Archangel Gabriel

Through Shelley Young.

May 20, 2020.




During this time of reevaluation and release it can be very helpful to examine what beliefs you have about yourself that are simply not aligned with the truth of who you are today.

Are you incredibly hard on yourself? Do you see yourself as worthy? Are you holding onto old stories that no longer apply? How are you in resistance to yourself or denying your own beauty in your beingness? Acceptance is an essential element to the creation of all you wish to be, experience, and contribute to the whole.

There is a pervasive belief that if you accept yourself as you are, you will somehow stunt your growth. This is simply not true. Just as you can love a child exactly as they are and continue to support their growth and expansion, your love and acceptance will create the perfect conditions for you to become your fullest expression of self.

Dear Ones, you simply cannot kick yourself up the stairway to enlightenment. Being hard on yourself only perpetuates separation and the pain of abandonment and rejection. Isn’t it time you release those old, ineffective habits and start to show up for yourselves with love, care, and consistently safe and gentle guidance?

Safe attachment within yourself will transform all of your relationships and shift you into receiving all that you know deep in your heart that you deserve but haven’t been able to find. As with all other things, it all begins within and creates ripples out from there.


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