By Lisa Renee

Posted March 20, 2020



We’re going to set the space, and as we do we call upon our Guardian Teams, our Councils of Greater God self, the Evolution support teams for the Starseed Identity Matrix, those beloved defenders and families aligned to the Law of One mission, to work together for the highest capacity of exchange of God’s Infinite Light, Infinite Love and Infinite Power in Divine right order and harmony. As we set our space, individually, I ask that you put yourself in your own shield, those of you that work with the 12th dimensional shield, please fortify and activate that individually, and those that are not fully versed in the 12D shield, just see yourself completely immersed in a platinum field of light, circular, protecting your entire body, your entire aura and we’re going to again command, through the sovereign freedom, that which is connected to Unity consciousness…I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free…feel that shield protecting you, supporting you and connecting you into your infinite God Source.

Now as we open our group field, as we open our group consciousness field and we ask our beloveds, opening in our counterclockwise motion in to the full expansion of the Celestial Force of One Light. Beloveds grid this space entirely and at this time through the Aquaferion Matrix, that which is Unity consciousness, as One, we call Beloved God to anchor this space in perfect Divine Harmony and to open all channels of Light to be breathed as One through the breath of God itself. We command our space entirely in the Sovereign Freedom of One.

Beloveds, again as we contain within our group field, it’s very much like all of our group bodies are in a container and when we create a field like this many times we are able to accomplish many things that are very positive for our spiritual enlightenment, again that which is only resonant to the highest God purposes, and through that which you command through your inner being…I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free…all else will fall away, all that is unnecessary or unneeded.

As we are working with the improved health upgrade, this is like installing a new program and blueprint overlay upon your existing blueprint. That which is aligning to the God consciousness and purity of the divinity of the core that you are, the truth that you are. Allowing yourself to fully relax, and for the group we will hold the statement, as the objective of this instillation of this improved health upgrade and program to run in all multidimensional identities, in all parallel lives, when in alignment and appropriate. And we ask that each of the energies be fully completed within the trinitized form that we command here and now. We ask that the God Source, and the higher self spiritual councils automatically check each requested adjustment for each individual in our collective body this evening. As we state the command, you can repeat that command internally in your own mind, saying it in your own words either out loud or internally or you can just listen to my voice. Do what is guided and what feels right for you. We will begin now.

  • Improve my general vitality and all energies within all simultaneous dimensions
  • Increase the immunity of my local body, my local incarnation and improve my ability to resist infection
  • Eliminate all microbial infection throughout my body
  • Eliminate all toxin, poison, heavy metal, and drug from my physical body
  • Remove or transmute all negative imprints
  • Remove and transmute all implants
  • Remove these imprints at an appropriate pace that is most beneficial for my health and development
  • Increase the harmony and communication efficiency of all my body parts
  • I ask that every part of my body communicate with each other and I send gratitude to all of my body parts
  • Activate fully the Now state of mind and witness consciousness
  • Connect me directly to God’s vital life force required for my optimum health
  • Increase the energetic flow through my meridians, chakras, and pranic tube
  • Please perform Axiatonal Alignment of all of my meridians, chakras and pranic tube
  • Please synchronize my energy bodies to be optimally functioning and efficient
  • Allow the perfection of my Endocrine system’s ability to produce, distribute and assimilate hormones
  • Please seal all energy leaks or siphons, seal any harmful portals open in my body
  • Optimize the level of Oxygen within all my bodies parts
  • Optimize the level of Hydrogen within all my body parts
  • Optimize the level of Hydration held within my cells and all body parts
  • Clear and remove my addiction matrix
  • Optimize the mineral composition of my body systems, organs, and glands
  • Improve the cell salt balance of my body parts and the electrolytic efficiency in my cells
  • Optimize the electrolytic balance and increase the electrical efficiency of all metabolic systems
  • Improve my metabolic assimilation and the release and use of energy from consumed foods
  • Improve the conductive efficiency of beneficial chemical elements and compounds that transfer into my blood
  • Increase the efficiency of my body cellular computer and the current utilization of that computer
  • Increase my level of Spiritual intelligence the accumulated knowledge available for my earthly related activity
  • Eliminate inherited or self induced genetic deficiencies within all of my body systems
  • Improve the removal of genetic code for producing toxic compounds within my body
  • Increase the efficiency of my auric energy in creating conscious instructions
  • Improve my emotional stability within all incarnation, dimension, and realm
  • Increase my capability to outwardly extend love, compassion, and patience to all of creation
  • Increase the light flow quotient through all component parts of my body
  • Improve my well being – my wellness state – into good health and ecstatic feelings
  • Increase transmutation of free radical oxidative damage in my body
  • Increase the function of all oscillating biological blood filters in my body
  • Open my spiritual connection to Unity consciousness
  • Increase the efficiency of my Medulla Oblongata and Corpus Callosum
  • Increase the efficiency of my entire body, gland and organ structure
  • Install the new matrix for brain structural anatomical rejuvenation for my body
  • Remove the green screen of death from my body
  • Increase the efficiency of my nervous system’s involuntary actions
  • Increase the efficiency of my central and peripheral nervous system
  • Improve the structural completeness and functional efficiency of my body’s hologram, embryo and etheric bodies
  • Fully connect my God umbilical cord connection to all of my bodies
  • Optimize my brain function that transfers energy to all of my body parts
  • Activate the functional efficiency of all of my existing genetic codes on bodily functions
  • Activate my sensory ability with my Third Eye, Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalamus
  • Add the appropriate number of Codons over the base 20 DNA code to my body
  • Fully install and improve the function of all 12 layers of DNA in my body
  • Improve the efficiency of my Mer-Ka-Ba Energy light body for protection and energy balance
  • Remove metabolic death phase – reverse physical degeneration in my body
  • Remove all discordant programs from my body
  • Replace the ego thought forms with heart guided thought forms
  • Activate the thinking heart
  • Activate the trinitized form with all of my energy bodies and systems

Activate, synchronize, and align all Energy bodies to be in perfect harmony, integration and balance
Anchor lock and seal through my hologram, anchor lock and seal through the time matrix and So It Is. We conclude our Health Upgrade program.

As we harmonize and hold our space in the name of One self-God self as witness to One we seal this into the light of union, wholeness and service to the One self. Please take this through the outer levels of the mind grid, DNA, karmic contract, core soul levels and beyond. Though all moments of self, through all dimensions, and realities, through each of the layers of the bodies, we take this through the instruction field of all levels and components of our being..fully, completely, totally and permanently.

Beloved family, beloved teams as we thank our beloved guardians and our evolution support, thank you for this opportunity. It is with great joy and reverence we are home in the light. Our infinite stream of love is with you in all ways.

As we seal and end our session, coming back into the now moment presence. Allowing yourself to fully come into waking consciousness, with your hand on your heart, feeling love, gratitude, knowing you are fully connected, you are fully supported, and you are fully protected in God’s eternal light.

Beloved family, thank you so much for joining us this evening. As usual with any meditation where we do etheric work such as this, make sure that you rest, you take care of yourself, and drink lots of water…it’s generally needed… and again until next, thank you so much for joining us, have a beautiful evening.

Lisa Renee


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