Questioning About God.

Teacher: Prolotheos

Message received by Valdir Soares.

São Carlos – SP, Brazil, May 11, 2019. 

Posted June 11, 2019

Prolotheos: “I see that you have paid much attention to certain ancient existential questions about God and His relationship with human beings, especially the ones that really know Him and call themselves children, friends and even servants of God. I do encourage you to enlist these questions in our conversation, no matter how startling they may appear at first sight. So begin. Question away! 

1. Why does it Occasionally Seem that God is Indifferent?
“The impression that God is indifferent to your situation comes from your inability to see the answers God has given to your prayers and claims. If God is in fact, silent (and He might choose to be silent) it is because the right time for Him to respond has not arrived, either because the circumstances are not appropriate or because you wouldn’t, at that moment, understand His answer. You should consider that in fact, even God’s silence is an answer to you. God is never indifferent to you or your life. 

2. Why does it Occasionally Seem that God is Inconsistent?
“Again, the appearance that God is inconsistent is only a limited human impression, due to a misleading conclusion. God, in His absolute perfection, cannot ever be ultimately inconsistent with Himself. Sure, facts, and even acts of God and credit to God may sometimes appear contradicting, but ultimately, they are not. God’s logic is infinite, impenetrable, and beyond the creature’s total understanding. God’s plans unveil into His Universe Ages and you may be assured that while they now may look inconsistent, at the end of this age, they will look logical to man, even infinite, because God Himself is infinite. However, God is never, in any way, inconsistent. 

3. Why does it Ocasionally Seem that God is Inconsequential?
“Nothing God does is inconsequential. The actions of God concerning human beings are of two orders: justice and providence. Justice reveals the universal goodness, truth and beauty (perfection) of God to his children. Providence is God supplying everything that man really needs, once he has chosen to follow God’s path. Again, it is your human incapacity to see God’s actions that lead to the misconception that God could be inconsequential. All that pertains to you matters to God and He always acts in regard to your ultimate well-being. Rest assured, God is never inconsequential. 

“Thanks, my pupil, for these important questions about commonplace misconceptions about God that have troubled human beings from Job to nowadays. Simply put, God could never be indifferent, inconsistent or inconsequential, because He is, after all, perfect! However, God understands that those are questions that human beings, His children, sometimes harbor in their thoughts and, if they are sincere and honest, God is never tired of again and again answering them and showing them that He is never any of these! 

I am Prolotheos, your celestial tutor and teacher, glad that you summoned me again. Peace!”




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