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daily inspiration 2 may 2019.

Like a seed the future is only just emerging and resetting the entire energy flow of the planet. Change cannot be avoided and what we are experiencing in these profound times is the manifestation of that which is in need of healing and or transformation. Whether this be within our world or within ourselves it is up to us to heal, change, transform as we move forward.
As you adapt to the incoming energies a deeper awareness of your soul and its sacred reality will arise encouraging you to reclaim all the lost pieces of your soul. This sacred process will birth a new wisdom and awaken a new peaceful state of being within you. The inner aspects of your soul will then become more and more evident in your external reality changing your life accordingly. Pay attention. This is the time for courageous action. Do not let hesitation get in the way. Consciously step forward with integrity, humility and gratitude.
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