important to keep in mind, that these are all happening BY DESIGN.
As a Collective, you have deliberately chosen to intensify all 3D energetic remnants within yourselves, and within the psyche/consciousness of all embodied souls on Earth, to force you to choose a better way NOW.
This is to help you to permanently break free; to get yourselves out of the automated, 3D pattern-programming you have been using for thousands of years. You have been using the lower dimensional operating system of fear, lack and separation for eons.
The time has now arrived for you to re-set and re-program the super computer that is your life.
And the True Work must start WITHIN.
Your operating system must now be constantly speaking the programming language of God. Only when you have permanently attained a higher dimensional perspective (no matter what is happening around you), your life will begin to change in magical, wondrous ways.
With the eradication of lower densities and their frameworks of existence, speaking in the programming language of your Higher Self has never been easier. It has now become so natural. This ultimately means that your efforts, to align your frequencies to match that of your Higher Self’s, need not be as taxing as before. It will be perfectly simple, like riding a bike, after many years of not riding it. You may be out of practice, but it doesn’t mean you have to start learning from scratch.
You will soon find that your thoughts, words, feelings and actions now naturally gravitate towards ‘higher density’ instead of the opposite. This is because the scaffolding/framework that supports the opposite, is now permanently and completely gone. This natural movement towards ‘lighter, higher’ density thoughts/words/emotions can only be stopped by you. If you provide zero resistance to this natural ‘re-set’, to this re-programming process you are in the midst of doing, then you will soon find yourself be thinking, saying, feeling and acting like your Divine Higher Self.
This is 100% guaranteed.
So in other words, just ‘go with the flow’ and surrender to your natural inclinations to feel happy, to feel at peace, to be loving – and soon, your life will change to reflect this change coming from within.
Our God is Supreme Creator of ALL THAT IS. And by extension, Creativity is the only way your Soul expresses itself. This year, now that you are very naturally, well on your way to perfect alignment with your God-Self, you will want to grow, expand and express your creativity, your unique contribution to New Earth in a big way. Some of you have already started. Those who haven’t, never worry, everything has been planned perfectly for you.
I, Archangel Ariel, am here to help open the ‘floodgates’ of your inner creative genius. Call upon me to help you release all unexplored areas of self-expression within yourself. I can assist you to broaden your way of thinking, expand your limits, and discover many of your hidden talents. It is time to unleash all your talents and display your Magnificence for all the world to see. And when you do this, without the energies of arrogance nor conceit, you give others the space, the courage and bravery to come out of their ‘shell’ and shine brightly as well!
Open yourselves up to all ideas, and always say ‘YES’ to everything that life offers you – only when your inner guidance is in perfect agreement! Your feelings are the inbuilt, powerful inner GPS; the barometer of your Truth that must always be used, to pave the path to your Graduation Party!
And I, Archangel Uriel, am always ready to happily assist all souls who call upon me. I will help to provide free-flowing channel of information and inspiration relevant to your individualized mission/role on New Earth. The next stepping stone, and the next, and the next will continue to be revealed, one by one, and because of this, you will feel so blissfully content; joyfully swimming in the river flow of your creations.
Today’s third card, the Cornucopia, is our gift to you. Father/Mother God, Creator of ALL THAT IS, has now bestowed upon you this horn-shaped, glowing basket of Light that is filled with all the things you have ever desired to have/experience on Planet Earth. The cornucopia is an ancient symbol of Abundant Harvest and Great Blessings. In the olden days, when someone receives a cornucopia, it is a sign that all their hard work is about to pay off in significant ways.
We would like to invite all of you to now close your eyes, and imagine your Higher Self, and spirit team are standing around you. Father and Mother God are both stepping forward, to get closer to you. They smiled, and handed over this beautiful, glowing gift whilst at the same time saying,
“With this gift, We are now giving you all that which you have long desired. Your wishes, beloved children, are now fulfilled. Go and start creating all that your heart dearly desires to do, as this process is the key that opens the gates of: Unlimited Freedom. The freedom to be God; the freedom with your time to do as you wish; the financial freedom many of you have long been seeking for. You deserve this, loved ones. The hard part is already over, and it is time to celebrate! We are loving you beyond measure”.
– All in the Company of HEAVEN –
Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2019.
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