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Posted March 23, 2020

Dr. Fischer and Dr. Sebi: March 20, 2020

I am Dr. Fischer Assuming control, I am here as an addition to what was given to your world by Dr. Wise and Dr. Fu Man Lu. I come here with Dr. Sebi who was a healer in your world and has cured cancers, diabetes, ulcers, blindness and more. You can look him up on your internet for it has been a few short years since he left the earth realm under suspicious circumstances. I introduce him because he is the newest member of the Universal Galactic Doctor’s Council. In the last message that we gave you, a quote from Dr. Sebi was given concerning the main cause of all disease in your world and he referred to the underlying cause being that of mucous. We asked him to come forward to explain more and what can be done to remove the excess mucous and protect the mucous membrane from invasion of various diseases and viruses. Before I bring him forward, I would like to say to you that it was mentioned that we are watching this closely, and that certain energies were sent into your world to assist in the ending of this situation and it was said that within a week you would start to see proof. By Monday some of the government decisions will be reversed because they come into new information that will change things because of the pulse. Let me tell you that you can find proof now. It has been verified that in China they have not encountered any new cases of the Corona virus. This is the place where it began and was the hottest spot in the world for the infections. Now, you may see some new cases arising in many places in your world, however it is as we said yesterday that only those who are already infected and have been in their incubation period are the only ones that will in our opinion, be present with the condition. Outside of that there will be no new cases. Now, what if you have the virus already what can you do? Is it a death sentence if you have the virus? No it is not and there are things you can do. In your world they say they do not have a cure for this Corona virus that has been around since November of 2019. However, we will not offer you a cure either, but we will offer you a way to help neutralize the virus. Let me step aside and allow Dr. Sebi to speak.

Dr. Sebi:

Dear People, I am honored to come forward to share with you what I know that will be of help to you in these troubling times. You were given a statement made by me during my earth life. It reads like this:

“All manifestation of disease finds its genesis when and where the mucous membrane has been compromised. For example, if there is excess mucous in the bronchial tubes, the disease is bronchitis; if it is in the lungs, the disease is pneumonia; in the pancreatic duct, it is diabetes; in the joints, it is arthritis. Moreover, mucous in the retina of the eye will cause blindness; if found around the thyroid gland, cancer of the thyroid is the result. Basically, disease will arise in the body wherever there is an accumulation of mucous.”

Let me take this a little bit further. I have always believed throughout my life on earth that the main cause of any disease or virus or bacteria was due to a compromised mucous membrane. This Corona virus cannot survive in your body if you have strengthened and cleared your mucous membrane. Mucous feeds these various viruses and bacteria allowing them a very strong environment for them to thrive and become stronger. You take that away and they die. Let me share with you something that is simple and that you can do at home every day that you go out into the world and return home, you can do this to ensure your safety and the safety of your family. First of all, if you would drink a tea called Slippery Elm this alone would bring health and strength to your mucous membrane. What this will do is to coat your mucous membrane all the way through your system into your stomach. It will also protect your lungs which many times can be filled with an over abundance of mucous.

Another method to help neutralize the virus is heat. They tell you in your world that bleach will kill the virus on any surface. Why is this? Have you notice that bleach carries a heat to it. If you put your hands in bleach it gets warm does it not? Cleaning surfaces is a good thing to do but how can that help or stop an airborne virus? It cannot. So how do you get heat inside your body hot enough to kill the virus? Here is a way to do it. Steam! I want to address something that is going around your internet. It says that if you boil a pot of water with onion in it and lemon peel and sea salt, and allow it to steam, you can then hold your face over the steam as you breathe in the steam for about 20 minutes. It is said to kill the virus. I can say that this would be very helpful but you would need to be fairly healthy. Basically you must be careful if you have underlying health issues like heart issues, lung issues and anything that may be chronic. You would need to approach this very carefully and consult with your doctors.

Now this is what I recommend even more. Take 1 liter of water and add 1 tablespoon of sea salt to it, 3oz of lemon peel, and 3 oz of garlic. If you do not have garlic then use onion; onion is good too, but garlic is stronger. If you use onion, use white onion. Boil this mixture and strain it then drink it. Drink 3- 1/2 cups a day until the virus is neutralized. This will also help increase the white platelets.

You are going to hear stories of millions who are going to be affected and statics that will cause you to fear and panic. It’s not as bad as people think. They could also use the medication for malaria, for it has also proven to kill the virus.

Just take care of yourself, eat plenty of oranges for vitamin c. The vitamin c pills are ok but they are dry. Liquid vitamin c is more potent. Also another thing you can do is take raw cayenne pepper. Drink Cayenne with lemon juice as hot as you can take the pepper. The heat will also destroy many bacteria and viruses. Keep the mucous under control.



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