People-Powered Journalism to stop 5G Infrastructure .

By Joe Martino

June 21st 2019. 




Hey,You've likely heard of the aggressive push to roll out the 5G infrastructure around the world... 

Even though there are a ton of health concerns and dangers and no safety testing has ever been done!
This is a public and environmental health catastrophe, and many top doctors and scientists agree.
In fact, one biochemist at Washington State University called it "the dumbest idea in the history of the world."
Yet our governments are doing it anyway because profits, lobbying, and political corruption have too much power still... 
And, as you know, they have no issues destroying our health and the environment just to stay powerful.
But we're going to change that!
We're embarking on a people-powered investigative journalism campaign to expose the money behind the dangerous new 5G infrastructure being deployed globally without your consent...The truth must prevail!
This month is also CE's 10 year anniversary.
Over the past 10 years our work has:
1. Reached hundreds of millions of people
2. Been viewed over 2 billion times
3. Created awareness around key topics like consciousness, public health, political corruption, and the environment.
But that level of impact has garnered some negative attention from powerful people. 
As a result, censorship has cut our funding dramatically, and for us to effectively do this deep investigative campaign on 5G, we need your help!
Without proper journalism and awareness of the health and environmental dangers of 5G infrastructure, we have very little chance of stopping it. 
Big corporations, the government, and mainstream media will continue to push their misinformation agenda to the world, and soon the telecom industry’s plans for 5G will mean EMF and radiation exposure to all people, animals, birds, insects and, plants on Earth 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
But the truth is it CAN be stopped or slowed at the very least, as it has already been done in a number of cities around the world.
We will use some of the funds to research these locations and create a comprehensive guide that will be free to the public, to empower you to stop 5G in your local area.
We’ll investigate campaign contributions, lobbying, congressional investments, compromised academic studies, tech blogs, the revolving door, dark money, and more to get to the truth in a non-fear raising manner.And we will create as many articles, and videos to raise awareness and reach as many people as possible before it's too late.
We are people-powered journalism FOR the people.
If you would like to contribute to the campaign, you can click the link below to learn more about it.
As a contributor, you also get access to some cool perks from CETV...
Check it out:


Let's STOP 5G together!Peace & Enjoy The Day!
Joe Martino
Founder, Collective Evolution
Host, The Collective Evolution ShowConnect with me on Instagram.



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