Powerful Light Data Flowing Into The Planet Now.

A Message to Lightworkers 

Collective of Guides.

Through Caroline Oceana Ryan.

May 1st, 2020


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:


Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you today.
We wish to say that you have, as they say, “the best seats in the house” for witnessing the ongoing spectacle of powerful Light data flowing into your planet now, such as it has not flowed in many, many centuries.
You may yourselves feel a lift some days in your outlook on life, even though many are finding that their work and income feel uncertain or seem to have disappeared, while so many become ill, and hospital staff work relentlessly under difficult circumstances.
It may appear outwardly to be a time of pain and shock, and yet—there is a greater reality, and you are witnessing it, and perhaps in quiet moments, feeling the Joy and beauty of it.
That is your inner Spirit, rising to greet the Sunlight and fresh air of the New Day that Earth Herself is experiencing now.
That is your love of adventure, and your memory, though tucked deep inside your consciousness, of what you knew you would witness, and had to contribute to, at this unprecedented time.
Our writer is asking us now, Is that why this outbreak was planned for this time—did someone see this time of higher Light coming, so they decided to rig outer circumstances against humanity, even if they couldn’t stop the astrological alignments, and the start of the new era, the Satya Yuga?
Most assuredly, we would answer, there was a small minority upon the Earth—some, as they say, having chosen to wear the white hats, and some having chosen to wear the dark hats in this great drama you have been living—who saw what was coming, and who have shaped their plans accordingly.
And none of you are mere witnesses to that narrative; you have all been deeply involved, and knew what was to occur well before incarnating, seeing the potentials of this particular Earth timeline.
You know it now as well—you’re simply awakening to the significance of the moment more slowly some days than others.
We ask that you remind yourself of that Waking Up moment often, even in the midst of what feels to be a chaotic time of uncertainty, whether you feel stress for your family, your finances, your health and mental/emotional outlook, your country, or all of that.
We do not encourage a kind of “Well, I knew it would be this way before I came in” defeatist moment, but a moment of “Great change is afoot, and my presence is anchoring the Light needed to empower that, every moment I am alive.”
Are we celebrating now because we do not feel the stress, worry, and discomfort of many millions?
Most assuredly not. We are aware of the broad range of human emotion, as ever, and feel such deeply.
And yet, your job is separate and different from those who reincarnated with only their own growth and progress in mind, as vital as that is.
The role you chose has to do with assisting all of humanity to rise in consciousness to where not only will it understand the many traps you have all been subjected to for millennia, but to help it see and powerfully feel a New Reality dawning now, that heralds the sovereignty and emancipation of more than 8 billion people.
This is done through the vibration you radiate, not by mere words or outer action.
Yet in a higher sense, you are finding your voice, finding your note.
It is never the same note that all of you sing, yet all tones ring together in perfect form, in perfect rhythm, as each Earth culture and Earth being who dares to join in the realization of what is occurring now willingly adds their note.
It will take some daring, and some bravery, to be at Peace now, or in Joy.
You have been systematically trained to believe that only what is visibly before you actually exists. This has hidden from you your own co-Creative powers, till now.
We would say, draw them out of the shadows, and out of the depths of your spirit and psyche, and place them before you.
These abilities are yours—claim them!
Use your visioning power; put it to work for you.

If you desire a steady income, more Love, greater health and well-being, more Peace of mind, time in Nature, NESARA enacted—envision that!
Do not wait for outer circumstances to shift to assist you. That time is over, dear ones.
You are co-Creators, and must act as such now.
Take your reality into your own hands, and decide what circumstances would make you Joyful, if your current ones have not.
Take time every single day, and particularly as you are falling asleep, to picture yourself already living that life.
Your physical self, your income, your home, your relationships, your daily comings and goings, your Earth mission—all of this is subject not only to a vibrational upgrade now, but a complete transformation into higher form, based on the far higher frequencies now flowing into your very body and energy systems.
We will not linger on this point, for we wish you to absorb the immense power of it, and to realize the reality of it, whether you see or feel it yet present in your own life, home, and community.
We assure you, it is here, and pouring forth more and more brilliantly at every moment.
You have heard that many billions of starships wait just outside and within Earth’s atmosphere and on the planet Herself now, to witness exactly that which you yourselves are experiencing firsthand.
Find every form of motivation, inspiration, and thankfulness you can possibly find now, if you feel to be missing these in your emotional life, for you do not want to remain closed in your energies to where an Earth-shaking moment is the only thing that will awaken you.
This is your day, dear ones!—the moment you have come in for.
Get quiet, ask for a vision of what is unfolding, and what it is you have come to do.
Then prepare to receive it, for you shall. No need for timidity, fear, or unsureness now.
You are our example of the very finest, most luminous Light Beings who have ever led a planet into an Ascension.
Namaste, dear family!
For every day you are on this planet and beyond, you are never alone.
Caroline Oceana Ryan
Copyright Caroline Oceana Ryan 2020.

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