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daily inspiration 17 may 2019.


Alignment with our soul is key to our current evolutionary process. This alignment brings profound shifts, deep healing, sudden realisations and rapid growth. Old challenges may be reemerging as illusions are shattered and the reality of certain situations and relationships is exposed. This can be a confusing time for many as hidden fears, old beliefs and outdated patterns arise intensifying any turmoil and or chaos. At the same time new experiences will transpire bringing deeper understandings and different perspectives.
Tomorrows Full Moon is generating a powerful surge of cosmic energy promising some impressive shifts and a final release of some old karmic relationships, experiences and situations. Inspiration will flow to ignite greater clarity, direction and focus. Trust the flow and how it is reshaping and redirecting your life. This is a turning point. Observe the space you are in. Travel through this space but do not become attached to the form it is taking. A new life filed with miracles is surfacing. A life you could never have imagined. Let it unfold.

Much love 


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