Adamatis, from the Pleiades.

Channeled by Adriano Pereira

on January 21, 2020.

Mechanical translation from Portuguese.



Political chaos reigns over the entire planet, causing people to feel insecure and incredulous with the amount of news that goes beyond common sense. Humans across the planet feel shocked, paralyzed, when they see folly flowing everywhere. The old standards of morality and civility are gone, and only evil seems to guide our leaders and rulers. There is a widespread feeling among those already awake that evil has won, and they face very difficult challenges to remain centered and balanced in the midst of widespread madness.

These are the first steps of collective awakening. As the planet Earth continues to travel more and more into the Photon Belt, the energies where the planet continues to travel are getting more and more intense, gradually changing the vibration patterns that previously existed, which leads those beings that have always remained in the most low vibratory patterns to despair when they feel in the depths of their souls that their time on Earth is running out, so they desperately struggle to “impose” fear and absolute control over humanity, as they understand that only by controlling humanity and the planet is that they will remain on planet Earth.

Today those already awake in humanity, wherever they are, watch in frightened exposure of the evil of the once trusted 'leaders' rulers. Ordinary humans, the vast majority, watch the general chaos anesthetized, however, even though they are divided into opposing political sides, moral, ethical and fraternal values ​​are still throbbing in their hearts. They are beginning to see evil and to compare what they see through the lens of their hearts, taking the first steps towards creating a different, more human, gentler, more fraternal, more prosperous and abundant world for everyone.

Soon the division of humanity will start to collapse, and most will come together for ideals and intentions to create a more just, more humane society, and when this movement begins, all the old structures will collapse, because the collective power has a irresistible, unstoppable dynamics.

Everything that comes from the heart, whether individually or collectively, has power. Love emanating from the heart has the power to change everything, to change a single life, and when hearts are united by the same ideal, no one can hold on. It is a Tsunami of Love. Irresistible.

Look at political chaos with the eyes of your hearts, because your hearts only want the best for everyone.

This is the way and, in the midst of the ruins of chaos, allow the Light of your heart to shine ... illuminating the way for those who still search for the Light in the darkness.

The Creator of the Universe is in control of everything. Everything goes as it should.

Everything in life and the Universe has a purpose, believe me, nothing is by chance. Each human being has the free will to choose his path, and today, with darkness reigning illusively over the Earth, and the only possible way out of that darkness is the path of Light, Love, courtesy, kindness, brotherhood .

As for political chaos, let evil consume itself, do not get involved, take care to surround your lives by the creative and healing power of Love.

Again, only Love has power.

I am Adamatis, from the Pleiades.

Adriano Pereira.

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