Remember Who you are.

Lord Buddha.

Channeled by Erena Velazquez.

Marchh 5t, 2020 .




I am Buddha,

I am so happy to be here.

Today I want to talk about who we are and what is our connection with nature and Mother Earth. We forgot who we are and we forgot that we need to connect to mother nature. What does that mean, it means we need to go and take our time to sit near the tree or to be somewhere in nature and try to remember who we are, we forgot that, so I am trying to remind you. You don’t just have a physical body, but you also have a spiritual part too, it’s the spiritual essence in you. You need to reconnect to it, if you ask me how, I will tell you how. Daily meditation will reconnect you back to your true self of who are, you are a spiritual being, you just forgot. It’s very simple, I did it myself many years ago. I did a lot of soul searching and meditations, and I found my connection to who I am. You need remind yourself who you are, you are spiritual beings. You have a lot to offer and you have a lot of power in you, but you just forgot.

By living here in this world where the pace is so fast on a daily basis, you just got wrapped up with materialistic life and with turbulence in your life. I want you to go back to the basics by being who you are, who you always was and who you always will be. Be yourself by being loving, graceful and unlimited powerful being who can do anything, anytime and anywhere. I am so happy to help you to go where you have started. You started many years ago like me, but you forgot that you came to this planet many times, which is easy to forget especially if you don’t have any memories from your past lives. Your past lives they don’t matter, what matters is to know who you really are and you know who you are deep in the center of your being. You are unlimited powerful spiritual being and I just want to remind you, it makes me so happy to be here to help and assist humanity.

Please, take care of yourself, I am always with you, you can always call my name, say Buddha and I will be there to help you and assist you in your growth. My dear ones, this Earth is going through changes and your going through changes too, some changes are not visible yet and some of them are. This world is going to a New Age, no matter what even if some of them who don’t want these changes, they can’t do nothing about it, because they are coming no matter what anybody thinks and wants. The changes are coming and you are evolving and becoming more advance, you just first need to go back to the basics and then you will evolve even more, just remember that, my dear ones.

Just be yourself and don’t get wrapped up with all this unnecessary and meaningless things in your daily life. A lot of them don’t have any meaning, they are just things and your more than that. You are spiritual beings who know, who he or she is. You just need to go to the core of your being and I will help you. I will be very happy to help you, just ask for my help.

My dear ones, I have been so happy to be able to come again and give you my message. My message of love, blessings and respect to you. I wish to all of you that you have a lot of light, happiness and laughter in your life.

I am Buddha, I was happy to be here.

Thank you
Erena Velazquez


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