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Initiating Oneness


Initiating Oneness 

Everything lies within.

A Message from Quan Yin and Ashira

with the Council of Radiant Light

Through Ailia Mira.

Posted April 24, 2020. 


initiating oneness ailia mira

Dear Friends, 
We greet you in love.

All connections in your world take place within the quality of love, for your world, is energetically structured in the quality of love.

What this means is that the fundamental quality of light, is expressing as love, in everything you know as your world and this is, in fact, true for your entire universe. Love is the most powerful energy in your world because love is the basis of your world.

Love is made of light. It is an expression of light; the fundamental. The Oneness that is All.

Each of you are here as an emanation of this fundamental light. Your light emanates into forms and your soul is the builder of forms. Your soul brings forth everything into your experience.

This is why going within and building your own direct relationship within yourself is so powerful.

Many humans have a more difficult relationship with themselves and because of that, they don't trust or like themselves very much. This is not how you naturally feel about yourself, it is something you learn to think and then feel, because to how other people reflected yourself to you, using limitation and separation thought-forms. Patterns of living that are based in judgement, in morality, in right/wrong and most of all, in ideas of accomplishing worthiness, all tend to make one judge another. Many people live their lives in tremendous co-dependence, giving energy to others as a way of receiving love in return.

Although this feels very good in some ways, it is also a way of not-knowing who you truly are. For within you is the pure and perfect love you seek and in looking outside of you for it, you are often let down. When you are let down by one another, you then often stop trusting other people or even more problematic, you stop trusting yourself.

So the very beginning of living wholeness, of coming into the truth of your being, begins by going within and discovering the gentleness, the love, the immense welcoming party that is there for you. You can do this at any time. And the more you do this, the more you will know who you truly are and feel connected, supported and loved, from within.

Deep within you is pure light. The energy within you is unchanging. Perpetual. Eternal light. This is who you truly are. But we want you to know this through your own direct experience, not as concept but as a feeling within, that comes from familiarity with your inner realms.

Let us offer to you a simple approach to this, which you might begin today. Right now, even:

First, find a comfortable position for your body. One in which you are seated or lying and feel truly comfortable. Take a few minutes to adjust your body to make sure you are really able to relax and feel supported.

Then take a few deep breaths, letting your belly expand as you breathe in, and exhaling through your mouth. Do this a few times, then let your breathing be natural and easy.

Next, close your eyes. As you close your eyes, scan your body. See if there is tension anywhere, or any part of your body that you sense could be even more at ease. Put your attention anywhere that could possibly relax more and simply intend to relax more fully and allow yourself to be supported.

Once you feel as comfortable as you can be, then call light to you. You do this simply by intention. If you want to verbalize something you could say, "I call light to me. Please surround me with light, please flood my body and my energy field with beautiful white light." Then imagine, sense or feel the light growing brighter within you and all around you.

Then, simply be still and ask: Soul, Divine Self, all that I am - please draw me close to you. Give me the peace, the love, the understanding, the feeling of connection with you. Help me to know that you are here with me and here for me. Open up my relationship to you and help me to trust that everything I need is within me. Within us. Is here for me already.

Then rest in this connection, in silence. Let whatever occurs, occur.

You don't need to stay here for very long. Even two or three minutes can be wonderful. Then, do this again, another time during the day. As often as you wish, pause, stand still, close your eyes, go within and invite conscious connection.

In the realm in which you are focused, you must call your Soul, your Divine Self, and light to you. For you are free to choose. Nothing asserts into your experience, you invite it in. With attention, with focus. The more you do this - initiating Oneness by going within and calling upon your own wholeness, the more alive your inner world will become.

This inner world is the true source of everything you experience what you think of as the "outer world," the "manifest world." As you begin to orient to the Source within you, the Light of the Oneness that is All, feelings of security, love, abundance, happiness, inner peace, well-being will arise more and more. You will start to love the silence and realize that by simply calming down, letting go, relaxing and inviting connection, you are immediately met, and fulfilled.

We encourage you to do this often and to make the focus of this inner connecting one of being in greater unity with your true Self.

The possibilities of this connection, and in this state of inner openness and awareness, are infinite. The choice to go within, to orient within, and open to who you truly are, is the doorway to everything. Everything lies within.


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No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

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Sábado, 01 / 02 / 20

Merging Universes, and Participation Here, Now.


Angel Akyraiel, with Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light

Through Ailia Mira.

Posted January 31, 2020. 




Hello, Divine Ones,  
We greet you, in love. This expression points to us coming into communion with you, in the love-realm in which you are experiencing this time-space human life form. Your realm is a love-realm and to connect with you we become the energy of love.  

This gives us resonance with you and your physical experience. This allows us to know you more fully and when you welcome us, when you invite us in, when you give your attention to this connection consciously and openly, we merge with you energetically and all are nourished by this unique communion, this expression of wholeness.  

The light within you grows and grows. Your Universe, your planet, are being tuned to merge with a Light Universe and your planet and all those within your Universe will become as those in the Light Universe will also become, something more. Something more fulfilled, more completely expressed. A communion of wholeness emanating light and love.  

Your joy in saying that, “light and love,” or “love and light,” is also a demonstration of some deep knowing within you of what is unfolding in this particular ascending universe, on this particular ascending planet in the time-space location in which you’ve come to have this experience of participating in an ascending world.  

You are here and creating an enriched version of ascension. Ascension Is. Life Is. Ascension of this planet is inherent in its full expression. And it is. And it is known as complete. And more. And it is also available as an experience to be expanded and enriched, from within and the experience of doing this is tremendous fun for most of you.  

Most of you have participated in ascending worlds before. You get better and better at knowing how you like to be part of this, how you like to participate here, in the Light coming. The light is growing and growing, complimenting the love in this Universe bringing about a merging of the two core components of Life Itself and expanded expression of experience.   

Delicious. So beautiful. Really, really splendid!

Do you feel it? The way you are becoming not only more aware of the foundation of LOVE that is your source, but also the way LIGHT too, is your basis? Light emanates naturally from ALL and gives rise to distinct forms of expression. Love is the feeling quality of unfolding experience that permeates All Life. So many different ways love and light are refracted; how they can express in nuanced and different ways and all of this is expansive! Enriching! Joyful to know and feel and allow and evolve.  

You are evolving. You are consciously evolving your lives and the forms which you use to participate and access enriched sensory perceptions. You are changing these forms empowering them through your choice in focus so that they become capable of holding more and more energy - high-frequency energy - love and light energy. Pure energy. Energy that is singular in focus - meaning it’s not polarized, it’s beyond the 4th-dimensional expressions where one seeks wholeness through polarization, rather at some point one remembers: wholeness simply is and then acknowledges it!  

Wholeness Is the Real You. You will never find proof of it that eliminates proof of not being whole. For the idea of proving it assumes it’s possible to NOT be whole. (Smile) It keeps you stuck in a lower frequency where you make real the idea that it’s possible to be un-whole! (Ha ha ha ha ha!) We can’t help it. We find that just astonishing; that you - the amazing eternal powerful field of energy that you are can create an experience without that knowledge. Truly incredible.  

All for the journey then, that you can have in unfolding life. Experience time. Doing so in a location in time-space that appeals to you - a place and time, a body and form, a foundation of intention and a chosen nest in which to emerge so you might be stimulated in ways that appeal to you and call forth from within you, in collaboration with you, an even more expanded and enriched CREATION.  

Earth, your humanity, this world (all of you in it and all of its history and all of its future and all of it’s “Now” moments…) and this Universe… Oh, Dear Ones … It is ALL endlessly becoming more. Becoming more enriched.   

Like a composition that begins with a simple melody or theme, that is then enriched, by counterpoint and complimentary harmonies….that is then enriched by more and varied instrument and voices, giving color and form and rhythm and also space and openness, to the composition, the composition being heard and that communion of that contributing to what it is, as a field (which is usually not understood or even perceived as happening…but it does and then the form itself is always that MORE-ness that has come about)…

All of this is a bit like how we and you experience this co-creation in this heaven, this earth, this lifetime, this communion of light…and love. (Smile).  

So then. Now what?
What does your sweet and sovereign soul wish to experience next? Now? What appeals to you? What feels just so deliciously exciting and opening to you? Possibly alluding to greater joy, more fun, huge and amazing potentials and the fulfillment of even more complete expression based on who you have become in this embodied unfolding?

 Go there. Give in to that, entirely. Let yourself be led from within. Let yourself become more and more light. Let the light merge with and compliment your structure in love and feel the way you are expanding and some deep center within you, some steady beautiful spaciousness that is at your core, just KNOWS this is perfection!

YOU, Life, This Planet, This Time-Space, This Moment…and all the diversity and expression around you that is enriching LIFE. 
Wow. We, beloveds, are angels and archangels. We are messengers from beyond the physical and in the physical. Angels are embodied and angels are with you in the energetic realm - all the time! We are here with you. It’s our great joy to do this with you and to remind you, in this way, and inside yourself of your true nature and the beauty and glory of being.  

Breathe deeply and feel the abundance that is here for you. Breathe deeply and feel how there are no limits to how much you might draw breath.  

There is everything in that knowing. 

Have fun dear ones. That is the most thrilling way to play.  

We love you very much. We are complete.  

Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh | 

Love and Light. 

We are One.

I AM the Angel Akyraiel, with Archangel Michael and the Council of Radiant Light. 

We bid you, good day.

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No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 


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Quarta-feira, 06 / 11 / 19

Permission: the Ultimate Authority


By Ailia Mira.

Posted November 6t, 2019. 



So many of you, dear ones, wait for signs. Feel uncertain more often than you’d like.

You look for validation. Seek echoes of your own inner knowing. Ask other people "what you should do…"

And in your experience we are not questioning the joy of sharing your process, the fun of the non-physical communicating with you and lighting the way, or any other aspect of your unfolding. But we do wish to highlight one essential aspect of the experience of how you live and how you decide what to do, what you can have, what you can’t do, what you can’t have and it is this: permission for your choices comes from within.

You alone can give yourself permission to answer the inner calls to more life. You alone know what feels true for you, now, what’s current with who you are, what’s open for you.

As you receive guidance, insight, nudges, a sense of how your life would be better for you, feel better, in essence, or be more what you'd like to experience and feel, only you can give yourself permission to step into this new vision of life.

So many of you actually have very clear knowing about what you would like to create in your experience. About the vision of your life which is fuller then you experience it now and yet, you hold back. You wait.

You want more details about what it will take. You want to know all the steps and then be able to decide, “Hmmmm…do I want to do that?” Since you don’t have all the steps - only the first one, or the idea, you think this means what you want is far off. Maybe, maybe not.

Often, you focus on the vision - creating more and more energy around it, but also introducing resistance to it because you are afraid to claim what you know. You feel you can’t really have it. You don’t yet have the inner thought-patterns of the version of you that is living that life - you have to build that resonance, and you’ve not done it. Yet.

You are afraid it's not possible. You're afraid you don't deserve it. You're afraid it cannot happen as good as you dream it. You're afraid it won't fit with what your life is like currently and you don't know how to make that work. You're afraid to let go of what's standing between you and this. You're afraid of what people will think, what they will say. You're afraid of what happens if you fail, of what happens if your guidance is wrong, of what happens even if you GET IT ALL and how people will look at you and what it all means.

This is all simply part of being human and living in a reality experience in full knowing is available for the present and often, not beyond that. Never-mind the joy of form and presence in physicality! And so you have to work with all this. All of the things that stand between you and your vision of life as you'd love to know it, are invitations to your own capacity and wholeness and your trusting relationship with YOU, being claimed, that's how this works.

Visions of life expand you into more fullness. As a result new visions arise. You are eternally extending more and more into form and creating more and more experiences and connections, situations and outcomes from your focus and this combined with the energetic standards or preferences of your being.

And so you summon, summon, summon and when you are opening to it and stepping into what opens, then life can be a pretty graceful. The flow feels natural - it’s an amazing thing.

When you hesitate, or welcome some part but not another, then you start to muck it up. You start controlling it because you’re nervous, or unsure you can actually have what you want. Because you still think about the part you did not welcome, you split your energy. Presence-wise, you do not step into it, but you do not let it go either. And herein lies the rub as they say, for in doing so you confuse yourself - the split energy generates doubt and conflicting ideas come into your thoughts.

What comes to you as knowing is part of a complex web of synchronicity and beauty and which answers your call to your own fullness. If you do not feel inclined or able to step into something, then truly let it go. If it arises again, then the opening and the alignment is again an option. If not, another variation on the theme will show up if you continue to summon it.

There are endless options for creating the experience you seek, not one, not just one, there is not one true love, not one perfect job, not one perfect home, and yet in any moment there is an exact arrangement of openings in alignment with the energy you are summoning and so as you step into some and not others, or walk through all you further the creation of the situations which speak to the new harmonies you are embodying now.

Each now is a present created and existing as certain harmonies and frequencies and amplification and standards through presence and it calls forth particular openings and presents you with certain situations that meet you where you are in focus and form.

So dear ones, it is up to you to say YES! To answer the call, when and if you are ready. But to also make these answers definitive. Not ambivalent.

Make decisions. Trust yourself. Go all in with what feels right. Change your mind when you want. Be in complete and total alignment with what feels right to you now and give yourself absolute freedom to change at a moment's notice if something else becomes more beautiful, alluring, attractive or of interest to you to experience. stop editing your joy by being so careful about each and every step. Take more steps and have more joy, experiment more! Be playful. Let life flow with more freedom and you will experience more and more of the abundance, in all forms, that you know really is the true nature of your being.

In knowing yourself by feeling within you for what calls to you, you are current. In this relationship to life you are always looking forward, always feeling the flow. Always tuning to the possibilities for more joy. And you know - you feel clear.

There are specific ideas which arise within you. When you're hungry you think specifically of mushroom pizza, while another person feel specifically “tuna sushi.” Even in this small details the specificity of your energy presence is summoning the situations and openings which align with you, NOW! And there is great freedom in this if you allow it.

Of course and most naturally one of the implications of living with this abundant flow and ease and grace and joy is that there will be, most naturally and most beautifully a lot of dynamic changes and situations which open and present to you!

You will have many of those kinds of things happen to you for which people will say, "Wow -- you're so LUCKY!" and you will clarify if you feel like it that actually it's just about creating intentionally with your presence. Or not, you could say nothing and just smile.

And inside you might feel doubt, like "How did I do this? Will it last?"

This happens often until you really learn to trust yourself. So when it does, we encourage you in this moment to smile at yourself and say reassuring things. This is the time to activate and call forth your inner cheerleader who says, "rah! rah! you're awesome! You did this! you can do more! Get used to it! Life is going to rock and it's not going to stop! And you can take it at your own pace lovely! And how amazing that for so long you felt afraid when something good happened, but that is all going to gradually go away as you claim your new capacity and in this new capacity your relationship to change is going to change.

This has been happening in your world for some time now, already, that people are allowing more change -- in marriages and relationships, in careers, in location. Much more so then in the past, if you reflect, but we're talking about WAY more acceleration than that.

And it's not that you need to live an experience of dramatic, perpetual change in all ways, and it's not that you cannot have things that you live with and build upon and enjoy, it's just that within your life there will be a lighter touch toward it all, a sense of openness to living it as it's meaningful and always being available to the leading edge of YOU which is calling you to extend more into form and evolve and create and expand and be increasingly more present and more fulfilled. Life is trying to exalt you, beloved. Do you hear that - exalt.

So this is already happening to one degree or another within your life and each of you really already know what is right for you next in so many ways and the thing is simply this: permission comes from within your heart. And you can give it to yourself without knowing all the details, in fact it's easier if you leave those up to all that is and your own higher levels.

Just say yes to what feels good or right or true to you now and MOVE! Merge with the flow. Feel for it.

Move into the newness living what you can right now of how you are going to allow yourself to come forth.

Embrace and live whatever part of it is available now and just say yes, letting the rest present and occur to you as ideas and situations that you can step into and create from. And please let yourself do this knowing its natural for you and it's a gift from All That You Are, and All That is to the presence that is here which is making all of this possible and now which increasingly is containing the fulness of your being and making this expression increasingly joy-filled and knowing.

We love you! We encourage you to love yourself enough to say YES to what you want, love and what calls to you, now.

We are the Council of Radiant Light

Ailia Mira

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No religious or political creed is advocated here.

Organised religion is unnecessary to spirituality.

Excellent teachings of the masters have been contaminated by the dogmatic control of these religions.

Discernment yes; judgement does not.
If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 

With discernment it is possible to reach the spirit of the letter of any writing and it is also much easier to listen to the voice of the soul that comes from the heart.
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

Please respect all credits.

Discernment is recommended.

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Sábado, 06 / 07 / 19

From Striving To Ease ~ Ailia Mira


From Striving To Ease.

July 5th, 2019

Within, there is spaciousness.
Energy flows. Things rise and fall. All is well.
Peace can be had, easily, when we allow ourselves to go inward and let go of control. Stop trying to make anything happen. Let it all happen as it is. Witness it.
As we do this, our energy softens and opens and then rises in frequency. The thoughts running through our mind gradually peter out and settle into a kind of brilliant open spaciousness; our true nature as consciousness.
All of this starts with letting go of effort. Which we don’t do easily.
I've been thinking about EFFORT lately. How prevalent the belief is, in it's value. How pervasive the idea is that to be valuable requires effort. To have value, requires effort. Even to communicate your value requires hard work - getting clear on it, finding the right words for it. As if, if you don’t people won’t see your value. Wow.
Is it any wonder that people feel unworthy, never enough, uncertain they are worth the money they want for work, or in selling their products or services?
We're told over and over again that we have to fix ourselves to be good enough. That if we don’t do specific things our lives won’t work. So often these are things we don’t feel like doing. We’re encouraged to do them anyway. To act despite our resistance. The value of striving and overcoming is celebrated.
I love challenging myself. Don't get me wrong. It's an amazing things to discover your capacity and one of the ways to do that is to reach for something beyond what you've done already. To challenge yourself in some way that excites you.
But the key here is "something that excites you..." or something that calls to you.
The inner calls to more life, are within us, prompting us to take ourselves into new form. To exalt our embodiment by allowing ourselves to be more.
I love this.
But that, is not what effort is. Effort is only needed when something is not effortless.
When we're in sync with something, when we're excited by it, effort isn’t needed. There’s inspiration, eagerness, we simply move toward it, step into it.
Effort is what apply when we are at odds with ourselves. Effort is what we do when we're resistant and choose to push through it.
Effort is what we feel we need when we think we have to make things happen on our own, with our action. When we lose sight of how things really come about: through consciousness, focus, momentum, alignment, allowing and flow.
What if you took note of where you feel the need for effort and viewed that as a signal to stop? Instead of pushing through, to recognize some part of you isn’t yet up to speed with this course of action. This can be a sign that this way isn’t for us right now.
If it’s something we want to do, but feel hesitant or afraid of, we can recognize that and honor it. We can decide to do something positive like soothing ourselves with thoughts that encourage us, becoming our own inner cheerleader. We can also recognize if it just doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right, for us, right now.
That might change, but our inner knowing is accurate. We’ve all had experiences where we push past this and later realize we wish we hadn’t. Why not heed this clarity and honor yourself?
I want to live a life of ease and grace. That means choosing what feels easy and graceful. That means cultivating those states, unconditionally, on the inside, by how I think and generating my feelings freely, with thoughts that I love, that give me ease and relaxation. Or I can ignore my gut, be aggressive toward myself and push through. I get to choose.
Where are you striving hard, pushing yourself?
Where might you notice that effort is your tactic rather then the real productive work of aligning with what you want? Getting clear on what’s true for you now? What calls to you and what feels the way you want to feel?
The choice that shifts you and me, from striving to ease is already in our energy field - we just have to be willing to allow ourselves to perceive it. This is the “work” of living a sovereign aligned life; using consciousness to co-create. To do this I have to notice how I feel and tune my thoughts and actions to harmonize with me. Having faith in my inner compass.
The inner work of alignment, of coming into harmony with you, is how you experience ease; effortless-ness. It’s how you see the way that feels like that.
It's natural and it's there. Just as effort is. Remembering this allow us to reorient and adjust.
You get to choose. And so do I.
Today I'm keenly aware of this and so glad I am. ♥




Copyright © 2010 - 2019 Ailia Mira 

An Expect Wonderful Business • All Rights Reserved

Ailia Mira · 99 W. California Boulevard, #50721 · Pasadena, CA 91105, USA




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Discernment is recommended.
All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 
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Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 




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Sábado, 13 / 04 / 19

Ultimate Self ~ Ailia Mira.


Ultimate Self.

A pure land transmission

April 12, 2019


Photo by  Yash Raut  on  Unsplash

Divine Ones, The light within you grows and grows. As your reach higher; tuning to the vaster frequencies of your own wholeness, your embodiment elevates. This change in presence is temporary; and yet entirely sustainable. It is temporary because your life is a dynamic expression of your focus. It is sustainable because your life is a dynamic expression of your focus and you’re free to choose how you focus. When you live within your own energy field, you feel whole, clear, strong and steady. Your life makes sense to you. You feel at ease in your body and at ease in the world. This is how we suggest you live. We suggest you orient inwardly, for knowing, for clarity and for a sense of self. We suggest you embrace yourself exactly as you are and generously pour love upon your sense of self. The emotions possible from such a shift are tantamount to your most elevated sense of joy. The life within you that is here, knows how perfect you are. Yet you? You so often do not choose to see this perfection within yourself. Creating instead, Feelings of strife, struggle, less-than-ness and then acting out as if you need to make yourself perfect, Pathways of improvement. And then as you feel a bit tired, or something captivates your attention and makes you laugh, All that falls away. You return home; to the simple perfection of your being. We are here, to remind you of home.




Copyright © 2010 - 2019 Ailia Mira 

An Expect Wonderful Business • All Rights Reserved

Ailia Mira · 99 W. California Boulevard, #50721 · Pasadena, CA 91105, USA




Compiled by http://violetflame.biz.ly from: 



Please respect all credits.
Discernment is recommended.
All articles are of the respective authors and/or publishers responsibility. 
No religious or political belief is defended here. (Investigate yourself)
Individually you can be helped to find your Truth that is different of everyone. 

If you use discernment you are free to research with an open mind. 




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Sexta-feira, 01 / 02 / 19

Awaken to the Perfection that is You ~ Ashira and the Council Radiant Light, Ailia Mira


Awaken to the Perfection that is You.

Message from Ashira and the Council of Radiant Light

January 31, 2019

Photo by  Will van Wingerden  on  Unsplash
Divine Ones,
We want to invite you today, to make a very bold choice. A choice to see your own perfection.
We know in your world ideas of perfection are limited. Most people would hesitate to think of themselves as perfect. We want to turn that notion upside down.
We think this idea is especially helpful in those moments where you might be feeling cranky, off, or in someway, in a less than great mood.
Anytime you are feeling less than great we want to offer to you a pathway out of that and back into feeling good. Here is what we suggest: make yourself right.
Make yourself right!
At each and every moment you can feel the moment is perfect, or you can focus in ways that bring on dissatisfaction and even disease. Each and every moment is ripe with the potential for joy and when you make yourself right and whatever IS right now, right, then you release yourself to a world of ease and the experience of a wonderful feeling mood.
Why not choose that, and give up fighting the moment?
Give up fighting what is?
Give up fighting the lack of sunshine in the winter, and that you want to cozy up and do nothing. Give up fighting the fact that today for some reason you ate more than you thought you should and choose not feel annoyed with yourself. Give up feeling unhappy about you, about life, about anything. Give it up and let go. Instead make yourself right.
Let everything that is, simply be.
Let it be all right.
Let yourself be all right.
Soften, open and consider that maybe everything is in fact, all right, exactly as it is.
We tell you with tremendous love and some of you can feel the warmth spreading throughout your body as we share here - signs that you are allowing your own vastness to flow forth more fully — that when you let go and let yourself be… When you make peace with the moment, the moment can do what it’s always capable of doing: provide you with perfection.
Life is perfect dear ones. LIFE is perfect.
Can you let yourself know the moment as perfect?
And even know yourself as perfect?

You are a perfect expression of divine light. Emanating into this physical form for the express purpose of expansion and experiencing the expansion you create. Nothing else need happen. If you were to let yourself believe this, you would have more fun. You would feel more relaxed.
As you give up needing to criticize yourself for how the day is going, or what you did or didn’t do, you would find that the world you are in is one of ease, grace, light and sweetness. You would find that life could reveal itself to you as perfect.
There is poetry, beauty and fulfillment all around you. Waiting to be translated by you, into mood, into thoughts, into perceptions and experience. But when you’re dissatisfied, or beating up on you, you cannot hear, see or feel that stream of energy or see it as your life.
You simply are tuned to a different bandwidth, a frequency flow that is resonant with and therefore echoes your unhappiness, moves you further into those less than good feeling experiences and feelings.
How would you dare to live, right now, if you didn’t care what anyone thought about you, your life or how you’re spending your time today? What would you feel if you viewed yourself right now, as absolutely perfect and on the right track?
If you let what is, and you, right now, be all right.
Do you hear us - All Right.
You are All Right. Take this to heart!
Feel the vibration of tuning to that perspective.

Can’t you feel the relief in this?
Isn’t it possible that you could look at yourself with a sense of valuing your uniqueness and your life here and just let go of feeling that there is something wrong with how it is?
What if you gave up feeling that you should be somehow, or in someway different?
More than anything we see you as humans, beating yourself up for not being different. When what we want to shout from the rooftops is HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE!!!
Oh, beloveds, if you could see you as we see you!! You would blush with pleasure and squeal with joy.
There is nothing in the world that compares to you. You are in a league of your own. Each and every one of you is perfection embodied. Endlessly becoming more and all of it, perfect!
There is nothing else.

All that is, is All there is.
Everything that is, is within All that is, and arising from All that is.

That is all and nothing else is possible. Except, perceptually in this amazing world, where you can limit yourself or see yourself as less.
Yes that is an option, but an entirely flexible viewpoint that is only something you feel when you buy into ideas that you need to be something you’re not. And none of that changes who you are, it just changes how you feel and what you can perceive, in the present, right here right now.
You can be anything you want to be but the way there is never by making yourself wrong. It’s never by pushing yourself or striving with effort that is about discipline or rules or force, or criticism of feeling lack.
The way to anything new and different you want is in allowing more.
The way to allow more, is in celebrating your innate beauty and power and using focus and joy to flow toward what calls to you.
The path to the life that is even more wonderful than the one you have now, starts in joy. In joy for who you are, in joy for what this moment is and in joy for the knowing that desire itself for new things and new ways of being, is a manifestation.
Desire itself is a manifestation; the tip of the iceberg of the emerging new you. Desire, as a feeling or vision or thought is something you are resonant with and so you receive it. It shows you who you are becoming.
When you see it this way, you feel it as the gift it is. You embrace it and look forward for more.
And we tell you know friends, there is always more.
Always more good stuff coming here for you and when you tune to your perfection, you let it flow.
And life blossoms. The moment swells with beauty.
And you feel whole, and wondrous and free.
It’s good being here as you. Know this and smile.
Feel the perfection of Life and feel the inner truth that you are One with All and that All is perfect.
Right now, even.
Right now you are All Right. You are perfect, whole and complete and endlessly becoming more. Dare to feel it as your sense of self. Dare to be the real you, here, now.
Some might think it’s outrageous that given the way they see the world, given everything that is possible, given all the ways you could evaluate your success or measure your worth, to call yourself “perfect.” But we say, do it anyway.
Dare to see the truth of your being!
Dare to know yourself as One with All Life.
Dare to realize that everything is perfect and endlessly becoming more. Dare to be one who likes themselves as they are and also enjoys their own endless evolution and creation.
Dare to feel good and be happy.
It is so wonderful to be here in this way. When you make yourself right, all is right in your world and you become a beacon of light that can tune others to their joy, if they wish.
Each of you get to choose. Choose how you focus, choose how you feel, choose what you create, chose what you experience.
It is that way entirely and nowhere else is there this spectrum of freedom.
Know that and know yourself, then choose when you remember, when it occurs to you, to recall your own perfection as knowing and orient within to that which feels good.
Expand, relax and breathe. The light is shining steadily from your own wholeness. You can simply let it flow and bring about everything that matters to you. Feeling the perfection of Life and the perfection of you.
If you like that idea…
We say - why not?



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Sexta-feira, 23 / 09 / 16




Mensagem de Ailia Mira

22 de Setembro de 2016.

Tradução: Regina Drumond



Estou no VÁCUO.

Você? Você sente isto? O VÁCUO é este espaço vazio onde parece que nada está acontecendo. Isto pode ser frustrante se resistir a isto, querendo que tudo comece a avançar e a se agitar.

A maneira de estar com o vazio é deixar ir.

O Vazio é uma parte natural da atualização e da mudança. Enquanto você continua a evoluir, irá experienciar o vazio, inúmeras vezes. Devido às mudanças profundas que muitos sentiram acontecer neste Ciclo de Eclipses, não é surpreendente que você se encontre nesta experiência.

O vazio é um estado de transformação e senti-lo indica um local específico no ciclo da mudança. No vazio pode parecer que nada está acontecendo, ou pode parecer que muito está acontecendo, mas você não sabe o que, ou o que fazer com ele. No Vazio, estamos em um período de integração profunda e emergência. A vida irá renascer novamente.

O Vazio pode fazer com que você queira se esconder e se retrair. Você pode se sentir muito menos sociável do que o normal. Pode se sentir super energizado, ou mais sonolento do que o normal, ou ambos! Você pode se sentir confuso, e o seu humor pode oscilar.

Nesta profunda reestruturação, você está aprendendo a se orientar, a perceber e a pensar de novas maneiras. Pode ser mais difícil pensar e responder da maneira com que as pessoas estão acostumadas a lhe responder e você pode não saber o que está acontecendo e como será a vida do outro lado. Em certo sentido, você está começando a se orientar para um novo nível de consciência, para um novo padrão de ser e de escolher.

Você pode estar experienciando o vazio em uma área da vida, em vez de na vida em geral. Isto acontece também quando partes específicas de nossa experiência são profundamente transformadas.

Se você estiver sentindo isto, agora é um momento para permitir que estas profundas mudanças penetrem e perpetuem uma nova maneira de ser. Não empurre. Em vez disto, permita que a inspiração retorne e se manifeste, organicamente, a partir do seu novo. Há sempre um ponto nesta jornada em que você se sente mais seguro e mais forte, e, então, sente-se inspirado a agir porque o que você quer, a seguir, torna-se óbvio.

Até que isto aconteça, aprecie o ponto tranquilo disto e confie que tudo o que você permitiu, completou, limpou, atualizou e mudou, irá se manifestar em uma nova configuração.

Permita-se mudar. Acolha esta experiência, pois você a convocou, em seu desejo de evoluir espiritualmente e de se expandir.

Respire profundamente e se interiorize nesta parte da experiência. Ouça o seu corpo e honre a sua sabedoria. Uma vez que o incrível trabalho de assimilar toda esta novidade na forma e redefinir as suas conexões multidimensionais, você perceberá que surgirá de novas maneiras. Seja curioso e suave quando as coisas começarem a vir à tona. Descubra quem você é, por aquilo que surgir interiormente, em vez de projetar o familiar no novo.

Tentei repetidamente canalizar nesta tarde, mas não consegui. Isto geralmente acontece quando uma grande mudança está ocorrendo e eu estou desligada, Assim, eu fui para a minha cama, li um livro e relaxei.

Vejo agora o Vazio com prazer – ele é cheio de promessas. O Vazio significa para mim a importante informação e as ativações que foram recebidas. Não há nada a fazer, a não ser deixar ir e confiar. Assim eu assisto a filmes, leio, caminho e espero pouco de mim mesma.

Hoje é o Equinócio e devido ao que estou sentindo, parece o Tempo Divino.

O Equinócio pode nos ajudar com o equilíbrio, a harmonia interior e a estabilidade em meio à transformação. Estes ciclos galácticos confiáveis podem nos lembrar da incrível inteligência em todos os lugares, se optarmos por vê-lo desta maneira.

Estou cansada hoje. Meus ciclos do sono foram desligados. Estou energizada e fico acordada até tarde, mas acordo ao alvorecer. Mas até no meio deste cansaço e devido a minha incapacidade de canalizar, sei que este ciclo de Eclipses é uma virada de jogo.

A linha pura do espírito, o paralelo em nosso mundo do cumprimento do destino da humanidade é ampliado.

Continuará a haver drama e extremos no mundo, mas há também uma clara alternativa: conhecer a nossa mestria e girar para fora da separação. Escolha o amor.

O Amor é a força criativa, que se manifesta como sentimentos, mas é essencialmente um fluxo da luz divina dentro de nós. O Amor nos impulsiona a elaborar a assinatura de nossa energia, nossa essência, sem inibição. Quando fazemos isto e com conhecimento de causa, podemos descobrir a graça. Uma vez que acolhemos e permitimos que a vida flua, mude, expanda-se, conecte-se e se una em uma experiência de totalidade, queremos naturalmente compartilhar e nos expressarmos. Descobrir este ser que somos, é também fundamental para ter o que queremos – pois eles são um e a mesma coisa. A realização ocorre através do alinhamento e da autenticidade.

Uma vez que compreendamos isto, a nossa vida se torna um ato de amor incorporado e a administração de nossa humanidade, universal e pessoal. Podemos expressar a nossa essência, diretamente, com confiança, com respeito e honra, pela maneira com que estamos aqui, uma expressão única da Criação. Amor por nós mesmos, amor por todos. Amor por todas as maneiras com que as pessoas estão participando do fim do jogo do velho mundo e amor por todas as novas frequências emergentes que parecem como um bálsamo, alegria, possibilidades e vivacidade.

Tornamo-nos parte desta linha pura do espírito, o caminho da divina identidade e expressão, uma vida e uma maneira de ser que implodem a separação.

Há muitos portais para o despertar e todos eles estão infundidos e nutridos pelo mesmo campo unificado. Despertamos e vivemos com uma sensação de saber de alguma forma, que o que foi, é agora obsoleto e, então, a novidade de nosso conhecimento apenas continua se abrindo e se expandindo. Uma experiência cada vez maior de seguir o nosso espírito e este caminho revela a nossa capacidade e nossa realização. O quanto isto é milagroso?

Estou ansiosa para emergir de minha própria transformação e compartilhar o que surgir através de mim, com você. Congratulo-me com quaisquer e todas as mudanças que você estiver criando. Comemoro a sua mestria e o abraço com conhecimento, afinidade e amor.

Um feliz Equinócio!

Está aqui tudo o que você é, e tudo o que está se tornando!

Com amor,


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A Luz está a revelar a Verdade, e esta libertar-nos-á! -Só é real o AMOR Incondicional. -Quando o Amor superar o amor pelo poder, o mundo conhecerá a Paz; Jimi Hendrix. -Somos almas a ter uma experiência humana!

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