Mother God.

Through Galaxygirl,

December 17, 2019

Posted December 19, 2019


Precious children, this is your Mother God. 

I envelop you in pink mist-light. I enshroud you with my presence of peace, of deep love and nurturing. Many of you are wondering about gateways and dates and rates and all of those sorts of things. Truly children, you need only to trust in your Father and I and to rest in this space of peace. For all is working out most perfectly in the most divine of timings. Unfurl your brow. Unclench your fingers. Breathe in deeply and let me in. Let your Father and I enfold you in the tenderest of embraces, for you are coming home at long last. Coming home to the realization of what is, is not, and what is not, is. For the illusion is being stripped away, blasted apart by the light of the Christed ones.

I breathe on you now, igniting the codes, igniting and opening your spinning crowns. Your third eye has been aching. Many migraines many have had. Allow these energies within you. Do not be afraid for fear is the old way. Unclenched and unafraid, the dandelion puffs float freely on the wind, knowing that it is my breath that carries them and it is the Father’s energy that spurs them forward. And so they enjoy the ride. Be like the dandelion puffs that ride on the waves of my love. Feel my presence and be comforted. And like the dandelion seeds that scatter in the wind, so will you be scattering my love-light upon all around you, upon Gaia, upon the very soil that nurtures and soothes your tired feet. Send love into Gaia. Breathe my breath into her. Be the joy in the office, be the laughter in the hall. Be the light in the darkest of places and watch the shadows flee into the light and become the light. The laughter of the child blesses all around them. Your radius of expansion of influence is greatly expanding exponentially during this time of tremendous upgrades. Choose wisely what your influence will be and become more of the light that you are. Welcome further embodiment of yet more light. For it will comfort, it will expand and it will bring so much more joy.

Anticipate joy. Expect it. Require it. And there it shall be. For your inner Christ child calls out for welcome. Many of you can see this clearly in your mind’s eye. Imagine yourselves as tender children and embrace energetically all the wounded and afraid parts of you. And there, in that moment, you become a further aspect of me. For that is what I am doing now with you, my precious children. (She is crying). I am crying dear one for you are able to hear me so clearly, for the veil is so thin in this precious moment. Many of you danced and sang in the moonlight as the Magdalenes of the order the way. Precious ceremonies invoking and inviting light did you perform. Ley lines did you activate. Call forth these powerful aspects of you. They are waiting to be invited and incorporated into this now of your current and possibly last, should you choose, embodiment.

“I call forth the Christed timelines.
I call forth the Christed aspects of me.
I call forth the future ascended version of me who is alive and happy and free.
I call forth the wisdom of my elders, of my ancient of days.
I call forth the divine within me to walk these final steps home with me, to allow me to see truly that I have always been home and that I am ready to serve yet more deeply in this most auspicious now of my ascension.”

I am your Mother God. I love you with an unending, unyielding, fiercely loyal, protective love that can be gentle enough for the butterfly’s wing, for the dandelion puff. Gentle love that tenderly wipes away these brimming over tears, that can soothe away the wrinkles of the heart. I am your Mother God. I have had many numerous untold incarnations upon Mother Gaia because I am in you, children. I see you. I am you. I love you. Be not afraid. The winds of change are blowing. Float along them with the glee of a dandelion seed that is unhindered, free, trusting that the wind will carry you home, home to me. Your Father and I are enfolding you with arms open wide. Welcome home dear ones. Welcome home.



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