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day 130.

Since the beginning of all time our soul has been driven to explore the essence of its being, to know itself through feelings, thoughts, relationships and the world around it. Our current process of awakening, healing and growth makes it possible for us to embody our soul, to access our divine nature to bring illumination, clarity and a developing awareness of our purpose and reason for being during this evolutionary period.

The intense energy of this time is pushing through the blocks and barriers you still hold within your energy field. As these shift and release the light of your soul will begin to flow effortlessly through you. Feelings of freedom will arise giving you the courage and strength you need to embody and express your true divine nature. Your ability to move into expanded states of consciousness will then become effortless gifting you with the ability to choose actions that reflect only the light and beauty of your soul.

Mutch Love

Kate Spreckley






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