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daily inspiration 30 may 2019.

Powerful waves of energy are continually radiating towards the Earth activating and awakening the hearts of all humanity. Ancient imbalances within the planet are being cleared and released creating a profound process of clearing and release for each individual upon the planet. As a result, there is, and will continue to be, a period of intense purification as the energies of the Earth and humanity realign.

Your life is being brought into perspective revealing the darkness that you have lived with for so long. It important that you trust that what is occurring is for your highest and best good. Your fears, your pain and your potential are arising. How you manage yourself during this time is key. Be present and conscious. Examine your attitudes and your actions. Whatever obstacles or challenges your are facing right now offer you an opportunity to regroup, to reconsider and to reflect on the choices you are currently making. Make this time count!s.
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