Science Proves the Existence of the Creator of the Universe 

by Owen Waters

February 16th, 2020

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Science is in general agreement about the existence of a Big Bang, from which the universe is said to have literally exploded into life. The problem science faces with this theory is the difficulty that such a Big Bang would face in being successful in creating life.
In his book, The Life of the Cosmos, physicist Lee Smolin details the many variables which had to be exactly balanced in order for the universe to unfold into living order, rather than random chaos.
The mass of the proton, the strength of gravity, the range of the weak nuclear force, and dozens of other variables determine how a universe will unfold after a Big Bang. If any of these values had been just slightly different, the universe would have become a disorganized pool of hot plasma where galaxies and solar systems were unable to form.
In order to make a universe that supports life, the numbers have to be exactly right.
What are the mathematical chances of an accidental Big Bang producing a universe that produces life as we know it?
Life as we know it
One chance in 10229
That’s one chance in 10 to the power 229.
To spell it out, that’s exactly one chance in…
Basically, not much chance at all!
What are the chances of an intelligent Creator getting the mix just right so that the universe can support life?
Well, we’re here aren’t we?
Now, Here’s What Really Happened at the Dawn of Creation
So much for the physics and its favorite tool, mathematics. But, to realize what really happened at the dawn of the Creation of the Universe, you need metaphysics to illuminate the path.
The real starting point of the universe was the Divine Love of the Creator.

This was necessary in order to contain what came next, the impetus for Expansion.
Today, the Expansion pressure slightly exceeds the magnetic containment power of the framework provided by Divine Love.
This results in the steady expansion of the universe at the speed of light, creating a constant flow of energy within the universe at the speed of light.
The Nature of Energy
Physics defines energy as the potential for doing work but they don’t know what it is.
Metaphysics defines energy as compressed Divine consciousness.
It’s what comes pouring out of the suns, causing the constant expansion of the universe.
Owen Waters.

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