Step Out of Artificial Compartmentalization!

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Message received by Anyas. 

Oregon, USA, January 7, 2020

Posted 2020/05/21

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Thought Adjuster: “I AM the Living Water flowing in you from the inexhaustible First Source and Center. The Heavenly Father longs for receptive outlets to share of Himself to His thirsty and hungry children of time and space.

“If you could fathom the magnitude of His Network and the Benevolence of His Wide-Opened Heart, you would secede from self-imposed isolation and step out into the Light to be showered with His Love and Wisdom like an exuberant child frolicking under a refreshing cloudburst.

“I am a Spark of His Life Force and can sustain you as such. However, I do crave for the plenitude of the Oneness that can only be experienced through the voluntary blending together of our consciousnesses.

“Step out of the artificial compartmentalization of divisiveness! Your God-given powers will be enhanced 'ad infinitum' once you function as the intelligent and cooperative cell of a much greater organism.

“By joining the brotherhood, you can accomplish so much with less effort. Take the time to visualize how your world would operate once each human cell functions optimally. Live mindfully to cultivate this expanded awareness. It is how you will exude an irresistible pull of attraction toward those whose lives are riddled with the fears and anxieties that proliferate amid disempowered isolation.

“The time has come to unite in love and forgiveness. It will ‘civilize’ your still barbaric civilization. Those who have the most love in their heart need to be the brave pioneers and heralds of those magnificent potentials. One by one, disillusioned souls will rally to the brotherhood and applaud the uniqueness of each personality, having come to realize that they are all complementary and at each other loving service.”
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