Those awakening are not comfortable in their 3D skin.

Brenda Hoffman.

Channeled Message,


on March 5th, 2020

posted March 10th, 2020
Dear Ones,
The energies bursting upon the earth now are radiant and joyful. Not because you cannot produce such on your own, but that the earth is in such chaos, those just awakening need some breathing space. For they are shifting inside and out.
Your shifts occurred in a more gradual fashion allowing you to dance between 3D and your transition needs. You held your fears within so those not transitioning could not sense your shift despite your extreme inner turmoil.
Granted, you ended many relationships – much to your surprise and that of others. But those actions did not necessarily label you as different or odd.
Those now awakening are not comfortable in their 3D skin, nor are they comfortable in their new beings. They are pulled in two separate directions. One is their inner calling to live in joy and love. Yet, the outer world is in such dramatic fear that even those of you who have shifted into your new being have difficulties coping.
So it is those awakening are pulling you emotionally.
This is an extremely trying time. The outer world is shouting that this shift is not possible. At the same time, your inner world is informing you and millions of others that it has to be.
We, of the Universes, cannot tell you how it will sort out, only that light and love are rapidly pushing through the heaviness of fear you lived with for eons.
This message is for you, as well as those awakening. For those awakening do not understand why or how they feel different. You do. If you wish to use a 3D analogy, think of yourself as a parent of a confused teenager. Even though you know that your teen will outgrow their volatility, you cannot know when that will happen. So you try to calm or redirect your teen only to discover that very little changes their erratic behavior other than time. So it is now.
You cannot calm anyone other than yourself. Those just awakening are jumping between childish antics and adult wishes. Neither of which is who they will eventually become. The same was true for you. But because your shift was more within, your antics were less notable.
You can worry and fret all you wish if you are near those awakening. Or you can go about your life knowing they have the skills to process all that is happening.
Many of those awakening are drowning in their emotions as they cry for help forgetting that they are encased in a life jacket. They will not sink, nor will they drown. They want someone to pull them ashore, so their struggles are over. But then, you wanted the same.
The difference is you held your desperation within. You were not flailing in public, as is true for those now awakening. For those just awakening requested a more in-depth emersion into their new being – so their transition would happen within months, instead of years as was true for you.
In the next few weeks, you will likely be torn emotionally. Wishing to help your new fellow travelers, but becoming frustrated because you do not know how. Such is so for a reason. You are NOT to pull those drowning in their confusion from the emotional waters. It is their role to right themselves and gently walk out of the waters of fear when they are ready.
Pulling them out of their emotional pain before they are ready, will force them to return to that quagmire until they have completed what they wish to achieve. Which is similar to a teenager’s development. It is possible to isolate a teen in a room until they have reached the age of maturity. But doing so is no guarantee that they will have developed the skills they need to function in an adult world. You are no longer your brother or sister’s keeper. Any more than you were as a young adult with younger siblings remaining in your earth’s home of origin.
You have passed the point of saving the world. You have completed that task. Now those who elected to be in the second or third volley of awakened beings are developing what they require to explore their earth skills. And for you to slow down, or pull them out of the emotional waters in which they are now immersed, is for both of you to lose your way.
You are a beacon on a craggy shore. They are the boats attempting to access your shore. And just as a lighthouse cannot reach out to rescue boats, neither can you. For to do so is for you to shift backward and decrease the amount of learning those awakening have prepared for themselves.
Because your heart is more open than ever before while of the earth, you perhaps feel guilty or sad for not pulling them ashore. Even though this phase will pass, allow yourself to feel what you feel. Or isolate yourself for a bit if that is the most appropriate way for you to reduce your guilt or sadness.
Those following are as strong as you. Remember how you felt as an older sibling when your younger siblings faltered. This, too, shall pass. Either by you deciding you cannot help or them deciding they are capable of saving themselves.
You are not cold or mean, you are merely the older sibling who cannot force your younger sibling to do anything.
Expect that the world will right itself in due time, for that is what you created. Your world parenting job is over.
You are initiating new creation experiences. Experiences that have nothing to do with rescuing those who do not need rescuing. Your role is to create joy and love, despite the fears of the world.
Your creation skills, your overwhelming love for others, and yourself will continue, but not to the point of returning to your earth home to care for your younger siblings. Just as was true when you were a young adult role model for those siblings who had not left the nest. 
So be it. Amen.

Brenda Hoffman

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