STOP Chasing Love and instead See it as "Natural" for you to be Attractive.

Aaron Doughty




Love will chase you when you start to know your own worth and when you start to see it as natural for you to be attractive. In this video I'm going to show you exactly what to do to make that happen so that love or relationships chase you. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I'm going to be showing you different ways that you can shift your self image. Just start to see yourself as attractive because the way it works is the way you see yourself is projected out to other people and other people respond to you based on that energy you feel about yourself. I've noticed this in my own life. I've seen other people as well that, uh, in my life that are very attractive people, but they may not know it themselves or think at themselves. Therefore when they go out into the world, it's almost like they aren't able to perceive of people being attracted to them because they're projecting out that they're not. So it's something that the more aware we become and the more we see ourselves and really value ourselves, the more that other people will value us as well and it has to do with that awareness. It has to do with these little energy dynamics that I'm going to share with you in this video. It'll show you how to tap into your core authenticity and your core of the owning of your own vibration, your own energy and when you do these things you'll find that then you develop a very magnetic energy and the people start to chase you because of what you are projecting out and it's not even really an inauthentic projection. It's just you being an understanding of your own value, which then is something that's a contagious type mentality. The first part that's important to understand with this process is when it comes to being attractive. Any time we chase, we are automatically putting that person we are chasing outside of the realm of capability for us to really reach them or be in a way attractive to them. I've shared this little story before, but I remember being with an old coworker and we were looking at one of our other friends who we worked with and she'd made a comment to me because she noticed that anytime he would chase different woman he'd want to be with and chase being in a relationship with them, the more he would chase them. She made a comment and said, do you realize that when he's chasing, they're running away? So imagine that you could be in an attractive state where other people are attracted to you, but the moment you chase someone else in a way, then what you do is you, you know that little S it's like almost like a carrot on a stick. It's like you got the stick and then in a way you're putting them vibrationally away from you. So no matter how far you walk, it's always going to be that far away from you because vibrationally what you're saying is this isn't in my life. Now when you're chasing it, you saying, I want that. I want to be in a relationship with that person. I want validation from that person. What ends up happening is vibrationally we're saying, I don't currently have that person in my life. So we keep reaffirming that that person isn't in our life and in my own life I've realized that whether when it comes to abundance, whether it comes to relationships, whether it comes to me just wanting, whether it's to move into a house or whatever it is, the more I really, really want it, the more I end up resisting it. So the key to that has been to know that you are good. Either way, you are good either way. And that frame, when you have that frame going into it, it then lessens the importance a little bit. Remember anything we make very, very important. We put on a pedestal and we create resistance around it, but when we know, Hey, I'm good. Either way it makes it so much easier and I understand as well that it's like when you really, really want it, it's almost, it becomes a momentum. It's like you keep thinking about it and that momentum keeps growing and you keep... Song Adventures by A Himitsu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music released by Argofox Music provided by Audio Library

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