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The incoming energies are consistently destroying the old in order to give rise to the new. As we are purified of the past a new and sacred awareness is able to emerge from the luminous core of our soul. This awareness is accelerating our evolutionary growth to ensure our survival upon this beautiful planet.
The creative changes occurring at this time hold the mysteries of your essential self, who you are and who you are meant to become. You have outgrown your current state and need to step out of your comfort zone. You can no longer postpone your journey. Now is the time to find your inner strength, to act with decisiveness and step forward. Your truth is your compass and will direct you onward. If you are hesitating ask yourself the following questions -
▪ How am I still clinging to experiences from the past?
▪ What relationships are draining my energy and why?
▪ What is my passion and how can I express it?
▪ How do I want to experience this next chapter of my life?
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