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daily inspiration 30 may 2019.


All of humanity is currently feeling a quickening and a disorientation as our energetic systems move through an intense growth phase. Integrating the intense cosmic energy is impacting our central nervous systems which can make us feel out of sorts, stressed, anxious, ungrounded and with unexplainable aches and pains.

So what can we do to ease these unpleasant symptoms of integration? First and foremost acknowledge what is happening is bigger than just you. Understand that this is a universal evolutionary process that is affecting all of life on the planet. Secondly, ground yourself daily. Hourly if you must. Grounding connects you to the energetic structure of the Earth and will stabalise and calm your energy. Take a moment now and close your eyes. Place your feet flat on the floor. Focus your attention on the soles of your feet. Imagine your have roots coming out of your feet and moving deep into the Earth. Anchor these roots in the Earth and see the Earth’s energy slowly moving up the roots and into your feet. Feel this energy as a wave of love washing up your body and over your head. As this energy settles around you feel your energy system calming and stabalising. Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes when you are ready.

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