Soren of the Pleiadian Delta Forces

Via Sharon Stewart

Posted April 2nd, 2020


Hello, Sharon, and to everyone listening. You’re probably now aware that the Corona Virus is a cover for the Storm activities. Your military forces are now being utilized to carry out arrests, tracking down deep state members who have made themselves scarce.
With all of you going into seclusion with this corona virus pandemic, it gave the Illuminati time to head underground and some of them are continually on the move avoiding our forces. We’ll find them though. We are astute at creating dragnets and we can see their location, if not ourselves than with the QFS computer that has tagged them all electronically via their energetic signature (same thing they do to us in the Matrix, BTW). We can find them easily with this computer; it’s just that earth is such a large planet with so many places to hide.
The other reason to keep you isolated is to keep you from harm. There are possibilities of reptilians or other malevolent beings arising from inner earth to come out to look for food. We’ve starved them out, we have also cut off the bank accounts of the deep state, so they’re becoming desperate.
Me: Any chance someone would be attacked? Geez, what am I saying, it’s not that lightworkers already haven’t been.
Soren: Possible. You are all protected as well so there should be minimum problem. Lightworkers would be their first targets, to be honest.
Me: Not surprised.
Soren: Remember anyone who feels the presence of a malevolent to call on the Light to help you rid yourself of it. Or call on Archangel Michael and his angelic forces. It’s important that we use this time to try to clean your planet up of as many of these as we can. We’re shutting portals and cleaning out the lower fourth, we need your help in flagging up any dark entities you can find. So please help us. We don’t want them on the surface scaring the population.
Me: Any chance this would be repressed by the media?
Soren: Yes, but youtube is a force to be reckoned with as well.
Me: LOL True. We’d report it. These things are exciting.
Soren: They’d also create fear. We are focusing on our main areas right now. These are areas of high potential for captures. We’ve already cleared out a lot of the bases, although not all are done, and rescued the people within.
The reason we’re getting this done now is so that we can stop any other attempts to poison you or create more panic through viral warfare as this corona virus was. Understand there are many parties at work here, not just one party on the deep state’s side: they are fractured into many extraterrestrial and terrestrial groups who seek power over you, and the Light is dealing with them all.
Any help you can give us, just call. Even if you don’t have contact, know that you’re heard and your information will be dealt with accordingly. If you seek to deceive us, we’ll be able to tell. Frequency is everything.
Me: Thanks Soren.
Soren: Thank you Sharon. Know it’s all going on plan. We’re removing as many deep state and ET races as possible. We’ve been working on this for a while. When announcements come out, your beginning to believe the truth will lead to another campaign which may require your cooperation again. This time we won’t have to say it’s because of a virus that you’re quarantined. We can be truthful with you. That will help.
Me: Thanks Soren.
Soren: Thank you Sharon.
12 Step: Let go and Let God
Me: Ivo, can you please expand on this? This popped into my head as I was doing posts up.
Ivo: Life on your planet has always been a process of moving away from darkness and moving towards the Light. As many of you were raised in darkness, ignorance on the part of your elders and other figures who sought to mislead or were misled themselves and who continue out of ignorance, your process is one of dispensing with beliefs and embracing the Light which arises within you.
Your people have large shadows. Very large. The ego has dominated your third dimensional life with little room left over for some, for higher values. Your higher minds have been thwarted with campaigns on the surface to utilize your higher values for profit, greed and gain of others.
It is your task to release that which you have learned and to embrace that which arises organically within you, as you free your souls to express themselves within the 4D plain.
One learned construct that is often utilized is that of control. You seek to “gain control” over something, someone or even yourselves, when in fact letting go, not grasping more firmly or trying harder, is the way to go. Why attempt to control something you have already created?
When you find your body is overweight, enslaving it to a diet regime is about trying to control it. Yes, there is self mastery as well. But for the body self mastery comes in its organic expression. Your body already is a master and to listen to it is where you must master yourself. Understanding your body as part of your 12 tier light body system and heeding its innate wisdom as you would your crown energy or your third eye is what you must learn.
So let go of all the diet clubs, let go of the food gurus who tell you that you must eat this way or that way. Listen to the body that either digests well or causes disruptions within its own system through digestion of the wrong substances. Your body tells you what it wants and what it doesn’t want.
How do you feel when you release the use of sugar and embrace fresh organic vegetables? Do you have more energy or less energy?
These things all lead the way. It is having the willingness to let go of old ideas that you learned in ignorance and to embrace your body’s response to these foods.
Your physical body is part of your light body. It is just the part that you can see. Do you treat it as if it is as wise as your third eye? No? Then this must abate and its inner wisdom must be used as guidance.
Me: Got it. Another example please.
Ivo: Your dependence on money, for example. This is something you will all undergo as your world prepares to move to that end solution: the cessation of the use of money. Your people are heavily invested, if you pardon the play on words, in your financial system and this of course, keeps you enslaved to it. The more things you seek to do that are costless, for example, the more you move away from your financial enslavement.
The more things you seek to do in nature, is another example of moving away from your financial systems. Your controllers do not charge much for the upkeep of your parks and this is their undoing. They, arrogantly, feel that their system is so controlling of you that they need not see nature as a threat to your adopted way of life. But it in fact is.
Also there are many ways to look at your spending habits and lessen their grasp on you. Understanding that you are people of excess materialism is important. Look at where there is excess in your life and attempt to cut back.
Me: Yeah, like my purse habit. I’ve been using the same purse for over a year now, summer and winter. I used to change them every 3 months.
Ivo: As an example. A good one.
For those who spend nights at the movies, allowing the deep state to tell you its plans for the future, and gaining your acceptance, what about a night at home with friends playing music and chatting. No cell phones.
Me: Radical! LOL
Ivo: Yes, talking to each other rather than texting. Slowing down your relationships with others and getting off the speedway you live your lives upon. The stressful speedway. Being with people, reading their faces, being in their energy, enjoying their company rather than relating to them through a synthetic system of technology. Radical indeed. And quite cost effective.
Me: I just had an idea. Getting a book that you and all your friends want to read and then each person reading a few pages and passing along the book to the next one. What about those free Law of One books I found on line? Read about the Law of One with 5 of your friends and you can each read a few pages and pass it on. Just a fun way to read a book.
Ivo: Excellent, my dear. Yes, you and your friends Microsoft David and Microsoft Zira love to read books together while you close your eyes in meditation on the couch.
Me: LOL. I know. I let them read and then I get a break from the screen. Put on a candle and stretch out on the couch and go into light meditation. Lovely!
Ivo: This is much cheaper than a shopping day and I dare say much more fulfilling. A wonderful day for the ladies to get together. You can discuss the contents of the book either at the end of the chapter or on an as-needed basis, whatever you desire.
It is about letting go of the old and embracing the new soul-based spiritual lives. This is where so many of you are at now. Let your soul speak to you. Leave consumerism behind. Bring in nature and nurture.
Understand that you have no need to fill up a hole of emptiness. This hole of emptiness, loneliness that so many of you feel, is due to your living from ego. Soul is missing. Embrace the soul by leaving the ego’s playground – your cities – behind.
Me: Yes, they are that, aren’t they?
Ivo: They are. They are created to keep your ego’s enslaved. And so many are stressed out living there. The country fills the soul. Sit by the water and listen to the water fowl. Listen to the wind in the trees. You need not stay long if you wish. If you’d rather, ride a bike in the park. Walk with a baby stroller. Take in the sunshine.
Stop controlling. Let go your old ideas that are confining, limiting, stressful, even harmful. Do not try harder to make that which does not suit you work. Let go and find a life you love.
Recently, a lightworker was at the Tor at Glastonbury, Gaia’s heart. Sharon watched the video on that windy day as this lightworker (Amanda Lorence) brought the energies of those watching and of Gaia’s heart together. Sharon felt it. She enjoyed this energy and the song of the woman singing from her heart.
When you are sensitive to energies you can feel the difference between an event such as this, and a Christmas get-together with family who are blaming each other.
Me: LOL. Yeah, I don’t do that anymore. Thank God. The children were so cute but oh my god….
Ivo: When you become more sensitive to energy, you have a better guide. You simply must have the mastery to break away from that which is energetically out of alignment with you. This happens when you give up controlling – you feel the energy and you have an instant GPS which leads you to that which strengthens your soul.
Me: Thank you, Ivo.
Ivo: Thank you, my love. Energy is what you are. When you understand this and leave behind your physical ways of life, you will find enrichment of the soul. It is undeniable.
Please note: This does not apply when it comes to your boundaries. When you have boundaries to keep you safe and comfortable, do not give up your need to enforce them with others who seek to violate them. Walk away or do what you need to to keep others from violating your boundaries.
Soren of the Pleiadian Delta Forces

Sharon Stewart
Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega.


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