Spiritual Self-Healing

by Owen Waters

April 5th, 2020

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In the 1970s in London, I had the pleasure of learning how to give effective spiritual healing. One of my fellow students was a journalist who later became a professional spiritual healer.

Although she is now retired, she did provide people with a very effective How-To article for Self-Healing. Here's what she had to say in that enlightening article.


by Amma Magi

Sit upright with the head in line with the spine and both feet on the floor, hands gently placed on your lap. Close your eyes.

Become relaxed by slowly breathing in and out for a few minutes.

Now, visualize the universal life force that fills the air and draw it into your body as you breathe in. See it as a white light and direct it down the spine all the way to the base of the spine. On the out-breath, bring the white light back up the spine but push it out through the heart chakra, which is the subtle energy center outside of your body, just in front of the breastbone. Allow the heart chakra to be charged with this white light.

You are now charging yourself with universal life force or prana.

Next, place your hands where you would like the healing to take effect. For example, if you need healing for your knee, place both hands on the knee, one above and one below. Continue breathing in white light but, on the out-breath, allow the energy to flow down the arms and hands as well as the heart chakra. Feel the healing energy leaving the palms of your hands and entering the affected area. Do not spend more than 10 minutes on each area.

The chakras or energy centers in the palms of your hands are your healing tools.

If you just want general healing to recharge and balance your energies, place both hands over the solar plexus chakra, just above the navel, the left hand underneath and the right hand on top. The solar plexus is the life energy battery of your body. Breathe in white light through the nostrils, down the spine to the base. On the out-breath push the white light up the spine a little, then out to the solar plexus center and exhale the energy into this center. Do this exercise for no more than 21 out-breaths.

On completion of the healing you may conclude with a prayer of thankfulness and then detach.

Now you know a safe, well-proven and effective healing technique.

Amma Magi

Owen Waters

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