Rise Above the Fear.


Channeled by Erena Velazquez.

May 21th, 2020 .




I am Sanat Kumara, it's been a while since my last message, which I delivered to humanity, it was at the beginning of Coronavirus.

Today, I am glad to be here and I would like to share my wisdom with all of you. It has been rocky, fearful and unexpected times for you dear ones. I understand, that a lot things happened and changed for you. The Coronavirus was brought on humanity for a reason to create chaos, bring fear, and to eliminate the human population. As you see right now, the Dark Forces plan didn't work too well. They wanted to destroy and kill most of the people on Earth and of course to attack and destroy your well being by bringing uncertainty to your life and making you fearful and uncertain. The Negative Forces are losing their battle, because their plans keep failing, and all this propaganda by their media, who are trying to scare everyone is also not working, they are loosing and they will continue to lose.

The human race started with fear, because they couldn't understand, why suddenly they were loosing their jobs, got closed and locked in their homes. All of the countries on the planet where told to stay home because of this Coronavirus. The virus, which was superficially created and let out into to the world, as Ashtar of Galactic Federation Commander mentioned to you already, so you know the details, how everything was done on purpose to scare you to death, so you would follow the orders of your governments. Your government leaders were exposed and they could not hide their true agenda, if you had any doubts before and were wondering, if they were ever on your side and really tried to help you, now you can see clearly that they are not on your side, they never were and never will be. All of the government ever wants for you is to be constantly in fear, so they can control you, it's all about power and control over you and nothing else.

How do you deal with that, you know very well how, it's very simple, not to listen to what they say and follow your own discernment, what makes sense to you on how you want to live your life and not the way they tell you to live. You know that your governments have been lying to you for thousands and thousands of years, telling you lie after lie. They never cared about you to give you, what you deserve and what is your right. Your right is to be free, live abundantly and in peace. Instead you got stress and more stress and your always worried about how your going to pay your bills, while working hard and being unsatisfied with your job. These times are coming to an end and each day brings you closer and closer to the real date, to the date when you will be completely free, and there will be no more control from your governments or anybody else.

In the meantime, what you can do, just don't let fear take over you, don't trust your mass media or your government leaders, just meditate. I know you heard from many Ascended Masters to meditate, yes, to meditate, to raise your energies and vibration, to maintain your energies, because if you don't, it's hard to stay in this 3D reality in a high vibration, so not to let anything bother you or cause you to be fearful. We, all of us the Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation, Prime Creator and etc. have been working very hard to help you with your Ascension to bring this process to the end to the final destination, so please help us by doing simple things, what I mentioned by having faith in yourselves and us, and by meditating.

I am glad to be here, because I can tell you my message and let you know that I have been always on your side, and I am doing what I can to help you to move to The New Age, The Golden Age and close this chapter of enslavement in your life behind you. Also, I would like to ask you please don't get vaccinated by your doctors, because they are going to put poison in your vaccination. Don't trust your government, they have been lying to you for so long, why would they suddenly now do something good for you, it's only going to be benefit them. Especially these doctors who come on TV and preach about how wonderful they are, and that they want to save you and help you. They are not looking for your best interest that's for sure, they have their own agenda, which is to destroy humanity and nothing else. Humans have been nothing, but subjects for the Dark Ones to experiment on all their fear tactics, they have been exploiting, torturing and killing human beings.

The good news are that some abused children have been rescued and brought out of the tunnels in different parts of world to the light and are being taken care of by trying to bring them back to life, healing them and ensuring them that their nightmare is over and that it will never repeat again.

I am aware that these times have been very difficult for you. I am asking you please, don't give up, just keep going and be strong, believing that these bad times, what you had will end and the light will shine through the darkness, and everything and everybody will be restored to the light and healed from all this misery that humanity has experienced for so many years, I don't even want to mention how many years because you know yourselves it has been too long. I want you to reach the destination where you will be happy, in peace, creating what you love and living long lives, not how you live now. You leave your physical body in a very early age, for us, it's like your a baby and your leaving your body so soon. We all live long lives, this is how it's been created by Prime Creator, that our bodies and our souls never die. It only happens here and on other similar planets, where life has been cut short and taken away sooner than it's suppose to. We live forever, there is no such thing as death.

I am really happy that these rough times and Dark Ones control over human civilization are ending, and I am happy to be part of this process, that I can be here and deliver through this channel my message, because this message represents all of us. All of us on the other side, you call that beyond the veil, but this veil is getting thinner and thinner. Information for you and everyone else is coming in more and more, soon all of your memories will be restored, and you will remember all of your lives, and who you were then and who you are now. You got stuck here and lost all your memories, and didn't really know that you have been living long lives here on planet Earth, in the galaxy and other galaxies. Everything was taken away from you, the Negative Ones erased everything from your consciousness and kept you in the dark, because they didn't want you know who you are. You are a spiritual being like us and you have amazing and magical powers, and you don't need to be living like a slave.

A lot of you got awaken in different parts of the world since this lockdown happen. You starting to questioning, why I need to be sitting home, is the virus really there or not, are people really dying, and how many are dying from the virus and how many are not. The information has been delivered to you not truthfully, it was manipulated, and the news gave what they wanted to give you, so in reality nobody knows for sure how many people really died from the Coronavirus, and how many people died from something else. Every person who died, they were counting as from the Coronavirus, no matter what symptoms they had, so please understand, you can't expect the truth from your government and your news media, who have been misleading humanity for so long.

I am looking forward to when you will start speaking the truth yourselves and start saying, I had enough of this, I am not putting up with it anymore. You will say, I know what my rights are and I know that I have the right to be free, prosperous and be happy. I am happy that awaking is taking place across globally, more and more people are getting awake and questioning daily, why things are the way they are in this world. It's the greatest and the most rewarding times for human civilization.

When you will cross that line and will be in 5D and you won't need to live anymore in 3D, then you will see, understand and appreciate even more your freedom in this new reality, where you will be happy and nothing will bother you, make you sad or put you in despair. You will be creating for the good of your civilization in unity and not in separation.

I am so happy to share this message with all of you today and I promise you, I will be coming more often.

I am Sanat Kumara and thank you for listening to me.

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