by Owen Waters

November 3rd, 2019

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Light Workers generally believe in sending light to other people and places in order to bring healing to the Earth. However, confusion can arise over whether this is the right thing to do, or if it interferes with the karma of the people that they are helping.
People do have their lives planned out. Their path through life is sometimes referred to as their karmic pattern. These plans can include challenges which are strong enough to change the way they see life.
If you plan to send healing energy directly to another individual, then, under normal circumstances, you would need their permission to do so to avoid violating their free will. Reiki practitioners avoid such a problem by sending energy to the person's "highest good." This actually addresses the soul or inner self of the person. If healing is not appropriate at that time for that person, then the energy will be deflected and not intrude into their space.
When you are dealing with groups of people rather than individuals, the situation becomes quite different. The larger the group of people, the more appropriate it is for you to send energy for peace or healing. This is because, as a member of the human race, you have an obligation to raise the collective frequency of the mass consciousness.
We live within the mental atmosphere of Planet Earth. Every human on Earth contributes to the upliftment - or to the pollution - of that global field of mass consciousness. When one of your functions in life includes contributing to that collective, mass consciousness, then the situation about individuality and free will does not arise.
As spiritual people we are obliged to add our energy to the mass consciousness for the upliftment of all. As people on planet Earth we have the right, and the responsibility, to spiritualize the planet. The more light, peace and enlightenment you add to the global mind, the better you have served humanity.
Meditation, prayer and, especially, the channeling of energy towards world peace and enlightenment are ways that we can absorb and re-transmit the life-energy of the universe in order to bring upliftment to our planetary environment.

Owen Waters

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