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daily inspiration 1 july 2019.

The incoming energies are reaching a peak as we surge towards tomorrow's New Moon Total Solar Eclipse. This New Moon Solar Eclipse signifies the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. We have two eclipses in July which will significantly shift the energy shaking the very core of our foundations. Eclipses can be unsettling as they pull us out of our comfort zones and onto new paths.
The abrupt shifts in energy can cause feelings of disorientation as the increase in energy frequencies unlocks your consciousness quickening its expansion. As the Earth, the Sun and the Moon align move into the center of your being, the conversion point where your heart, body, mind, spirit and soul meet. Embrace what emerges but be like a river and move with the incoming energies knowing that the fulfilment of your destiny is assured. You will emerge from this eclipse season recharge and ready for the new journey ahead.
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