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I received an email this week from, like you, someone who receives my daily inspirations. The message took me by surprise. A sudden stop in my tracks kind of surprise. Her message forced me to be still, reflect and review something that I had written in Tuesday’s Daily Inspiration. In fact this caused me to pause and take stock of all my daily inspirations and the words I share, as a whole. It was kindly pointed out to me that I used the word ‘bypass’, which upon reflection needs, I feel, to be retracted and replaced.

“.......As the old paradigm dissolves it is crucial that you surrender to the journey you are now on. Bypass old pain and old hurts.”

This email made me reflect on how I was myself bypassing the importance of what is energetically currently going on. We are moving and shifting so much right now and it is essential that we do not bypass anything. What used to take months and years to accept, integrate and resolve is now being done and undone in a matter of moments, hours and days. As a result it is crucial that we consciously embrace this extraordinary time of transformation, whatever the feeling, whatever the questions that emerge, in order to heal, integrate and move forward. All in its rightful place, a resolution and reconciliation.

Maybe more appropriate would be

“.....Recognise, reconcile old pain and old hurts.”

The Daily Inspiration for today is to just sometimes stop. Be still. Listen, reflect, feel and review. Do not ignore or dismiss, do not bypass, do not rush forward without first checking that you are not missing a profound opportunity for healing and growth.

Thank you Susan and thank you to all who write to me each day. Thank you for your emails and please continue to teach me. They make me pause, stop and reflect on this journey, my own purpose and what I am sharing each day.
Much love,

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