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on November 5th, 2019


day 131.

We have been separated and disconnected from our soul for a very long time. In the past it has failed to fully incarnate due to the heavy mental and emotional conditioning of the collective consciousness. Negative thought patterns, emotions and feelings have all added to this separation and disconnection, which has caused much confusion regarding our soul's purpose. It is only through a process of healing that we are able to align with and fully embody our soul. For full embodiment to occur with ease and fluidity the four core aspects of the self (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) must be purified, healed, integrated and united.
As you work to heal these core aspects a stream of pure healing energy is ignited within you changing the molecular structure of your energy field and restoring your connection to your soul. With this change light encoded information is released into your system initiating a shift in perception and thus a deeper awareness of your purpose and reason for being. At this time you must learn to move freely between the realms of the heart and the mind. You must learn to embrace all facets of life, including the pain, the suffering and the challenges. In doing so you will move beyond old perceptions and into clarity, wisdom and truth.

Mutch Love

Kate Spreckley






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