Angel Akyraiel, with Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light

Through Ailia Mira.

Posted January 31, 2020. 




Hello, Divine Ones,  
We greet you, in love. This expression points to us coming into communion with you, in the love-realm in which you are experiencing this time-space human life form. Your realm is a love-realm and to connect with you we become the energy of love.  

This gives us resonance with you and your physical experience. This allows us to know you more fully and when you welcome us, when you invite us in, when you give your attention to this connection consciously and openly, we merge with you energetically and all are nourished by this unique communion, this expression of wholeness.  

The light within you grows and grows. Your Universe, your planet, are being tuned to merge with a Light Universe and your planet and all those within your Universe will become as those in the Light Universe will also become, something more. Something more fulfilled, more completely expressed. A communion of wholeness emanating light and love.  

Your joy in saying that, “light and love,” or “love and light,” is also a demonstration of some deep knowing within you of what is unfolding in this particular ascending universe, on this particular ascending planet in the time-space location in which you’ve come to have this experience of participating in an ascending world.  

You are here and creating an enriched version of ascension. Ascension Is. Life Is. Ascension of this planet is inherent in its full expression. And it is. And it is known as complete. And more. And it is also available as an experience to be expanded and enriched, from within and the experience of doing this is tremendous fun for most of you.  

Most of you have participated in ascending worlds before. You get better and better at knowing how you like to be part of this, how you like to participate here, in the Light coming. The light is growing and growing, complimenting the love in this Universe bringing about a merging of the two core components of Life Itself and expanded expression of experience.   

Delicious. So beautiful. Really, really splendid!

Do you feel it? The way you are becoming not only more aware of the foundation of LOVE that is your source, but also the way LIGHT too, is your basis? Light emanates naturally from ALL and gives rise to distinct forms of expression. Love is the feeling quality of unfolding experience that permeates All Life. So many different ways love and light are refracted; how they can express in nuanced and different ways and all of this is expansive! Enriching! Joyful to know and feel and allow and evolve.  

You are evolving. You are consciously evolving your lives and the forms which you use to participate and access enriched sensory perceptions. You are changing these forms empowering them through your choice in focus so that they become capable of holding more and more energy - high-frequency energy - love and light energy. Pure energy. Energy that is singular in focus - meaning it’s not polarized, it’s beyond the 4th-dimensional expressions where one seeks wholeness through polarization, rather at some point one remembers: wholeness simply is and then acknowledges it!  

Wholeness Is the Real You. You will never find proof of it that eliminates proof of not being whole. For the idea of proving it assumes it’s possible to NOT be whole. (Smile) It keeps you stuck in a lower frequency where you make real the idea that it’s possible to be un-whole! (Ha ha ha ha ha!) We can’t help it. We find that just astonishing; that you - the amazing eternal powerful field of energy that you are can create an experience without that knowledge. Truly incredible.  

All for the journey then, that you can have in unfolding life. Experience time. Doing so in a location in time-space that appeals to you - a place and time, a body and form, a foundation of intention and a chosen nest in which to emerge so you might be stimulated in ways that appeal to you and call forth from within you, in collaboration with you, an even more expanded and enriched CREATION.  

Earth, your humanity, this world (all of you in it and all of its history and all of its future and all of it’s “Now” moments…) and this Universe… Oh, Dear Ones … It is ALL endlessly becoming more. Becoming more enriched.   

Like a composition that begins with a simple melody or theme, that is then enriched, by counterpoint and complimentary harmonies….that is then enriched by more and varied instrument and voices, giving color and form and rhythm and also space and openness, to the composition, the composition being heard and that communion of that contributing to what it is, as a field (which is usually not understood or even perceived as happening…but it does and then the form itself is always that MORE-ness that has come about)…

All of this is a bit like how we and you experience this co-creation in this heaven, this earth, this lifetime, this communion of light…and love. (Smile).  

So then. Now what?
What does your sweet and sovereign soul wish to experience next? Now? What appeals to you? What feels just so deliciously exciting and opening to you? Possibly alluding to greater joy, more fun, huge and amazing potentials and the fulfillment of even more complete expression based on who you have become in this embodied unfolding?

 Go there. Give in to that, entirely. Let yourself be led from within. Let yourself become more and more light. Let the light merge with and compliment your structure in love and feel the way you are expanding and some deep center within you, some steady beautiful spaciousness that is at your core, just KNOWS this is perfection!

YOU, Life, This Planet, This Time-Space, This Moment…and all the diversity and expression around you that is enriching LIFE. 
Wow. We, beloveds, are angels and archangels. We are messengers from beyond the physical and in the physical. Angels are embodied and angels are with you in the energetic realm - all the time! We are here with you. It’s our great joy to do this with you and to remind you, in this way, and inside yourself of your true nature and the beauty and glory of being.  

Breathe deeply and feel the abundance that is here for you. Breathe deeply and feel how there are no limits to how much you might draw breath.  

There is everything in that knowing. 

Have fun dear ones. That is the most thrilling way to play.  

We love you very much. We are complete.  

Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh | 

Love and Light. 

We are One.

I AM the Angel Akyraiel, with Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light. 

We bid you, good day.

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